Lets talk about what web development software can be used on what Servers.

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Author: Le Roy Swart


Lets talk about what web development software can be used on
what Servers.

What can be used on Unix?

1. Normal HTML

2. JavaScript

3. CGI Scripts, normally written in Perl

4. Java Applets

5. CSS

Cascading Style shee


Dynamic HTML. If it was written in JavaScript it will work on Unix. If it as written in
VBScript it won't work on Unix.

7. Flash Movie Files.

What cannot be used on Unix?

1. Cold Fusion web files. These have a .cfm extension, so typically th
e file would be something like
index.cfm. We don't support Cold Fusion. We haven't got Cold Fusion servers.

2. VBScript or also known as Visual Basic Script.

What can be used on NT?.

1. ASP, which makes use of VBScript as its primary scripting language. J
can also be used, but it's not normally the case.

2. VBScript


4. FrontPage with or without extensions

5. Java Applets

6. CSS

Cascading Style sheets


Dynamic HTML. Can be written in either JavaScript or VBScript for


8. Flash Movie Files.

What cannot be used on NT?

1. CGI Scripts.

2. Cold Fusion web files

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the most basic form of
creating a web page. Its the coding behind

a normal HTML website.

at is JavaScript?

Please note this is not the same as Java. Java is a full fledged programming language
the same as C, C++, Delphi, and Visual Basic etc etc. JavaScript is used to add extra
functionality to HTML or ASP and other sorts of web files. The cod
er scripts
functionality according to their needs, stuff like Confirmation of forms, checking
input data and adding general functionality which HTML can't give a developer.
There is an endless list of functionality that can be added to an HTML page using
avaScript. Functionality like Images or text that change when you move your move
over them, Slide show animations, Custimised message and pop
up boxes etc etc etc,
this list is nearly endless. Its basically making your page dynamic as opposed to
static. No
rmal HTMl pages are static, meaning there isn't any WOW functionality
on the page.

What is Frontpage and Frontpage extensions?

Frontpage is a Micsrosoft web page development software. This makes web
designing easy because of the graphic WYSIWYG way in whi
ch Frontpage works.
With Frontpage there is no need to know HTML coding, you can simply insert
graphics and links on the page exactly where you want it and Frontpage will code
the page for you.

Frontpage extensions are a set of programs and scripts that
allow Visual Interdev
and Frontpage server extensions to communicate with the web server. This is
important cause the tools use the extensions to create new projects or load existing

What is ASP

Active Server Pages

This is server side scripting ap
posed to the client side scripting mostly used. With
ASP you can create platform indipendent pages. At its most fundamental, ASP
pages is scripting done on the server. This scripting code is evaluated dynamically

when the page is requested by a browser an
d the resulting HTML is passed to the
browser. So in other words ASP scripts HTML outputs that the browser can use.
ASP's main powerfull use is to create dynamic HTML pages that can send input
data from the website to a database.

What is CGI Scripts?

Scripts is essentially the same thing as what VBScript would be for NT, CGI
Scripts is for Unix or Linux servers. You can also write all sorts of scripts with CGI
that will give you functionality like Hit Counters, Form Mailers etc etc for the Unix
or Linu
x platform.

What is Java Applets?

Java Applets is an executable program this is ritten to be able to load inside your
browser. This would typically be a game you play online inside your browser.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is

just added stylesheets that is used in
an HTML document to change font

colors, background colours.

What is a Flask Movie File?

Flash Movie files is also a form of web development using the Flash Movie as a web
page. You create visually appealing web si
tes that can make images bounce from
one end of the page to the next or create very dynamic websites. Functionality like
input fields are not normally part of the Flash capabilities. Flash is mostly used to
write a very nice intro page to a website.

is Cold fusion?

Cold fusion is a

Web gateway that provides an effective and simple way
to make a dynamic Web Page