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Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is an usurper and
tyrant and I declare him my enemy.”

Pierre Joseph Proudhon
agor i st repor
Bitcoin Smashes Empires……
Interview with Gary Chartier by
Wayne Sturgeon

Agora Seed E

I2p vs Tor……

Interview with Davi Barker by Sean Keene……

top being a 99% victim

Green’s Greens………………
Rich Paul is now serving a 12
month sentence imposed at the
Keene Spiritual Retreat, a sus
pended prison sentence, probation
of three years, and a $650 fine.
- The Agorist Report Staff

This issue of The Agorist Report is
dedicated to Rich Paul. Rich faced
an 81 year sentence and while he
could have taken the easy way out

by wearing a wire or going with

a plea bargain he did the right thing
by rejecting the notion that he had
ever done anyone any harm.

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What follows is my response
to a question that was posted
on the
website ask

What is the legal status
of Bitcoin

While it is true that the UNITED
STATES (or, as I like to call it, the
American Federal Empire) Trea
sury Department issued rules
(or rather guidelines) regarding
Bitcoin financial transactions,
the fact is that Bitcoin is an in
ternational phenomenon… So,
the joke is on the regulators. The
American Federal Empire has
no authority or power to regu
late Bitcoin! Nor, for that matter,
does any other “government”.
Sure, they can issue arbitrary
decrees for anyone within the
artificial lines drawn on a map
over which they say they rule,
but can they enforce? There is a
reason this is called a “cryptocur
rency” people. They may bring
the hammer down on a person
here or there, but their efforts
are futile, especially if people
take on the attitude that these
criminal gangsters have no pow
er or place here, and simply ig
nore their impotent decrees, as
should be done.
I, for one, will not comply with
The Empire or their so-called
“laws”. Many, many others will
also ignore this shriveling Em
pire which is withering away
as we speak. The Empire’s cur
rency is weakening and within
our lifetimes will break… That
is why Bitcoin has taken hold
as it has. When that break
happens, The Empire will die…
Plain and simple.
Now, here is the big secret
(which really isn’t that secret)…
if you look into the history of the
concept of Bitcoin, where the
idea started and who the early
phase � and phase � adopters
are, you’ll discover that the de
struction of The Empire is the
goal of these people, and a Bit
coin-like concept has always
been seen as a tool to achieve
that goal. The idea of Bitcoin
came out of the crypto-anar
chist Cypherpunk movement
of the mid-��s, and the earliest
adopters of the currency have
largely been people in the “lib
erty movement” (libertarian,
voluntarist and anarchist move
ment), especially participants in
the Free State Project in New
Hampshire (as evidenced by the
fact that the largest concentra
tion of Bitcoins held in any one
geographic region has been re
ported to be New Hampshire).
To sum it up, Bitcoin smashes
empires… That is what it was
designed to do. The “legal sta
tus” of Bitcoin is irrelevant.
These gangsters calling them
selves “government” really
don’t get the internet, and they
certainly don’t get Bitcoin. They
don’t understand that it is the
doom of their power.
They can write all the rules on
paper that they want to. It will
be meaningless. Magic scrolls
only exist in Dungeons & Drag
ons games… The decrees of
these criminals have no such
magic and should be treated as
the impotent babblings of the
ignorant that they are.
by R.U. Phree,
Anti-Political Editor
for Illicit Underground
You Are the Network
Free and seamless peer-to-peer
Internet networking software.
Crowdsource your connectivity. Install Open Garden.
Wayne Sturgeon has been active
in the UK anarchist movement
since the early ��s originally
through playing drums in a host
of anarcho-punk bands most
notably “Karma Sutra” from Lu
ton in Bedfordshire in the UK. He
would describe himself principly
as a Christian Anarchist.

Could you introduce
yourselves and what mo
tivated you to publish and
edit the book “
Markets Not
One thing I’ve learned,
painfully, over time is not to
speak for other people, at least
not too confidently.But I cansay
that all of us actively involved
in the work of the
Center for

a Stateless Societ
are very
much aware of the sterility of
most political and social debate
and the failure to recognize that
there might well be positions
other than those represented by

“Team Red” and “Team Blue.”
There’s a vibrant tradition of
individualist anarchism which
is simultaneously pro-market
and anti-state on the one hand
and thoroughly left-wing on the
other. There have been great
contributions to this tradition
in the past, by such people as
Thomas Hodgski
(once editor
of The Economist—the world
was very different then) and
Benjamin Tucke
; but there’s
also been some much more re
cent and creative work in this
tradition. We wanted to expose
people to both the earlier stuff
and the more recent develop
ments, which we believe have
the potential to shake up both
market-oriented libertarian and
social anarchist conversations
and offer people new and,we
hope, fruitful ways of looking at
politics and society.

