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atticon7605 VIIa-IP-2
Crystal-assisted collimation experiment from the SPS to the LHC.
Scandale W.
INFN,Sezione di Roma
The UA9 Collaboration is investigating the feasibility of the halo collimation in hadron
colliders,assisted by bent crystals.Results in the SPS have demonstrated that high-efficiency
collimation can be obtained through channeling.A steady reduction of almost one order of
magnitude of the loss rate has been consistently at the onset of the channeling process,
both in the near collimation region and in the far dispersive areas.This result holds both
for protons and for lead ions.The corresponding loss map in the entire accelerator ring is
accordingly reduced.These observations strongly support our expectation that the coherent
deflection of the beam halo by a bent crystal should enhance the collimation efficiency also
in LHC.After a concise description of the results collected in the SPS we propose a scenario
to integrate bent crystals in the LHC collimation system for machine experiment.