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CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


August 12, 2013, Volume VII, Number 32




Monday of

Week in Ordinary Time

Feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Thursday, August 15, 2013


of Saint Stephen of Hungary

Friday, August 16, 2013


Oct. 11, 2012, through Nov. 24, 2013

Question of

the Week


nday in Ordinary Time, August 18
, 2013

“Do you think I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.”

Do you feel these words from the Prince of Peace are troubling? Do these words give you
t when you find yourself engaged in conflict about the teachings of the Catholic Church?
Have you engaged in spiritual warfare with yourself? Have you encountered indifference to the
teachings of Jesus? Where have you experienced opposition to your ideas o
f how you are called
to live as a disciple of Jesus? Is your life better because of your faith and beliefs?


of Support

NCCL extends it prayers and support to all those persons who have and are suffering from
natural disasters, whether they

from rains, floods, fires, volcanoes or other events.


Father of Amy Florian Is Born To Eternal Life

Amy Florian was the weaver of prayer and presentations at the NCCL Annual
Conference and Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. She also
created and
coordinated our prayer services.

Her father, Bud, passed away last week.
"Bud" Ross died on August 5 at his home surrounded by his family after a long
and productive life.

Bud and Jane were blessed with 10 children, 28
grandchildren, and
11 great

All his life, Bud was a consummate teacher. Whether in the classroom, as a
coach, in his insurance career, or with his family, he imparted hard
wisdom, practical knowledge, and the blessings of his faith. A talented and amazing
man, he
CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


believed in giving back and used his gifts to benefit the greater good.

You can leave a
condolence at

or i
f anyone would like to send a note to Amy

her email is:

Home address:
815 Woodlawn St
., Hoffman Estates, IL

Catechetical Sunday

er 15, 2013

This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on September 15,
3, and will focus on the theme
Open the Door of Faith

Those whom the
community has designated to serve as catechists will be called forth to be
commissioned for their ministry. Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful
opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism,
in handing on th
e faith and being a witness to the Gospel. Catechetical
Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a
community of faith.

As in past years, NCCL will sell printed copies of prayer cards, family
commitment cards, posters,
and certificates in English and Spanish. Check
the NCCL website

more information on ordering
your Catechetical Sunday materials

This year’s reflection journal was

by Michele Harris and
the reflections were written by nine different NCCL
members. The reflection book is entitled
WELCOME! Open the Door

Pass through the gate

Seek the Christ.
Sample pages
from each of the
are available on the NCCL Homepage (

The 2013

NCCL pin represents the theme for Catechetical Sunday "Open the
Door of Faith" with a beau
tiful 3 dimensional effect. The all metal

pin is
outlined in the same gold as the cross. The Alpha and Omega from the
Catechetical Sunday logo are imprinted on the shiny copper doors that open
to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ hanging on a gold cross in a brushed copper
room. The doors break through the gold

outline to enhance the theme,
the Door of Faith
The Spirit of God in each of us is the agent of the new
evangelization and
inspires each of us to open our heats and

to go forth as catechist and teacher.

Help your organization and order your material
s from NCCL.
Actual pin size is 7/8 inch.

CL Weekly

will feature several pieces each week from June 3

September 16.

This week we feature a:

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Teaching Aid


Brian Garcia
Luense, Mdiv
Associate Director, Office of Evangelization and
Archdiocese of Galveston
Houston. His work is entitled
The Church: A Sacrament
of Salvation

and can be down
loaded from

Parish Resource

by Jem Sullivan, PhD
, Adjunct Faculty
Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate
Conception at the Dominican House of Studies. Her piece,
Renewing the Dialogue Between
Faith and Reason: Engaging Academics and Artists
, would make an excellent pari
sh bulletin
insert and can be downloaded at

Family Resource

by Jeannine Marino, JCL
, Assistant Director, Secretariat of Evangelization and
Catechesis, United States Conference of Catholic Bisho
ps. Her resource is entitled