You define your book
as promoting individualist
anarchism against bosses, in
equality, corporate power, and
structural poverty, could you
define what you mean by indi
vidualist anarchism and how it
of anarchism historically?

All varieties of anarchism
are anti-authoritarian, obviously
(if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be
anarchtist). But clearly there are
differences in the ways in which
various anarchist tendencies
imagine the shape of life without
the state and the mechanisms
that would be used to maintain
social order in a stateless society.
One way to think about individu
alist anarchism—Charles, who
knows the history much better
than I do will offer considerable
nuance here, I’m sure—might
be as a variety of anarchism that
favors robust protections—in
cluding legal protections—for
the rights of particular persons,
including rights to several prop
erty that are, broadly speaking, la
bor-based. Of course, this kind of
description might apply to some
varieties of anarcho-syndicalism,
too. The devil is in the details, and
the divisions often seem starker
when discussions focus on theory
than when they concern practice.

What do you think of
Agorism as defined by Samuel
Edward Konkin?
by Wayne Sturgeon
An interview with

Konkin was an interesting
and difficult person fromwhomI
think we’ve all learned a lot, even
if his dodgy associations with
folks like those at the IHR mean
that some things he had to say
ought to be taken with the pro
verbial grain of salt. But the basic
idea that the right way to fight
the state is to render it irrelevant
by creating counter-institutions
seems really helpful—far more
helpful than approaches that fo
cus on winning electoral victories,
say. I’m not opposed in principle
to any non-violent strategy for
social change, but I think counter-
institutional strategies like agor
ism and seasteading offer more
promise than ones that involve
activists penning their hopes on
the hero on a white horse.

Most people when
thinking of “right wing” lib
ertarianism tend to envisage
a world almost like the Sci Fi
film “Robocop” i.e.privatised
police forces in a world ran by
multi-national corporations
without any state interven
tion or regulation etc. What
would a left libertarian view
be on the market provision of
law and order, police, criminal
courts and prisions etc?

The best way to undermine
the power of big businesses, cor
porate and otherwise, is surely to
eliminate their privileges—includ
ing what Tucker called the “four
monpolies” (land, money/bank
ing/credit, tariff,IP) andtheirmore
recent successors, which Charles
has very nicely delineated in the
book. Absent those privileges,
grassroots alternatives to corpo
rate service provision could spring
up and flourish.I would expect a
range of such alternatives, with
dispute resolution services pro
vided by coops, religious groups,
charities, and for-profit entities;
similar entities, along with volun
teer groups, could offer defense
against large-scale but intermit
tent aggression. I am not ready
to concede that anyone has ever
needed to provide prisons, per
se; if anything like this did prove
necessary, the kind of option dis
cussed in Bob Murphy’s “Chaos
Theory” is, I suppose, as appeal
ing as anything else. But prisons
are pretty dreadful, and I’d like to
keep focused on alternatives.

Do you think that left
libertarian market anarchism
given its historical association
with the mutualism of Proud
hon can be a place where com
mon ground can be establised
with anarcho-syndicalist or
Guild Socialist traditions etc?

Sure—absolutely. I think
Kevin Carson, in particular, has
done a lot of working showing
how eliminating state-secured
privilege could pave the way for
increased worker ownership and
worker self-management.

Given the left libertar
ian defence of private prop
erty and voluntary exchange
in a free market and the ac
tual “socialist” implications
if this were to be univer
salised—does left libertari
anism share close affinities
with the “distributism” of
catholic writers
G.K. Chester
Hilaire Bello

