Course Code: CSC 445Course title : Introduction to Cryptography and information security

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Course Code: CSC


Course title : Introduction to Cryptography and information security

Perquisites: 200 Credit Hours

Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hrs 3:

Lab Hours: 0

Tut. Hrs: 0

Course Description

Basic concepts of cryptography and secure data: Overview of Cryptography and
information security, Mathematical Overview, Shannon and cryptography, Transposition,
Substitution Ciphers, Rotor Machine and Polyalphabetic Ciphers, Block Ciphers:
symmetric key

DES, AES, Public Key Systems, Knapsack System, RSA
System, Key Management, Digital Signatures and Authentication, Stream Ciphers,
Linear Shift Registers,

Linear Shift Registers, Watermarking and Steganography,

Text book

n D. R., Cryptography: Theory and Practice, CRC Press