What Do
You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

and can be downloaded at

Liturgy Resources

This Commissioning Service includes the option for the
Order of Blessing
Within Mass
as well as a

Rite of Blessing Outside of Mass.
Here is the


or you can download it at


can download the complete list of
FREE Resources

which can also be found at
. Be sure to order your Catechetical Sunday materials from NCCL

New Video from USCCB Explains What Happens In Catholic Rite of Marriage

A new video, "
Saying I Do: What Happens at
a Catholic
," introduces viewers to the Rite of Marriage and
answers frequently asked questions about Catholic marriage.
The video is intended for engaged couples, their families and
people involved in marriage preparation, and anyone with questions

about Catholic weddings.

"This will be a valuable addition to marriage preparation programs. The Catholic Rite of
Marriage is profound and beautiful and I hope that engaged couples and their families will take
this opportunity to learn more about it," sa
id Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, chairman of the
Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth of the U.S. Conference of Catholic
Bishops (USCCB).

The video includes a brief overview of the sacrament of
marriage and an explanation of the three forms of
the Rite of
Marriage. It answers basic questions such as when and where
Catholic weddings can be held and how non
Catholic clergy can
participate in the ceremony.

"The video is a great way to help
people to visualize the Catholic way of celebrating wedding
said Father Daniel Merz, USCCB's associate director of Divine
Worship. "It's good to get these images in our heads rather than more secular ones that really
don't reflect Christian marriage."

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


The 22
minute video is available on the homepage of the
Your Marriage


Pope Denounces
poison of consumerism

in Society Based on Profit

Pope Francis denounced consumerism as a poison that threatens true
happiness, which comes from
membership in the church
. “The

with the living Jesus, in the great family that is the church,
fills the heart with joy, because it fills it with true life, a profound
goodness that does not pass away or decay," he said.

"But this experience
must face the daily vanity, the poison of
emptiness that insinuates itself into our society based on profit and
having (things), that deludes young people with consumerism," he

"Young people are particularly sensitive to the emptiness of meaning

values that surrounds them," he said. "And they, unfortunately, pay
the consequences."

"True wealth is the love of God, shared with one's brothers, that love that comes from God and
makes us share among ourselves, and makes us help one another," the pope

said. "He who
experiences this does not fear death,

and receives peace of heart."

Reasons to “
Save Me a Place

A peek inside the NCCL 2014 Annual Conference

The 2014 Annual Conference Planning Committee
is hard at work lining up the speakers fo
r the general
sessions for 2014.

Here are some of the plans:


Energizing the church


keynote by Sherry
Weddell, author of
Forming Intentional Disciples: The
Path to Knowing and Following Jesus

Being and forming better disciple
and servant

Jared Dees, author of
31 Days to
Becoming a Better Religious Educator


The call to evangelize

3 perspectives:



Daniella Zsupan
Jerome, Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator for
Distance Learning Systems, Loyola Institute for

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013



Young adults

Fr. Paul Marshall, SM, educator at St. Louis School.


The catechumenal model as inspiration for all catechesis


ry Birmingham,
author of


Round Catechumenate
, and Dorothy Mensah
ey, Curriculum Design &
Adult Catechesis Coordinator, Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.


Taking Steps Forward

Tom Corcoran
, co
author of
Rebuilt: Awakening the
Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter

nd Chris Wesley
Director of
Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity
, upon which the book is based.

Don’t delay.
The 78th Annual NCCL Conference and Exposition

is May 19
22, 2014 in St.
Louis at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel
Discounted early
registration for NCCL
members and all Catechetical Leaders from the conference host city!

Click here to Register


Click here to download the registration form

Senate C
onfirms H
ackett, Retired CRS Leader, as A
mbassador to Vatican

Ken Hackett, retired president of
Catholic Relief
Services, received Senate confirmation Thursday
as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

“We are
overjoyed that the country will be represented by a
man who through his decades of service has
demonstrated his commitment to the dignity and
y of life and fighting global poverty,” said
Carolyn Woo, current CRS president and chief
executive officer, in a statement Friday. “We look
forward to working with the new ambassador as
he engages the Vatican and Pope Francis towards the common goal of ad
vancing peace and
justice in the world.”