I have a lot of affection
for Chesterton, and my English
friend Stephen R. L. Clark, a self-
proclaimed libertarian-cum-an
archo-conservative, has written
appreciatively about him in a vari
ety of places. My sense is that the
distributists seemed to envision
some kind of state action as need
ed to bring about the kind of soci
ety they favored, and of course I’d
disagree about that. But the spirit
of the distributists is one I find
in many ways quite simpatico. It
reminds me of the approach of
folks on this side of the pond who
resisted the rise of widespread
wage-labor in the latter part of the
nineteenth century as disempow
ering and an assault on people’s
dignity. I relish the distributists’
appreciation for local particularity
(I thoroughly enjoy the work of
, an American Catholic
anarchist who keeps this theme
very much alive). Of course, I’m
also a cosmopolitan—I’m deeply
attached to a region, southern
California, which is itself very mul
ticultural and open to the wider
ence. But, having said that, I really
do think the distributists have the
potential to be very useful and
engaging conversation partners
for left-wing market anarchists of
our sort.
world, and perhaps that’s why;

I realize that local tyrannies can be
just as dreadful as national ones,
and I wouldn’t want to romanti
cize away the problems close-knit
local communities can experi
Jackalope Freedom Festival
is happening again!
Stay tuned for
issue � in which
we’ll explore part
two of this inter
view with C�SS’
Charles Johnson.
Aug 2nd - 4th in Baca
Meadows. The one and
only completely free
freedom festival. The fes
tival is located in north
ern Arizona, just east of
Forest Lakes near Black
Canyon lake.
Bands attending:
Captain Squeegee, Dan Hagen,
Lee Perreira, and Fetti Profoun.
If you have a band that is looking
to get in on the line up, please use
the contact form on the website.
People who attend are encour
aged to vend.
There is no regis
tration or permission required.
The festival abides by the NAP
(Non-aggression principle). Camp
ing spaces are on a first comefirst
serve basis. There is no lack of
space. Bring appropriate items.
Visit the website to see
who is in the Market.
To Name a few: Marc Ste
vens, Ernest Hancock, Marc
Victor, Shelton (4409), Agorist
Marketplace, Magpoch Farm, Mid
night Munchies, and many more.
Please use the contact form if you
would like to add yourself to the
Accepted donations for
port a pottys, visit the web
site for more information:
Please feel free to come early and
stay late. Hope to see you all there!
Silly statists! Taxes are for Sla
Jackfest II
What do you consider
yourself politically?
For most of my adult
life I always considered myself
and a libertarian until just re
. After reading Linda and
Morris Tannehill’s “The Market
for Liberty”, along with Murray
Rothbard’s “Man, Economy,
and State”, I most closely relate
myself politically as a volun
What projects are you
currently working on?
I’m currently working
on finding solutions to save

a small sustainable community
in North Carolina. The county
has shut it down for lack of
various permits and health
code violations that we feel are
frivolous and unwarranted.
What inspired Agora
Seed Exchange?
The inspiration for Ag
ora Seed Exchange began last
summer while participating in
civil disobedience in defiance
of the FDA. After developing
a deeper understanding of
the state’s war on small farms
and real food, the reality of
our lack of access to real nutri
tion, along with the dangers of
GMOs, it became clear to me
that organic heirloom seeds
are in danger of cross contam
ination and eventually extinc
tion. I teamed up with Melissa
Moran, an organic farmer from
New York state, we decided to
use heirloom seeds as not only
a commodity in the market
place, but as a way of insuring
the health of our community
through organic farming and
Where can potencial
customers view your prod
ucts? Do you accept alterna
tive currencies?
At the moment folks can
purchase our heirloom seeds
from our Facebook page Agora
Seed exchange.
Right now we’re bartering,
accepting cash, checks, money
orders and Paypal, but in the
future we plan on a accepting
bitcoin and any precious metal
such as silver.
Where do you see Ago
ra Seeds in the furture?
I see the future of the
Agora Seed Exchange expand
ing and bringing the ideas of
food freedom, organic farm
ing, and sustainability.
What advice do you
have for aspiring Agorists?
To those who are aspir
ing agorists, I would tell them
to not listen to naysayers and
just go with what they feel, with
what their gut is telling them,
and really just jump right in
and do it.
There are many darknet services
available to even novice Cryp
toAnarchists. The two networks
that I am going to cover in this ar
ticle are I�p and the Tor network.
Both networks have distinguish
able advantages and disadvan
tages because they use different
methods to produce results.
In order to know which option
works best for you, It is impor
tant to determine your own spe
cific needs and go forward from
there. This article is meant to be

a guide to the absolute begin
ner, I’ve been using Tor and
other darknet services for

a little over � years now. Any
questions you have can be
submitted on the new Agorist
Report blog contact page under
“Ask an Agorist”.
The first network I want to cover
is the significantly more popular,
Tor network. For those new to
how Tor works, essentially traffic
is sent from the original “node” to
� other nodes then it is then for
warded to the destination. Tor is
also encrypted with AES-��� and

