Choosing the Right

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Choosing the Right

By:Jeffrey Richards


With winter here now, a lot of people are in the
market for a new snowboard.

Many people don’t have the knowledge of what
kind of snowboards are out there and how to
choose the best snowboard for them.

Today I am here to give you the basic
understanding of the different types of
snowboards and help you choose the proper one
for you.

3 Main Points

When your buying a snowboard you want
to focus on 3 main things. These things

1. Choosing the right size.

2. Choosing the right flex.

3. Choosing the right camber.

Choosing the Right Size

How tall you are

You should normally get a board that starting at the ground, the tip of the board
reaches in between your chin and your nose.

What kind of terrain you like to ride

If your preference is park (rails and jumps) you would want a slightly shorter
board, reaching from the ground to in between the bottom and the top of your

If you ride a lot of powder you want your board slightly longer, ranging from the
floor to in between your nose and your eyes.

How much you weigh

If are really light for your height get a board that is a little bit shorter, making it
easier for you to control.

If you are a little heavier for your height get a board that is a little bit longer that
can better support your weight and is likely to last longer.

Choosing the Right Flex

Picking a board with the right flex for
you is based on what terrain you enjoy

There are boards anywhere from really
soft to really stiff.

(Further explained on following slides)

Soft flex boards

Soft Flex Boards tend to be used more for:


park (rails and jumps)


beginner snowboarders

Soft flex snowboards are easier to press on
rails and easier to maneuver for people
who are new to snowboarding.

Medium Flex Boards

Medium Flex Boards are made for people who don’t
stick particularly to one area. These boards include
people who like to ride

Groomed Trails

Park (Jumps and Rails)


Trees (Veering slightly off trails)

These boards are not made specific to one discipline
of snowboarding but rather made to do a little of all.

Stiff Flex Boards

Stiff flex board are made for people who spend
most of their time riding:


High Speed Groomed Trails

The stiff board helps people stay sturdy at high
speeds on groomed trails and helps keep the
board sturdy while riding powder in the

Choosing the Camber

Traditional Camber

Favors high speeds on hard packed snow, hold
an edge really good on hard snow.

Not the easiest to ride in the powder

Not Ideal to learn on, because its easier to
catch edges.

Normally a stiffer flex.

Reverse or Rocker Camber

Great for riding Powder.

Great for riding Rails.

Not Ideal for high speeds on hard pack because,
it does not hold an edge as well as cambered.

Great to learn on, Because it’s not as easy to
catch edges.

Flat Camber

A good in between of cambered and
reverse cambered

Holds edge well at high speed.

Easier to ride in both powder and hard

Normally softer flex than camber.

Hybrid Camber

Combination of both Camber and Reverse camber.

A good in between of cambered and reverse cambered

Holds edges better than reverse camber but not as well
as cambered.

Rides powder better than a traditional camber but not as
well as reverse camber.

Good to learn on, because it does not easily catch


Now that you have all the basic knowledge
on how to choose a good snowboard.

Go to MiloSport your Salt Lake local
snowboard shop, pick up a new snowboard
and enjoy Utah’s greatest snow on earth!