As U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, he succeeds Miguel Diaz, who left the
post in late 2012. Diaz now is a professor of faith and culture at the University of Dayton, Ohio.

In February 2012, Hackett and Diaz represen
ted the U.S. government at the consistory led by
Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican ceremony.

In May of that year, he
received the University of Notre Dame's Laetare Medal during commencement ceremonies. The
medal has been given annu
ally since 1883 to a Catholic "whose genius has ennobled the arts and
sciences, illustrated the ideals of the church and enriched the heritage of humanity."

In announcing that honor, Holy Cross Father John Jenkins, Notre Dame's university president,
said i
n a statement: "Ken Hackett has responded to a Gospel imperative with his entire career.
His direction of the Catholic Church's outreach to the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and
unsheltered of the world has blended administrative acumen with genuine compass
ion in a
unique and exemplary way."

The 2013 recipients of Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal were t
he three
founders of the Special Religious Education Development Network (SPRED)
, Sr. Mary Therese
, Sr. Susanne Gallagher and Fr. James McCarthy

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Speaking of Divorce, P
Refers to Practice of Orthodox C

When Pope Francis spoke to journalists about the need for a stronger Catholic
pastoral approach to marriage and to divorced people, he made a parenthetical
reference to how the Orthodox chu
rches handle the breakup of marriages

"The Orth
odox have a different practice.”
The Orthodox "follow
the theology of 'oikonomia' (economy or stewardship), as they call it, and give
a second possibility; they permit" a second marriage.

While the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Greek Orthodox
Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain both use the English term "ecclesiastical divorce"
when referring to the use of "oikonomia" to permit a second marriage, Orthodox scholars and

websites of both archdiocese make clear that the Orthodox practice differs from both a Catholic
annulment and a civil divorce.

Unlike an annulment, which declares that a union was invalid from the
beginning, the Orthodox decree does not question the
initial validity of a
sacramental marriage and unlike a civil divorce it does not dissolve a marriage.
Rather, the Orthodox describe it as a recognition that a marriage has ended
because of the failure or sin of one or both spouses.

Still, Metropolita
n Kallistos wrote, "Orthodoxy regards the marriage bond
as, in principle, lifelong and indissoluble, and it condemns the breakdown of
marriage as a sin and an evil. But while condemning the sin, the church still desires to help the
sinners and to allow the
m a second chance. When, therefore, a marriage has entirely ceased to be
a reality, the Orthodox Church does not insist on the preservation of a legal fiction."

"Divorce is seen as an exceptional but necessary concession to human sin," he wrote. "It is an

of 'oikonomia' ('economy' or dispensation) and of 'philanthropia' (loving kindness). Yet although
assisting men and women to rise again after a fall, the Orthodox Church knows that a second
alliance can never be the same as the first; and so in the se
rvice for a second marriage several of
the joyful ceremonies are omitted, and replaced by penitential prayers."

You can read the full
article at

Artist combines faith, imagery, biblical messages for his religious art

Christopher Ruane remembers drawing and coloring pictures of
Christ and listening to his father, Michael Ruane
, read him
stories from the Bible. Today, these visuals and biblical
messages from his childhood are fused with his strong faith,
respect for traditional art and astute sensitivity to the culture
around him as he creates a unique type of religious art usin
photography. "I don't just photograph people, I photograph every
CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


single element in the picture," he said.

