Wireless Sensor Network Solutions

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Wireless Sensor Network Solutions

Regional Mobility Solutions

Sensys Networks
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Sensys Networks
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technology choice for
the world’s

largest implementers of traffic data systems

Patented technology in
production since 2005

Record adoption rate with rapidly

global deployments

Worldwide distribution

Recent expansion into China


America “Best Innovative

for 2008”

2010 Inc. Magazine top 500

fastest growing
private companies in the US

ISO 9001:2008 certified

Who is Sensys Networks?

Leading provider of wireless detection and integrated traffic data systems

Data Infrastructure for Smarter Cities

Integrated solution for regional roadway management

Performance measures to guide
policy and investment decisions
and assess efficacy of projects

time traffic & infrastructure
monitoring for optimized
regional mobility and safety

Accurate and reliable traveler
information systems

Optimized signal operations

Enhanced safety, mobility, fuel
efficiency and budget utilization

Self sufficient mobility solutions
with no environmental impact

150 Customers in 40 States

Sensys Networks Vehicle Detection System

Flexible, dependable, low
cost, universal platform for all detection applications

Success Stories

Transforming Transportation

with Wireless Sensor Networks

15 Corridor, San Diego, California

San Diego Region ICM/TLSP

Accurate, real
time data for regional roadway optimization


Primary artery between Los Angeles and San Diego
(with reversible HOT lanes), carries near constant
heavy traffic.


Sensys Networks’ integrated solution provided
accurate performance measures including:



time travel times for VMS, 511

Travel time distribution

Level of Service

Vehicles in segment (queue detection)


Enhanced corridor management across the

shared network provided accurate data for

traveler information and decision support

systems for optimized regional mobility.

Arroyo Verdugo Regional Solution

Metro/MTA Regional Real
Time Performance Monitoring

Sensys Networks Universal Platform

Maximize and Measure your investment

Driving Innovation

Sensys Networks wireless vehicle detection and
traffic data platform is transforming traffic management and ITS

Operations & Maintenance

Ease of installation coupled with near
zero maintenance is enabling signal actuation and traffic data
collection on an unprecedented scale

Leveraging Investments

150+ customers in 40 states and 10
countries are improving mobility, reducing congestion and emissions,
and measuring system performance with the Sensys Networks
wireless solutions

In Conclusion