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What in the body will be display on the screen.

Head can have what a user can see. JAVA script code.

Head is what is in the title.

You can have tags in the head when using the search engine. It look
s for it when you search
something on the search engine.

Java script is used for status bar, manipulating data etc.

PHP _ server site scripting language where you publish your site on the server.

In real life you could have a file developed on the pc

y web space on a web server and upload your site on that server.

Anyone who can access the server can see your file/site.

PHP (language) is what is call Server Site Language.

Page will be different every time you enter on the site and will recognise like h

<h1> to <h6>

for headings.

<a href>

For hyper tag.


For table.


Used in PHP when people enter data and you can do something about it.

HTML was developed for present information on the web. Organisation want to look it
pretty so using colour, fonts etc

<body background=”.gif” backcolor=”WHITE”>

<font color=”RED” face=”ARIAL” size=” ”>

Different IE would support some stuff but not others.

Using <h1> accessibility of the site for disable people. When you using the site
it could
speak for blind people. You will need heading, it might not make sense to a blind person.

IF you have a lot of writing and no heading, it won’t be coming out.


WC3 who control the web pages. They will not support name of colour.

It shoul
d separate the content sheet to what it looks like.

We should try is:



<TITLE> Home Page </TITLE>

<link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”fonts.css”>

External style / format file

<style type=”text/css”>

Internal style / f
ormat file.

External style is having of pages. If you have formatted one page, it will change all the files.

STYLES: You can apply a style to a tag. Every time you have a paragraph, you can have p for start
of the paragraph.

; to finish the command


This will change the colour of the paragraph RED when see this.

align= alignment

<img src=”ig.gif”>

Identify the pictures



recall the picture and show it on the screen

Another way of do
ing the colour to a paragraph but haven’t been used by the tutor.

<p class=”style1”> </p>


<img class=”style1” src=”ig.gif””>



This will only apply to the html page.

<link type=”text/
css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”fonts.css”>

External style / format file

This will have the css tag and making your own style always have a full stop before you show your


If want to apply a background img:



to provide space after word:

Hello &nbsp;&nbsp; World

will show on the screen as Hello~~~World