Genetic Engineering Scattergories - Genetic Engineering Assignment


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Genetic Engineering Scattergories

Find an article in a journal or the internet about genetic engineering.
MAKE SURE it is about genetic engineering, not ju
st something to do
with biology.
Genes must be altered/manipulated for it to be an
example of genet
ic engineering.

Make sure it is about an APPLICATION
of genetic engineering techniques, not a description of a technique. For
example, it can be an article on someone having their dog cloned, but it
can’t be just a description of the cloning process.

e in the game of
Scattergories, you will be trying to find an article that no one else in the
class finds; there will be lavish, expensive prizes for the winners.
you have found the article, here’s what to do:


Write a brief

(one side of a page or so

summary of the article,


the technique(s) used,


benefit gained,


possible problems encountered


identification of the
researchers and their institution


Write a one
half to one page statement regarding the ethics
involved with this particular ex
ample of genetic engineering.
Briefly state both sides of the argument, and then comment on
your personal feelings on the subject.