Although all of Ruane's pieces are rooted in Scripture, his work is a departure from the more
recognizable, traditional religious art. He presents
biblical stories and messages with a modern
interpretation, using strikingly vivid colors and visuals that range from surreal to starkly realistic.
"My work is supposed to illicit a powerful response

and make you think about Christ and
contemplate who y
ou are in your faith," he said in an interview with The Catholic Accent,
newspaper of the Greensburg Diocese. Using Photoshop, he engages in a labor intensive process
of bringing together each photographed element to create a cohesive image that communicat
es a
like message. "The images have the clarity of traditional fine art photography with the
heart, soul and freedom of painting," Ruane said.

For more Religion pictures, please go to
Ruane Photography also created a four (40 minute video entitled
The End is Near

and if you
watch it I am sure you will have lots of questions and want to discuss it. Please go to
The End is

Learning Session Proposals for the 2014 Conference


our parishes so we can

the people of all
nations (Matthew 28:19) and

the faithful to become faith
filled disciples.

NCCL Learning sessions are 75 minutes in length and
are designed to engage the participants
As a member
organization, NCCL members, chosen as Learning Session presenters,
donate their services to the
Please read the invitation and
complete the
Learning Session Proposal Form
, which is also found on
the homepage of our website (
If you have any
questions, please email
Joanie McKeown
, or direct them to NCCL's
Executive Director,
Lee Nagel

Effect of 'Nones' on U.S. Social, Religious Fabric Debated

While there is a growing
sense that more Americans
profess no religious
preference than in past g
enerations, researchers are still trying to judge for themselves the
meaning behind the numbers their research has generated. Even the title of a study unveiled Aug.
8 during a luncheon forum at the Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project

American's Weakening Ties to Organized Religion, 1973
2012: Generations & Politics"

could itself be open to debate.

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


The study's authors, sociology professors, Michael Hout of New York University and Claude S.
Fischer of the University of California
keley, said their research suggests that older
Americans are dying off, they are being replaced in the population by younger Americans who
are not as religious. This demographic trend, they said, accounts for about 60 percent of the
increase of "nones"

those who described themselves as atheists, agnostics, or have no
particular religious preference

in the U.S. population, which they set at 20 percent of all
Americans. Much of the other 40 percent, they added, can be traced to the rise of the "religiou
right" and its political stands on social issues, leading many Americans to say, according to
Fischer, "If that's what religion means, count me out."

Knights launch Marian prayer program centered on Immaculate Conception

The Knights of Columbus launched a new Marian prayer program dedicated to Our Lady of the
Immaculate Conception at a Mass Aug. 7 during the order's 131st supreme convention. It is the
16th such prayer program of the Knights of Columbus using a sacred

as its centerpiece.

In 1979, the first program was begun with images of Our Lady of
Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas. In preparation for the 1982
centennial of the order, the second prayer program was initiated,
which also highlighted the Immaculate

Conception. Over the years,
Mary also has been honored by the Knights under her titles of Our
Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Our Lady of the
Assumption, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Charity and Our
Lady of Pochaiv, a traditional M
arian title of Ukrainian Catholics.

The image that will be used with the new campaign is a reproduction
of the painting that embellishes the Basilica Cathedral Notre
Dame de
Quebec, above the main altar, a colorful painting of Our Lady, the
work of Sister Marie de l'Eucharistie, a Sister of
Charity of Quebec.
Both the church and the Archdiocese of Quebec will be celebrating their
350th anniversaries next year

The Order will commission nearly 100 icons of the Immaculate
Conception using an image from Notre
Dame de Quebec, in Quebec
City at
their international convention in San Antonio this August. The
icons will travel throughout the world, under the organization of local
Knights’ councils who will present prayer programs with the icon for
their parishes and communities.

The current program,

dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, will
conclude this August. It has been the most successful prayer program in
the Order’s history,
Supreme Knight Carl A.
Anderson said.

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


FREE Professional Development Webinar

August 20
, 2013

Ave Maria Press
, in partnership with the
National Conference for
Catechetical Leadership
, the National Association for Lay Ministry, and
National Federation of Priests' Councils presents a series of free, online
workshops on professional development for parish ministers.