a public key system.
Onions are
the Tor equivalent of websites.
Only people using the Tor net
work can use them. Onions are
one of many hidden services
that Tor offers
. Downlo
ad and
installation information can be
found at
The strengths of Tor largely lay
in it’s popularity. This creates

a considerable speed differ
ence compared to other small
er networks like I�p or Freenet.
Tor also has a wide variety of
hidden services these include
stock photo by spekulator
by Psychonot for Illicit Underground
but are not limited to email,
IRC servers, and Onion host
ing. The Tor network also does

a good job of protecting against
traffic analysis type attacks,
this means even if somebody
would be able to look into the
data passing through nodes
the location and content could
not be determined.
The main weakness of Tor is the
“bad exit node” or exit nodes
that sniff data sent through
them. While this will not com
promise the anonymity of the
user it can lead to data being
compromised. When using
the Tor network be sure to
take all the security measures
you would when using any
untrusted network ie encrypt
everything, use
, and don’t
send passwords in plain text.
In order for Tor to work at
optimum strength you must
enable your computer to be

a Tor node. This can be done by
going into your Vidalia settings.
Under the “Sharing” tab you will
have a couple options for the
kind of node you want to run.
Recently an exploit embedded
in many Tor onions was discov
ered targeting Firefox �� on Win
dows OS systems. The exploit
was a malicious script which
sent an un-torified message to
an unknown server. It targeted
Firefox �� because that was the
version “Tor Bundle” used. This
only highlights the importance
of taking the needed security
steps to ensure security and in
this case using “NoScript” the
way it was intended.
I�p is quite a bit different from
Tor mechanically. Instead of
just masking the identity of the
sender like Tor, I�p provides
two way anonymity using an
IP overlay system. Like Tor, I�p
offers a variety of other ser
vices other than a web proxy
such as eep sites (I�p’s Onion
equivalent), Irc servers, p�p,
instant messaging, etc. These
various services use “tunnels”
(inbound and outbound) from
each node to connect the user
to a destination. Download and
installation information can be
found a
The biggest strength of I�p is
the ability to customize your ex
perience weighing anonymity vs
speed. The user has an option of
setting the number of “jumps”
each tunnel takes before it will
forward you to the destination.
The I�p network is much more
distributed than Tor which has
central points of weakness such
as the central directory.
Most of I�p’s weaknesses come
from network size which is mi
croscopic compared to a net
work like Tor. This can cause
high latency and makes the
network susceptible to brute
force type attacks.
Do You like
If so, then please donate, because…
image by
I�p in C rather than Java, Tor is
growing in numbers every day,
and Bitcoin is making it easy to
make quick untraceable dona
I’ve done my best to put this
into beginner language, if you
have any questions be sure to
send them to the new blog at
On a closing note, when using
Tor take all the security pre
cautions you would on any un
trusted network. And remem
ber security and anonymity are
two very different things.
The future of darknet tech
nology is evolving at a very
vapid pace; there is currently
a project underway to rewrite
image by
Mi mar conceprual
Recommended Firefox addons
HTTPS Everywhere
Cs Lite
Request Policy
AdBlock Plus

What do you consider
yourself politically?
The term that rings most
true for me as a label is “volun
taryist.” I view agorism as a strat
egy more than an ideology or
philosophy. For distinction’s sake
I think of agorism as voluntaryism
in action. But I don’t shy away from
other terms if the situation calls
for it. I’m comfortable with “an
archist” in radical company, and
I’m comfortable with “libertarian”
in a more mainstream venue. I’m
always eager to move passed the
labels and begin discussing what
people are advocating in empiri
cal terms. For me political issues
almost always come back to the
proper role of violence as a tool.
What projects are you
currently working on?
I’m working on a lot of proj
ects right now. I’m the assistant
director of
a marketing agent for
, the editor of Dai
- and the graphic
designer for DontTreadOnMeme.
com. But my two primary projects
. Shiny Badges is
where I sell the soft enamel me
tallic lapel pins that went viral at
Liberty Forum this year. It’s been
a huge success, and I’m add
ing new designs all the time. My
lapel pins are now worn by big
names in the liberty movement
like Derrick J, Ben Stone, Jefferey
Tucker and Roger Ver. And in my
experience wearing them they
bring curious people to you in

