Our irresistible offer:

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Our irresistible offer:

So you want your old, natural hair back. Everyone with hair loss does, but for many that’s not
really possible. The products available today that promote hair regrowth and restoration,
generally fall short of expectations and wi
ll never give you back your full head of hair once hair
loss sets in. In fact, once you stop taking a hair loss treatment formula, you could very well
reverse any progress you made while taking the remedies. There is just one way to instantly
regain a fu
ll head of natural
looking hair again and that is through non
surgical hair replacement.

Of the few quality options out there, none compares to the hair replacement system pioneered by
Virtual Reality. This site highlights Virtual Reality because it's a
product that's generating so
much excitement among customers and hair stylists. Be sure to go see the videos on other pages
that talk about the specifics of the Virtual Reality miracle.

But first, some background. Non
surgical hair replacement has tradit
ionally involved plopping a
hairpiece on top of a bald head. We're all familiar with the old fake looking toupees that were
taped on and easy to spot from a block away. There are still plenty of them out there, but the new
wave is all
natural human hair pi
eces that use new technology to make them virtually weightless
and undetectable as anything other than your natural hair.

The new era in hair systems

being led by Hair Spa

started with the growing use of hair
extensions by actors and actresses, many
of whom hadn't even experienced hair loss. By adding
human hair into the existing hair, stylists were able to give the appearance of more volume, to
make short hair long, and more. The next leap forward in non surgical hair replacement came
when Vivandi H
air Spa pioneered a system that could completely cover bald sections of scalp;
blend perfectly; offer hair that styles, cuts and colors just like natural hair; with the wash and
wear ease of your own hair. This product too was developed for Hollywood cele
brities, but Hair
Spa recently decided to make it available to everyone.

The Virtual Reality non surgical hair replacement system is maintained totally by your salon

you just visit every 4
6 weeks and spend about the same amount of time you'd spend to g
et your
own hair cut and styled at a salon. Then you're off for another long period of great looks with no
maintenance and no worries.

surgical hair can be used by anyone. It lets you return to looking like yourself again,
and generally takes years of
f your appearance if you've been putting up with a bald head
or thinning hair. For a limited time, Virtual Reality is letting everyone try on their
beautiful hair for as low is

So this is the time to find out how great you can look again without go
ing under the knife and
experiencing all that pain.