Growing the Next
Generation of Disciples through Small Groups

is offered on Tuesday,
August 20

at 3:00 pm
EDT. You can register


). For a complete listing of
professional development webinars in this series,
please visit

Growing the Next Ge
neration of Disciples through Small Groups

Presented by Christopher Wesley, Director of Student Ministry at
Church of the Nativity

August 20
, 2013 3:00 PM

4:00 PM EDT

Why do teens graduate from their faith when they graduate from high school or eighth grade? In
most cases, they never made a personal connection with the local church. While traditional
religious education is filled with priceless information and catechesi
s, the delivery system of that
information is insufficient.

This next generation of disciples doesn't need more schooling. They
need Christ
like relationships with their peers as well as men and
women who display healthy relationships with Christ and the
ir Catholic
faith. Small groups will achieve this. Through small groups, kids and
teenagers will grow deeper in their faith, connect with the local church,
and experience true life change.

Chris Wesley, Director of Student Ministry at Church of the
(the inspiration for the

Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Rea
ching the Lost, and Making
Church Matter
, will focus on why small groups are essential to student ministry, what a healthy
small group looks like, and how you can get them started in your parish.

Chris will be speaking
at the NCCL conference in St. Louis.

2013 Labor Day Statement

Bishop Blaire reflects on rising economic inequality and issues a
rousing call for everyone to work together to build a just economy in
2013 Labor Day statement

. See all USCCB's
resources on work at the
Labor and Employment page

, and access the full statement in

. Also ch
eck out the
USCCB blog

reflections in comi
ng weeks from various Church and community
leaders about what labor means to them in the work they do.

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Obama Administration B
cks Prayer At Local Government M

The Obama administration and congressional Republicans have found something to agree on:
own councils should be allowed to open their meetings with a Christian prayer.

Lawyers for the
administration and two groups of lawmakers from the House and Senate, nearly all Republicans,
separately made that argument in briefs to the Supreme Court this
week. The high court should
relax the constitutional limits on religious invocations at government meetings, they argued.

In the current case, the Obama administration has told the court that Greece's practice should not
be considered an endorsement. The t
own council's opening of its meetings with a Christian
prayer "does not amount to an unconstitutional establishment of religion merely because most
givers are Christian and many or most of their prayers contain sectarian references,"
wrote U.S. Soli
citor Gen. Donald Verrilli Jr.

He noted that the House and Senate had official chaplains and that the court in 1983 upheld
opening prayers in state legislatures. If local councils may have religious invocations, the law
should not require them to "closely
police the content of prayers," he said.

The case could lead to
a major change in the law on religion that would go well beyond prayers at council meetings.

You can read the full article at
Backs Prayer


Robert Bellah, Sociologist of Religion Who Mapp
ed the American Soul, Dies

Robert N. Bellah
, a distinguished sociologist of religion who
sought nothing less than to map the American soul, in both the
sacred and secular senses of the word, died on July 30 in
Oakland, Calif. He was 86. Throughout his work, Professor
Bellah was concerned with the w
ays in which faith shapes, and
is shaped by, American civic life. He was widely credited with
helping usher the study of religion

a historically marginalized
subject in the social sciences

into the sociological fold.

“Modern America has a soul, not on
ly a body, and Bellah probed that soul more
deeply and subtly than anyone in his field or his time,”
Steven M.
Tipton, a professor in the Candler School of Theol
ogy at Emory University
fessor Bellah’s best
known book was

Habits of the Heart: Individualism
and Commitment in American Life
” (1985)

To read more, go to
Robert Bellah


CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Amazing Statistics

o interesting thoughts offered at the American Psychological Association last week that are
worth remembering as you offer refreshments at
, parent meetings, retreats, and other

In 1980, av

person consumed 2

lbs of High Fructose Corn Syrup per year. By 1998,

consumption 800+

lbs of HFCS/ year!

US leads the world in obesity

both child and adult. 30% of US children eat fast food
EVERY day!

