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Query Handler


Server Side

Device Proxy

ion Unit
















XML Messages

UI Manager

This is the component diagram. It isn’t explicit enuff. But I guess that’s what I can think of with the information on hand.
I am reading the J2ME
over Bluetooth and JAWS. JAWS apparently doesn’t work on J2ME ( the one
that we thought as an option). Also J2ME over BT is new. There isn’t
explicit mention for PDA. Most literature is abt smart phones. Java API for BT is also arnd .. but again its new(JSR 82). Not

many actual
implementations are available. There are pure jav
a and native implementations of BT stacks (we have used a native implementation for Red Hat
9.0 so far). For JSR 82 we need pure java implementations. The other thread is integrating J2ME with eclipse or netbeans IDE.

I tried a lot with
eclipse. It wasn’t
getting integrated. I will try with netbeans too tomm.

UI with J2ME is different than usual java swing/AWT thing. They use something called Midlets for UIs, which of course offers
very less in terms of
desktops UIs. We have to think how we can map XML fil
es to these Midlets. Overall J2ME looks a difficult beast to tame.. mostly in terms of time

Also, is it worth considering .Net compact framework for PDA UIs. That way we wont spend too much time in UI based stuff and
do more work in
the framewor
k and Device proxies. Anyways the comm between device and proxy is XML !! so makes it platform independent anyways. Also, .ne
wud make pretty UIs in quick time and above all the exes wud be smaller than the java exe and wud be faster. Since the PDAs w
e us
e wud be
Pocket PC2000/2003 OS with compact framework. Also VS .Net already integrated with compact framework and emulators to develop
, test, and
above all seamlessly deploy the solutions on the PDA. We can also try then to use multimedia if poss (voice ou
tput for the new PDA) as compact
framework shud make the easy.

DB Manager: DB Manager is responsible for handling database related activities and decouples database from rest of the framew
It also creates database tables at runtime when new services/
scripts are installed.

KB Handler: It manages all KB related activities

Script installer: Script installer validates script to check that all instructions can be executed and framework has all comp
required to execute the script. It communicates wit
h the DB Manager to create new database tables required by the script and checks
whether the required devices are present to run the script.

Web Service Client: This is generic web service client used to communicate with external web services.

BT Device

Communication Handler: This is a component on the device proxy which constantly poll for new BT devices and
communicate with Server Side Communication Unit to add new device. It also takes care of communicating with BT device, after
device has been de
tected, to pass UI messages. It is also responsible for exchanging keep alive messages with the BT devices and
detecting any discontinuity or communication failure.

TCP/IP Device Communication Handler: This does the work similar to that of BT Device Commu
nication Handler but the
communication with the device is maintained by TCP/IP socket based connection. This component will be listening on one broadc
address where the devices/Services capable of TCP/IP socket base communication will communicate. This
is for static devices which
are not device proxies and are not Bluetooth enabled.

Service Side Communication Unit: On behalf of devices, this unit communications with the server. It communicates with the UI
Manager and the Event Handler.

UI Rendering Uni
t: This unit on the device takes care of showing UI messages on the device.

Proxy Communication Unit: This unit on the device takes care of communicating with the proxy, exchanging keep alive messages
with the proxy and passing UI related messages to the
UI Rendering Unit.