Link Quality Based Ant Routing Algorithm for MANETs (LQARA)

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6 Οκτ 2011 (πριν από 5 χρόνια και 1 μήνα)

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The used routing algorithms for Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANets) are inherited from the conventional ones which makes them subject of numerous criticisms since they do not take into consideration all the characteristics of ad hoc networks such as mobility and medium constraints. In this paper we propose a new routing method for MANETs which is inspired from biological behavior of great communities of insects such as ants and bees. Within these communities the achievement of complex solutions with only a few intelligence and capacities of each individual can be emulated in ad hoc networks which are usually composed of small nodes with limited capacities and moving randomly in an unpredictable environment. To enhance the ARA routing algorithm, we have defined new metrics to handle the link quality between nodes to evaluate route. The performances of the proposed algorithm are compared to AODV.

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