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Volt@ helps you cut your electricity bills through home electricity monitoring and electricity saving. Discover how simple it is. read more http://www.voltaware.com

Home Electricity Monitor

Comprising of an electricity monitoring
sensor and an App for your mobile
phone, Volt@ allows you to access
information about your electricity usage
at any time whether you’re at home or
go. This is thanks to the new
technology of electricity disaggregation.

Simply download the Volt@ App to your
smartphone or tablet. It’s so easy to use
and even figures out if you can make an
electricity saving by making small
changes to your daily routine and check
whether your smart home consumes more
than the expected average
households. It’s your truly
itemised electricity bill.

The Volt@ Sensor is an electricity
monitor for your home. Slotting
neatly into your electricity breaker
box it silently and accurately
captures details about all the
electricity flowing in the house. This
energy monitor tracks the current
and voltage on all appliances in your
home. The nifty engineering uses
electricity disaggregation algorithms
to measure appliance by appliance
level detail and it continuously
transmits the data to your Volt@ App
via Wi
Fi. The technology allows
Volt@ to sample in the KHz range
and thereby detecting the front wave
of any switch on event in the house.

Volt@ electricity monitor has been
designed to be clever and keep you
informed of its observations. Over
time the continuous energy
monitoring sensor builds up a
pattern and understanding of your
domestic energy routines that can be
used to help you reduce your
consumption and make electricity
savings. Volt@ will inform you if any
unexpected electricity activity is
detected at home, potentially
spotting that an appliance is faulty.

Also you’ll never have to trawl
around for the cheapest electricity
saving tariff again. With access to all
electricity pricing tariffs on the
market and a knowledge of your
usage patterns, Volt@ will SMS you if
there is a cheaper tariff available in
your area. Now that’s a clever energy
monitoring coach!

Volt@ energy monitoring sensor and App is able to give you a
comparison of your energy consumption benchmarked against
similar houses to yours. Using smart algorithms in its design Volt@
will give you a disaggregated comparison . That means you’ll get a
detailed view of your energy use right down to the appliance level.
For example you will know if you’re using your oven or iron more or
less than your neighbours. With this level of detail you can really
begin to take control of your energy usage.
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