7 December 2012

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7 December 2012

This newsletter will highlight the pro active work being carried out by Police Officers in
tackling crime and disorder in the city of Aberdeen and will provide you with an update on
the results of this positive work. It w
ill also centre on appeals for information from
members of the Neighbourhood Watch on crimes occurring in Aberdeen and advise you
on the campaigns and initiatives Grampian Police are involved in.

This document will also continue to promote Crime Reduction

by providing information on
seasonal and topical security advice to all watch members.

Join Grampian Neighbourhood Watch at:



07971 309 830

If you have information regarding any of the crimes mentioned, in this docume
nt please
contact Grampian Police on
0845 600 5 700

or alternatively email on
. You can also call the charity Crimestoppers
anonymously on
0800 555 111

Email address for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators to pass info
rmation to Grampian
Police Service Centre is




Vehicle Crime

Grampian Police can confirm that two men, aged 19 and 18, have been charged in connection w
ith the theft
of 12 cars in Aberdeen.

The vehicles, which are valued in total at over £200,000, were stolen from the city between early October
and December.

The men are due to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court today, Tuesday 4 December, 2012.

you want to report a crime, or want advice on how to keep your property secure, contact Grampian Police
on 0845 600 5 700.


Fire raising

Grampian Police


appealing for witnesses following a suspicious fire involving a car parked on an

road between Oldtown Place and Granitehill Road, Aberdeen.

The incident took place

at around 8.20pm pm on Sunday 2 December 2012. During the incident the car, a
silver Vauxhall Vectra, suffered extensive damage.

Anyone with any information reg
arding this incident is asked to contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5 700
or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, should you wish to remain anonymous.


Drink Driving Campaign

Grampian Police is launching its festive drink/drug driv
ing campaign today
(Tuesday, December 4)

part of a national approach to keeping our roads safe over the holiday period.

Patrols will be stepped up and officers will looking closely for drivers who are under the influence of
alcohol or drugs.

This year's

ACPOS campaign, which runs from December 3 to January 3, launched locally today

at Stonehaven Sheriff Court, highlighting where someone who chooses to ignore the warnings
may end up.

Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, Head of Road Policing, said: "The
re is no doubt drivers getting behind the
wheel when they have had too much alcohol has featured in a number of serious and fatal collisions
across the north east in recent years, which has brought misery and heartache to numerous people.

"This type of beh
aviour is completely unacceptable and we will do everything in our power to track down
those who flout the law and endanger other road users.

"There are tough measures for drivers who provide particularly high readings

those of three times the
limit or m

or who refuse to give a sample for analysis.

"As well as a potential fine and a driving disqualification of at least one year, these drivers might have
their cars taken away from them

for good."

Ch Insp Wallace continued: "We have to get the messag
e across to people that they will be detected and
brought before the courts if they take the risk of drinking and driving.

As well as a fine, drink and drug drivers risk disqualification and the chance of losing their licence. On
conviction these irrespo
nsible drivers will have a criminal record and an offence which stays firmly on
their driving licence for 11 years."

Last year's campaign saw a 21% increase in the number of drink
drivers caught over the four weeks of
the festive campaign.

Officers detect
ed 57 drink
drivers and seven drug
drivers, compared to 47 drink
drivers and no drug
drivers during the 2010 campaign.

Ch Insp Wallace said: "Every year we provide the same safety message and every year we detect a
significant number of offenders. All driv
ers have a decision to make and sadly, many make the wrong
choice and end up in police custody.

"We have recently undertaken considerable research and analysis into local drink driving offences
detected during the past four years and have identified clear

patterns and locations of offences.

"Armed with this information, officers will be out at the right time and in the right places over the festive

"Our figures consistently show that about a third of those caught drink
driving are between the age
s of 17
and 25. This is particularly worrying as young drivers are generally less experienced and, by drink or drug
driving, they are placing themselves and other road users at greater risk.