First Grace

This is an appropriate name for two churches that merged after Hurricane Katrina. This is a
powerful witness to racial integration and one that can give us all hope. The commentary was
written by
Oliver Thomas,
a member of

Board of Contributors
. I couldn’t choose
some excerpts that I felt would convey the core of the message and so the complete article

When Marguerite La Joy Washington, a freshman at Dillard University, was gunned
down in New Orleans, it had all the appearance of busine
ss as usual. Thousands of young
blacks are killed in America each year.

But if you had attended Marguerite’s funeral at
First Grace United Methodist Church, where she
taught Sunday School, you would have realized
that something was different.

Instead of
the nearly all
black affair you would
expect in too much of America, the crowd

large that it spilled out into the streets

was half

“It was a defining moment for our congregation,” the Rev. Shawn Anglim recalls. “The
whole church was there. It

was like they were saying, ‘This is our family. Our child.’”

The Trayvon Martin case, and the events surrounding it, have reminded us that America
remains a racially divided nation. And while our faith traditions sometimes enable us to
stretch beyond our
ordinary vision and frailties, 11 o’clock on Sunday remains the “most
CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


segregated hour” in America, as Martin Luther King Jr. famously put it. Even today, only
about 5 percent of the nation’s churches are racially integrated.

Then, there is First Grace.

st Grace is the story of two congregations

one black, the other white

that merged
in the aftermath of a great storm and proved that King’s dream of “the beloved
community” remains a possibility.

In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a
riding pastor and several
brave lay people decided to take a chance. They would merge these two churches. First
Methodist and Grace Methodist would become First Grace.

The first Sunday they worshipped together, there were only 60 of them. Half blac
k, half
white, all a bit nervous. Today, there are hundreds. They are even more diverse than
before, and they are joyful. The pastor is white. The minister of music and chair of the
church council are black. Latinos and Haitians hold other positions of lea
dership. They
have an intentional community of young adults, black, white and brown, who actually
live at the church. No one is hungry. No one goes without legal or medical care. No one
is alone.

“There’s nothing special about the people at First Grace,” A
nglim says. “They’re
ordinary Americans just like anybody else. But they have decided to move in together. To
become one body.”

How has First Grace bridged this societal fissure that seems so daunting to the rest of the
county? “We listen,” Anglim says. “I
t is the first act of love.” He pauses, then continues:
“People don’t realize how brutal they can be. We act according to the way our minds
have been shaped by our parents, our culture, our personal experiences. For black people
and white people, those dif
ferences can be vast. So we begin by listening. And we do
things together.”

The church’s outreach ministries include a medical clinic, a halfway house, a feeding
program and a new legal clinic. When you’re caught up in the mission, you don’t have
time to w
orry about the color of somebody’s skin.

Anglim tells me that the parishioners at First Grace still struggle. Even fight. “But,” he
says, “we know each other. We have names.”

Religious people like to speak of the “Kingdom of God.” First Grace could be what that
kingdom looks like. It is black, white and brown. Rich and poor. Gay and straight.
Democrat and Republican. I’ve visited their church, and when they “pass the peace,”
eeting one another in the name of Christ, it is difficult to restore order. That’s how
much they love being together. First Grace shows us that our multiracial nation not only
can survive. It can thrive.

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Oh, and there’s one more thing. Marguerite’s mother,

Margaret Ferguson Washington, a
civil rights veteran and pillar of the church, has a new friend. A young woman called
Washington shortly after her daughter’s death and asked whether she had anybody to
accompany her to the arraignment of the man accused of

the attack. She did not.

“Might I go with you?” the young woman asked. Washington said she could. Since then,
the young woman has accompanied her to every motion, every hearing, every court
appearance. Seeing them together, and their natural affection, yo
u might even get the
impression that the girl is Washington’s daughter.

Except that she’s white.

