From Patna to Bahal

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Veritas Homeschoolers

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From Patna to Bahal

At the 2163 Diwali celebration, a renaming ceremony is underway. Patna, a
beautiful city in the northern state of Bihar, India is located along the Ganges River. It is
being renamed Bahal
, meaning “restored” in Hindi, in honor of “Project Bahal,” a
volunteer engineering association dedicated to restoring the city.

Bahal’s 3.14 million
citizens are proud that pilgrims and tourists visit the sparkling Ganges River

Hinduism’s most holy place

A signature project of the restoration of Patna is its Stormwater Control System
(SCS), which prevents stormwater runoff pollution through onsite rainwater harvesting,
cleaning, percolating, and directing. “Project Bahal’s” environmental, civil, and
hitectural engineers collaborated to shape Patna into the first Environmental Site
Design City, cleaning the once notorious Ganges River and providing residents with
clean water, lush green parks, and recreational facilities. These areas encourage

activities such as biking, running, and playing cricket.

Residents live in Low Impact Design buildings, each equipped with an SCS, an
education facility, commercial businesses, and a rooftop garden, equipped with a
retractable roof controlled by the smar
t grid.

Waste is sent through an underground
vacuum sorting system either to recycling centers or anaerobic digestion tanks to be
converted into energy.

People enjoy fresh food harvested from vertical farms, which are
scattered across the city and rotate

for optimal sunlight.

At the Diwali celebration each year, Bahal comes alive with festive lights and a
thankful spirit. Tourists flock to Bahal’s Museum of Indian Culture, which presents
elaborate carvings, embroidery, pottery, and ivory.

They enjoy Bah
al’s Zoo, which
houses unique species such as Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, and snow leopards.

Riverside walks, amphitheaters, and performing arts centers entertain citizens and
tourists alike.

Bahal has a flourishing economy.

Residents ar
e employed at high tech

Veritas Homeschoolers

Word Count 495

companies such as SCS and A
fusion, an aneutronic fusion reactor manufacturer,
which supplies clean, inexpensive energy to the city and abroad.

iGene employs
citizens and keeps the city healthy through their silicon device, which e
nables doctors to
determine the most effective medicines and treatments for individuals from a single drop
of blood.

Renowned Bahal Technological University attracts students worldwide
seeking engineering degrees.

Our mobile SECH (Safety, Educ
ation, Communication, and Health) device
revolutionizes communication, performing a number of tasks. SECH stores each
citizen’s medical information, which only doctors can access.

In an emergency, SECH
devices prioritize rescues efficiently, having access

to citizens’ basic information.

is also used to mobilize and enhance education through holographic images.

technique for schooling is not just a to
do list that must be completed every night, but an
optimized journey for each student that l
eads to endless possibilities of prosperity in life.

Bahal’s innovative underground transportation system implements zero
pods, which take residents to their destinations automatically.

Using the smart grid, all
residents are ensured
safe travel, a short commute time, and an accurate arrival time.

Through proper water management, excellent education, and innovative
technology, “Project Bahal” successfully transformed the impoverished, polluted city of
Patna into the gleamin
g, illustrious city of Bahal.