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Requirements Tab

Welcome to Mobile Captions Service

(MCS). MCS allows you to speak, listen and read at the
same time. The service is free and is for people who have trouble hearing.

There are a few

to make best use of the service:


must have both voice and data service to your device

that can work at the same
time, either through your network or through WiFi.

Generally, this is available on
AT&T 3G, including Consumer Cellular,
Mobile 4G,
Sprint 4G, and Verizon LTE. You
can call
your carrier for further information. However, even if you do not have access to
these networks, you can still use MCS by using a WiFi hotspot at home or anywhere you
can find one.

Just set up your device for the hotspot and begin to call. Further
ation on setting up WiFi on Android can be found at
. We also have a back
up system that is available on
some networks.

If you make an MCS call and get a message to tell yo
ur party’s number
to the operator, you have no data.



in a state where we currently offer service
. Because Mobile Captions
Service is an FCC/State program, each state must adopt it. For a complete list of states,
see the “Numbers used to reach y
ou” link under About. If your state is not listed,
us an email at

telling us which state,
and we will notify you
when your state comes on line.


Your callers must call the Relay Ce
nter first,

and then give the Communications
Assistant (CA) your number. The CA will dial your number and provide captions to your
phone. To reach the Relay Service from within any state that has service, callers can
simply dial the state’s 800 number.

If they are in state, they can call 711 and say it is an
MCS call.


appreciate your feedback and offer assistance by email and phone. For phone assistance,
please provide a number and good time to reach you at