a way that t-shirts and buttons just
don’t. Bitcoin Not Bombs is what
I’m most excited about. I’m work
ing with Drew Phillips, famous for
his silver dime cards, to develop
premium publicity campaigns de
signed to launch NGOs and social
entrepreneurs into the financial
freedom of the Bitcoin economy.
by Sean Keene
want to manifest Samuel Edward
Konkin’s vision of voluntary insti
tutions emerging to replace their
coercive counterparts.
What advice do you have
for aspiring Agorists?
Diversify. You want to de
velop multiple income streams
so if one fails, and some will, you
have something to fall back on.
Dependence is the opposite of in
dependence, and we never com
promise so much as when our
livelihood is dependent on go
ing along to get along. Also, don’t
be afraid to ask for what you’re
worth, or to pay others what they
are worth. I think most of us have
a strong DIY enthusiasm, but this
is often not the most effectiveuse
of our time and talents. Be willing
to hire someone, pay a vendor,
rely on a service provider, or take
a partner if it will free you up to
focus where you are most effec
tive. And in return, don’t sell your
self short. Acknowledge where
you have expertise, and what
that is worth. Master your niche
and don’t be afraid to get paid for
your efforts.I think we are all far
more valuable than we imagine.
Finally, don’t be discouraged by
failure. It’s only an opportunity to
improve. Failure is a market sig
nal, and if you read those signals
correctly they will provide the
keys to your success. Life is nine
ty-nine percent mistakes and one
percent viable mutations.
We’re currently working with
to maximize
their fundraising efforts at BitCon
���� next month, and PorcFest X
the following month.
What inspired your new
book Voluntary Islam?
It was really inspired by my
own personal journey, because
Islam and Voluntaryism are both
creeds I converted into. There is
a sense in which I believe people
are born with both, but embrac
ing them explicitly was something
I did as an adult after earnest
seeking. I’ve also observed that
both communities are horribly
maligned and misrepresented by
their opponents. Both Muslims,
and libertarians generally are
demonized, stereotyped, scape
goated, and disenfranchised,
perhaps more than any other
creeds in American society. I be
lieve this is because both creeds
represent a danger to illegitimate
power, so I thought it was impor
tant to present the argument and
the evidence that there exists an
intense confluence of values be
tween these creeds.
Where can potential cus
tomers view and purchase
your products? Do you accept
alternative currencies?
I like to say, “I accept silver,
Bitcoin, and for a limited time
even Federal Reserve Notes.”
And it’s a little bit of a joke, but it
also happens to be true. Whether
when I discover sufficient Agorist
alternatives to live without the
dollar, or when the dollar finally
collapses, I expect to eventually
no longer accept Federal Reserve
Notes. I just don’t know when.
For now, the best place to see my
products is
Where do you see your
projects in the future?
Bitcoin Not Bombs is