"Vigilant members of the public have previously been key in help
ing us remove drink and drug drivers
from the road and I would urge anyone with information on these drivers to help stop a potential tragedy
and to let us know."

Information can be passed to Grampian Police on 0845 600 5 700, or anonymously via Crimestopp
ers on
0800 555 111.


Mobile Phone Security

Due to the approach of the festive season when we may all be using or receiving new mobile phones as
gifts Grampian Police are taking this opportunity to raise the public's awareness to
the continuing
problem of mobile phone theft.

Its disappointing that members of the public cannot go out in Aberdeen and enjoy a sociable drink without
having to concern themselves with looking after their property due to the possibility of it being stole
n, but
unfortunately that is reality

if you don't look after your property, someone else will.

The public are asked to heed the following security tips below which should reduce the risk of your
mobile phone being stolen:

leave your phone on table
s in pubs or restaurants and try not to use it in a crowded place.

Be aware
when using your phone in areas where thieves often operate

like nightclubs and pubs, or
bus stops.

If you use a phone at these locations make sure that you are satisfied that it

is safe to do so.

If you are unsure, it may be best to avoid using the phone until you are in a safer location. Make sure if
you keep your phone in a bag that you keep it close to you and never leave it unattended, even for a
short period.

Take care
if y
ou're using your phone when walking and make sure you are paying attention to what's
going on around you.

your phone with your network operator.

This means they can block calls if your phone is stolen
so the thief can't use it.

You can also regi
ster your mobile on a free property database such as
'Immobilise' (

Immobilise will help the Police, your insurer and the second
trade to assist in recovering your phone.

your 15
igit registration number (also known as the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment
Identity Number) and phone number.

Keep these numbers separate and safe.

You can find your IMEI
number by keying *#06# into most phones or by looking underneath the phone

If your phone is stolen

report it to your network operator and to the Police.

Your phone can be blocked,
just like a stolen credit card.

Once blocked, it cannot be used again.

If you have an android or smart phone

consider downloading an app to

your phone, which will
improve its security by providing a means to locate the phone if it is stolen. An example of such an app is

If your mobile phone is stolen, it's bad enough that it's expensive to replace but there's also the hassle of

losing all those stored numbers, messages, pictures and downloads, therefore to ensure your night out in
Aberdeen does not end up in a disappointment, please follow the advice given.








Between evening of
03/12/12 and morning
of 04/12/12


Break into motor
vehicle and steal
from within

Enquiry ongoing

Between evening of
04/12/12 and morning
of 05/12/12


Break into
garden shed and
steal from w

Enquiry ongoing


Evening of 02/12/12


Enter insecure
property with
intent to steal

Enquiry ongoing


Between evening of
01/12/12 and morning
of 02/12/12


Enter insecure
motor vehicle
and ste
al from

Enquiry ongoing

Between evening of
01/12/12 and morning
of 02/12/12

Eday Court

Enter insecure
motor vehicle
and steal from

Enquiry ongoing

Morning of 02/12/12

Cava Close

Break into motor
vehicle and steal
from within

Enquiry ongo

Afternoon of 02/12/12


In building with
intent to steal;
attempt to steal
motor vehicle


Between afternoon of
02/12/12 and morning
of 03/12/12


Steal motor

Vehicle recovered.

Enquiry ongoing

ng of 03/12/12


Enter building
with intent to

Enquiry ongoing

Between evening of
02/12/12 and
afternoon of 03/12/12


Steal motor

Enquiry ongoing

Between morning of
02/12/12 and morning
of 03/12/12


Steal insecure
motor vehicle

Enquiry ongoing

Overnight on 05/12/12

Rona Place

Did open
insecure vehicle
with the intention
of stealing

Enquiry closed


Afternoon of 03/12/12


Break into motor
vehicle and steal
from within

Enquiry ongoing

Morning of 04/12/12


Enter domestic
property with
permission and
steal from within

Enquiry ongoing