Course Code : CEN 357Course Title : Digital Signals ProcessingPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse description:

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Course Code :

CEN 357

Course Title :

Digital Signals Processing



CEN 301

Credit Hours

: 4

Lecture Hrs: 4

Lab Hrs: 0

Tut. : 0


Course description:

Basic Concepts:
Sampling, ADC
DAC, aliasing, quantization. Digital Filters: Difference
equations, impulse and step responses, Z
transfer function, frequency and phase responses,
FIR filters, IIR filters, adaptive filters, optimal filters, non
linear filters. Discrete Four
Transform: DFT characteristics, Fast Fourier Transform: FFT
spectral analysis, spectrogram,
FFT processing, signal segmentation. DSP Implementation: coefficients, integer and floating
point DSP systems, DSP chips. Applications: Audio processing, image
communications. Exercises should be solved using MATLAB

A. V. Oppenhiem,

Digital Signals Processing,
Prentice Hall