a young project, in fact the site
just went live today, but we are
fully committed to being the hub
of the nonprofit sector of the
Bitcoin economy. We want to fa
cilitate organizations seeking to
adopt Bitcoin as a payment sys
tem, and we want to maximizing
the potential cross promotion
off all our clients and commer
cial partners. But the long term
vision of the project is entirely
Agorist in nature. The advent of
Bitcoin has produced a genera
tion of spontaneously wealthy
young entrepreneurs. We hope
that our efforts to help these
organizations fully capitalize
on the fundraising potential of
joining the Bitcoin economy will
produce a generation of spon
taneously wealthy charities, mu
tual aid organizations, schools,
hospitals, and postal services all
operating outside of the State
regulated economy. In short, we
You shout this at the top of
your lungs as if you know
what it means. Although, if
you really are rebelling – that
is, cutting yourself from the
cord of tyrants – you are
most certainly not ��% of the
��% may not be implementing
the agenda of psychopaths,
but ��% of us are also not nec
essarily doing anything about
it. If the odds really did add up
to that, the real counter-world
would not have the challenge
we do to get the real ��% away
from the plasma screen for
more than ten minutes to look
at what the government that
represents them are doing.
They do NOT represent me
and they do NOT represent
you if you can read this without
cognitive dissonance.
It is an insult to anyone seriously
removing themselves from
tyranny to put us in league with
drooling masses currently pay
ing tribute, working at banks,
collecting the government dole,
voting for tweedle dee and
tweedle dumb. The rest of us
have worked hard to break our
dependence, and that ��% do
not deserve the same credit.
Those who read into a small
fraction of the mystery like the
economy or Zionism stop look
ing as if they’re at the apex of
the problem. The truth is that it
is not some people in govern
ment; it is all government. It is
not some people in control; it
is the sickness that is the need
to control. And your need to be
controlled because you’re too
afraid to make decisions for
and defend yourself.
stop being a 99% victim
jess gendron
No, I’m afraid that if we
were the ��%, the situation
would not be so grave. If that
great a number were really
working against control, we
would already be in control
of our own lives. Unless what
you mean is that ��% of us
are neutrally sitting around
quoting relatively subversive
movies like V For Vendetta or
bitching about their money
on Wall Street then, my apol
ogy, you are the ��%.
But it takes so much more than
that. These bizarre circuses
excite the inherent rebellion
in all of us, just enough that
you feel satisfied without
doing anything about your
own livelihood’s dependence
on tyranny. The truth is that
few of us actually want an
end to tyranny because we
wouldn’t know where the next
meal would come from. This
is because we haven’t taken
the responsibility to ensure it
through our own self worth,
not our buying power. This is
because they haven’t taken
the responsibility to ensure it
through their own self worth,
not their buying power.
You have a credit card, a mort
gage -- you have worked for
them all of your life -- yet you
insultingly call yourself the ��%
because you can’t get a job in
the food court and this is why
you repeat these mind-numb
ing memes. The point is not to
bring the corporate jobs back.
Do you get it yet? The point is to
eliminate the need for them.
Americans are most proficient
at this because they have insti
tuted the first voluntary slav
ery. This degrading workforce
where you repeat whatever
equally mind-numbing slogan
that your respective bosses tell
you to, to avoid the “horrors”
of manual labor. The madness
continues because we work for
them more than we work for
ourselves. When we lose the
opportunity to support the ma
chine, we complain about not
having the boon to mankind
that is voluntary wage slavery.
No, I’m afraid that if you under
stand this, you are not among
the ��% of us!
The alternative is to work to
gether in a way that soon we
won’t need the outside to agree
with us. If we can produce our
own food and technologies
then it will be soon. What they
do will not affect us andit won’t
be a matter of getting the con
trollers to stop what they are
doing, it will simply be a matter
of continuing what we do for
If you’re in debt, get out of debt
soon. It makes no matter how
you do that, some may choose
to sell their consumer junk to
achieve that, while others may
choose to use a debt cancella
tion service. Either way, until
you get out of debt you’ll always
be a wage slave.
Stop being someone’s wage
slave. For some of you it may
require that you become SELF
EMPLOYED, and for others it
may mean going off the grid
and becoming truly SELF SUF
Stop being controlled by the
establishment media and poli
ticians who know all the right
buzz words to activate your
mind to their benefit.
Until you become really FREE,
all the bitching in the world
will only be a pressure release
valve that the powers that be
know only too well how to use;
and all the bitching in the world
will only work to keep you in
this rotting corrupt system.
Jess Gendron is currently living
and working on a self sustaining
He is the author of soon to be
published, Fighting Fire With Wa
ter and co-author of Surviving
s Greens
This is one of my garden beds made out of concrete blocks. It is
very simple to build and cheap to purchase. Just line them up,
stack, and fill it up with soil.If I can do it,anyone can.Growing
your own food is key to self sufficiency,freedom,preserving
genetic diversity, building a strong independent community,
eating healthy and safe fresh foods. It’s proactive, peaceful, edu
cational, and a big FU to Monsanto and their GMO’s. It truly is
direct change and we can all do it! So let’s start!
Italian Dandelion. Yes, Dande
lions are edible and medicinal.
The Italian Dandelions grow
blue and are completely dif
ferent looking flowers from
the Dandelion we normally see
growing as a weed. But both
kinds are great to grow and
their leaves can be harvested
for consumption.
Mojito Mint is one of my favorite
kinds of mint. Great for eating
raw, putting in smoothies, mak
ing tea, and of course, making
Mojitos with Mojito mint and

a few drops of lime.
Egg plants popping in!
Bell peppers growing in the 5 gallon bucket. Even if have
limited space, you can grow food in pots and recycled food
grade buckets!
This is the Japanese Kabocha Squash growing in harmony
with the Birds of Paradise. The birds of paradise was already
growing when we moved in. I did not want to remove them
to make more growing space. So I decided to incorporate and
use them as the trellis for the squash to climb on.