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You will need to connect straight thru cable to campus network

Login to your machine with campus username/password

Record your IP address

Project 1

(Remote Desktop Connection)

Create an Administrator Level account on your machine.


Username: adminXX

(Hard Drive number)


Password: userXX (Hard Drive number)

Right Click “My Computer”


Properties / Remote


Turn Remote Desktop on


Communicate your IP address/username/password to your partner

Start / Programs / Accessories

Remote Desktop connection

Type in y
our partners IP address

Type username/password for remote computer

Analyze your findings.

Turn remote desktop off

Project 2

(Capture and Analyze Network Traffic)

Download wireshark from

Install wireshark

with all default options and run wireshark

Click Capture / Interfaces

Click Start

Open browser and type

Stop capture after few seconds

Analyze your findings (Apply filters, Find IP, analyze traffic)

Project 3

(Simple Cryptography)


dsCrypt and encryptedtext files from

Open encryptedtext file in notepad and analyze

Run dsCrypt

Change mode to Decrypt

Drop encryptedtext file in dsCrypt window

It should ask you for a password


this was a simple lab

Open encr
yptedtext file in notepad and analyze