Catholic Mobilizing Network

This organization has

many resources for lay leaders,
clergy, youth ministers and Hispanic ministers on
website and they
are all free. It is well worth checking
out. They

have a sa
mple workshop available with a
simple email request.

You can receive all the resources
you need to conduct the
Workshop: Introduction to the Death Penalty for Catholics

by clicking
. To view all they have to offer, go to

Get Materials to Help You Advocate for Immigration Reform.

Justice for Immigrants

has many easy
use resources to assist your efforts to promote bi
immigration reform. Use these materials during the recess to
plan a prayer vigil or a pilgrimage from a parish to a district
office or other site; distribut
e postcards and informational materials in parishes; highlight the
issue in homilies or at parish events; or write an opinion piece.

Nuns Make Billboard Chart History

Contemplatives at No. 1 for 13 Weeks

A group of contemplative nuns from Missouri put their prayerful singing
onto a CD

and it's been at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Classical Music
Chart for 13 consecutive weeks. This is the first time since 2006 that a group
has occupied the top spot
on the chart for that many weeks.

"Angels and
Saints at Ephesus" features the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. It
has English and Latin pieces sung a cappella for the feasts of the holy saints
and angels.

Angels and Saints at Ephesus

is a follow
up hit for the
CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Benedictines, who released
Advent at Ephesus

last year.

“Not since 2006 has a group occupied the No. 1 spot for 13 weeks in a row
on Billb
oard’s Classical Traditional Chart,” said Monica Fitzgibbons,
cofounder of De Montfort Music. “To have this accomplishment come from
a group of monastic sisters is simply miraculous. The collection of music is
soothing hearts and enabling contemplative mom
ents. Simply a joy and
honor to behold! We wish to thank all who have supported the beautiful
music of the Benedictines of Mary!”

A Boy With No Legs, But a Big Heart, Will Inspire You!

Due to complications during pregnancy, Cody McCasland

had to
be born 2 months early. He was born without legs... but God
watched over him! Watch his inspirational story, his heart, soul
and drive will MOVE you.
It’s less than four minutes at

EASTER: Dance Your Shoes Off

Literally…and then Donate Them

More than 2,000 people from Second Baptist Church, Houston,
Texas, gathered at Discovery Green in the heart of Houston to
celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The purpose of
Dance Your
Shoes Off!

was to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a
ul and celebratory way. Most importantly, each participant
left a new pair of shoes on the field for those in need. These shoes
will be given to local mission agencies, including Star of Hope, individuals all across the world
through our mission partners a
nd mission trips.

Watch the video
. They were
inspired by

over 1,300 young people, all of them members of
Faith Church in Budapest, Hungary
, who o
April 4, 2010

celebrated Resurrection Sunday

check it out at

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


The Sacraments

Indigenous People

Fr. Bob Hater has done it again. One of Bob’s gifts is that he listens so well and
this book is yet another example of how his listening is an enriching experience
for all of us.
Without a doubt, the sacramentality of life permeates this book.
Father Bob d
oes a great job of connecting the celebrations that are already a part
of the traditions of the family, tribe, or clan with the Church’s teachings and
rituals. In so doing, we are able to see how the spirituality inherent in their
traditional ways is enha
nced in the sacramental life of our Catholic faith
community. Through the stories and rituals that are shared, your own
experiences will be deepened, your connection to the rhythms of everyday life will be
strengthened and your own sacramental life will be

graced. You can order the book from Sky
World Publications, The Tekawitha Conference, P.O. Box 6768, Great Falls MT 59406

New Perspectives: A Report on the Synod on the New Evangelization

r. DeSiano spent three weeks in Rome following the Synod.

Upon his return
he shared some of his reflections with the NCCL Rep Council
at their meeting
last November.

In this book, Fr. Frank lays out the background, the initial
decisions, the steps on the unfolding of the Synod, the major themes and issues,
and the pastoral implications for our Catholic people in the future.

