Genetic Engineering of Late Blight Resistance in Potato


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Genetic Engineering of Late Blight Resistance in Potato

Sanwen Huang, Dongyu Qu, Jianfei Xu, Zhiqi Jia, Cuihua Xin, Ying Li, Zhonghua Zhang

The oomycete pathogen
Phytophthora infestans

causes late blight, a devastating disease of
potato. Resistance breed
ing was not successful in release of cultivars with durable protection,
which is largely due to the extremely high evolutionary potential of the pathogen. Recent
studies in molecular interaction of the pathosystem have results in isolation of several
tance genes from potato and several avirulence genes from
P. infestans
. This new
development paves new ways to combat the disease

In our lab, we are working on two approaches to exploit the cloned genes. First, an
polyculture will be generated and
tested in potato field. The polyculture aims to ensure a
resistance polymorphism in the field to enable a more durable protection than conventional
monoculture that deploy genetically uniform cultivar. Several genes are transforming into
major cultivars in

China. We are also in the way to clone a few more

genes. A new binary
vector is made and tested for marker
free transformation. To release

gene polyculture
accordingly, we are surveying the population structure of


in major production
s using the known sequences of the avirulence genes. The ongoing genomic projects for
both the host and the pathogen will ultimately render a polyculture with
genes tailored the
Avr gene makeup of the target population.

Second, a versatile positive
tion system is being made to uncover genes in perceiving of
pathogen signals and in initiating defense reaction. A tomato plant with the interacting pair
, with

under control by chemical
inducible promotor. Spray with the chemical
can identi
fy M2 families in which a signaling gene is defected. Such a gene could be
manipulated to convey broad
spectrum resistance.

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