Written befor
e Pope Francis' election, this book gives evidence of how themes
that Pope Francis is emphasizing were already being vigorously presented by
this world
wide meeting of Catholic bishops.

See the ecumenical and inter
contexts that framed the discussio
n of the Synod.

Get an insight into the direction of
Catholicism in all the continents of the world.

You can only order
New Perspectives: A Report
on the Synod on the New Evangelization

as en e
book from the NCCL Amazon Bookstore.

Nook users can also purchase
New Perspectives

Living at God's Speed: Healing in God's Time

Charles F. Sidoti has been
influenced by 30 years of association with the Abbey
of the Genesee, a Trappist Monastery located in New York's Genesee Valley
The Trappists are an international Catholic contemplative order of monks also
known as Cistercians.

This is an interfaith book that “makes
being spiritual

able in everyday life.
” One reviewer suggested that “
The spiritual breadth of
the book is
enhanced by his col
laboration with Rabbi Feinstein.”
You can order
Living at

God's Speed: Healing in God's Time

from the NCCL Amazon

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Catholic Teaching on Migration

Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Church's teaching on

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the joint Mexican/US pastoral
Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope
, the Department
of Migration and Refugee Services/United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops has released a new book that includes essays on major themes
addressed in the pastoral letter.

book provides insights into the historical,
pastoral, and theological foundations for the Church's teaching in this area and
includes essays written by theologians, legal scholars, and policy experts in the
field of migration.

You can order a copy of
On Strangers No Longer:
Perspectives on the Historic U.S.
Mexican Catholic Bishop
s' Pastoral Letter on Migration

from the NCCL Bookstore.

Bambinelli Sunday
: A Christmas Blessing

I know it seems early to think about Christmas but since this is the week of the
Assumption, I thought I could share this book that has come across my desk. It’s
an Italian custom on the Third Sunday of Advent but y
u might want to make it
part of your calendar of parish events. You can order
Bambinelli Sunday: A
Christmas Blessing

from the NCCL Amazon Bookstore.

Meeting Jesus Through the Jesse Tree

t’s hard to believe this is the second book I have received in preparation
for Advent but I don’t mind sharing it because I love Advent calendars
and I so appreciate being able to teach salvation history by talking about
some of our relatives from a long t
ime ago. Every day and every story
begins with a reason or two why this person is on the tree. She has
adapted the Scripture readings in good storyteller language and age
appropriate. She offers questions and thoughts to reinforce the
importance of each pe
rson. While it is anticipated that one or more
people will read the story, she offers reflections for the storyteller and I
for one, would encourage parents or catechists to tell the story rather
than simply read it. It’s always better to look into a child
’s eyes rather
than at the words in a book. You can order
Meeting Jesus Thro
ugh the Jesse Tree

from the
NCCL Amazon Bookstore.

CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


Pondering in Your Heart

Experience the Events of Advent in a New and Personal Way

Contemplate Scripture As Never Before

Unique Illustrations Evoke Prayer And Discussion

Ponder Mary's Journeys...

Others or Alone

Advent Offer

Order before November 30, 2013 and receive



Just click to order

Pricing: $8.95 1
5 copies, $7.95 6
15 copies, $6.95 16
24, copies $5.95 25+copies

Knowing Jesus and His Message

Conociendo a Jesus y su Mensaje

This is an excellent resource.
Immediately following the Learning
Session on this resource at the NCCL
Conference and Exposition in San Diego,
the NCCL Bookstore sold over twenty
(20) copies of the book in English and

Based on the protocol used t
o evaluate
elementary religion series, the book used
fifteen standards for Pre
K and K
through Grades 7 & 8. Included with the binder is a CD with all the materials available for
duplication. This is an ideal help for any elementary catechist regardless of

the series you might
be using. Check out the following and use the Order Form.


Knowing Jesus and His Message



Knowing Jesus and His Mes





Normas y Fundamentos



Knowing Jesus and His Message


CL Weekly
, August 12, 2013


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