What are Thin Clients?

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Computer networking in Today’s School:


networkings offer big advantages to teachers and students.

Schools can profit from computer networking in many of the same ways as corporations
or families.Potential benefits include:

Faster access to more information.

Improved communication and collaboration.

More convenient access to software tools.

y, students exposed to a networked environment in school will be better
prepared for future jobs in industry. Networks can help teachers to complete better

online lesson plans and forms from a verity of location

classrooms,staffloungers,and their

A Fully networked school can offer several benefits to students and teachers:

Students can share files faster and more reliably than they can using floppy dicks. Central
printers can be made acce
ssible to students more conveniently

Teachers can carry out their day
day communications with each other more efficiently
through e
mail and messaging.News and class project information can be easily
disseminated to students.

Students can more easily c
ollaborate on group projects using network software

Introduction to THIN CLIENTS


A group of computers working together.

Peer to peer network,client/server
, internet, etc..

Most common

Technology in networking :


is a computing device/software that retrives information from a server.

Is a low
cost computing device that works in an application server
environment.It does not require state
the art,po
werful processors and large
amounts of RAM and ROM.

Is a computing device that includes a software operating system,
apowerful processor and a wide range of application that can execute on the
computing device.

What are Thin Clients

A hardware/software that runs application on a server,not on desktop.

Key strokes and mouse click are sent over network to the server to process and give
back result….(screen).

They Don’t Have HDD,FDD,CDROMS,COOLING FANS, very low processing power.

d to be compact.

Use a dedicated “Terminal Services” server to process all commands, and run all

When you think of thin clients,think of a PC, without a hard device, CD
rom drive , large
processor,large amount of RAM, or large amount of periph
erals. Because, instead of
using own power to run applications, internet and printing functions, it actually uses the
server to perform all of these tasks.

It can be describe as s “dumb
terminal on steroids” , because it does not do any of its
own process
ing, except to load the embedded O/S and launch the remote desktop
application.It doesn’t save anything to disk.

What does a thin client look like

Here are a few examples of thin ckients that we install

Advantages of Thin clients

Greatly simplifies the software upgrade over the network.

Eliminates the Hardware upgrde on client si
de.(Does not crash, no help

Increases end user productivity.(limited access to authorized
applications & storage)

Increased life time of client. (No moving part, less power usage)

Provides higher security. (authentisation,virus protection,data on

No Access to HDD ,FDD , CD
ROM . (Avoids downloads , installations ,
junk data on to the HDD)

Thin Clien
ts are virus proof.(Since no OS and HDD Resides on it)

Reduced power consumption.

Centralized backup.(Home directory mapping)

Once the network is developed it ta
ke only one person to take care of
(installation , hardware upgrade , software upgrade , hel
pdesk)100’s of
PC’s common PC skill would be enough to manages the whole

Basic Thin Clinet D

What devices can a thin client access locally?

Most devices like local
gare drives , pen drives ,floppy disk drives and optical
drives can be accessed by the Thin client without any problem. For other devices like scanners,
multi function devices and CD/ DVD writers, if required on thin client, our embedded systems
are recomm
ended,one that is running win Xpe.

What about DOS? Can I run DOS programs on my thin clients?

Most definitely, yes!! You can run DOS programs in full SCREEN.

Lower IT Administration cost:

Thin clients are managed almost entirely at the server
The hardware has fewer points of failure and the client is simpler(and often lacks
permanent shortage ), providing form malware.

Easier to secure:

Thin clients can designed so that no application data ever resides on
the client (just whatever is display
ed O, centralized malware protwction and reducing
the risks of physical data theft.

Enhanced data security

Should a thin client device suffer serious mishap or industrial
accident, no data will be lost, as it resides on the terminal server and not the

point of
operation device.

Lower hardware cost:

thin clients hardware is ganeally cheaper because it does not
contain a disk, application mamory, or a powerful processor. They also generally have a
longer period before requiring an upgrade or becoming ob
solete. There are fewer
moving parts and one upgrades the server and network instead because the limitation
on performance is the display resolution which has very ling life cycle.

Less energy consumption:
Dedicated thin client hardware has much lower energy
consumption than client Pc’s. This not only reduces energy costs but may mean that in
some cases air
conditioning systems are not required or need not be upgrade which can
a significant cost saving
and contribute yo achieving energy salving targents.
However , more powerfulservers and communications are required.

Easier hardwqre failure management:

if a thin client fails a replacement can simply be
swapped in while the client is repaired; the user
is not inconvenienced because their
data is not on the client.

Operable in Hostile Environments:

Most thin clients have no moving parts so can be
used in dusty environment without the worry of PC Fans clogging up and burning out
the PC. Lower noise. The
aforementioned removal of fans reduced the noise produced
by the unit. This can create a more pleasant and productive working environment.

Less wasted hardware:

computer hardware contains heavy metals and plasticsand
requires energy and resources to creat
e. Thin clients can remain in service longer and
ultimately produce less surplus computer hardware than an equivalent thick client
installation because they can be made with no moving parts. Computer hardware fans
and disk storage (usede for cooling and st
orage in thick clients).

Advantages of thin clients

An explanation on thin clients technology


are Thin clients?

Typically, thin clients are low powered

computers that (strictly speaking) do not
have a hard disk drive. Since there is no hard disk drive, tyere is also no operating
system, and since

these are low power systems, all processing is done on the server
instead of the thin clients itself.certain
types of thin clients (running on tembedded XP
or embedded linux ) may have full fledge OS capabilities complete with installed
applications such as Microsoft or open office and browsers such as internet explore and
/ or Mozilla fire fox.

I there is no ha
rd disk drive and

no operating systems, how does it
work? How does it boot u

All thin clients

boot updirectly form a server which is running the operating
system( windows 2003 server , windows 2000 advanced server or XP).

Where are the various applications installed and user data

All applications are installed on the connecting server and every has his own “My
documents” folder created where his profile, documents, etc.are stored.

If all files and
documents of all users are stored on the same server

on the same storage device, can one user not access or read the
filed of another user?

As stated above every user has his own “ my document” folded created , no
user can access or even g
et into another user’s “my documents” folded unless
specifically permitted to do so. This, of course, will require an NTFS file storage system
and not the FAT32.

What kind of application and software can one install and run in a
Thin client environment?

All programs of everyday life can be useedwith thin clients… to name a few MS
office: various browsers for surfing: e
mail clients like outlook express , Microsoft
outlook , etc..: ERP packages
including SAP ,CorelDraw , Adobephotoshop ,pagem
aker ,
tally ,ms SQL based packages , chatting(using key board) programs and even open
source customized packages.

Which software packages cannot be used?

Heavy graphical games, animation packages like maya and such other that require
a very f

screen refreash cannot be us

How mwny Thin clients can be made to urn on a single server?

This depends upon the server herdware configuration, the choice of operating
system and the program/applications that particular server.Typically ,

a small office with
10 Thin clients can be well served: by a p4: machine with 1gb of RAM with windows
server 2003.

Won’t running so many Thin clients on server slow it down or kill it

No,This will not happen since the server hardware

s sized taking into account the
number of thin client that are to be run and the software/applications to be installed on
it. Beside, all processing is taking place electronically without any moving parts except
the hard disk drive. Load balancing technolo
gy is employed to prevent server crashes.

Can one install a printer on a thin client node?

Yes most printers can be installed on thin clients: node either on aeither on a
parallelport on the thin node but in configured on the server as a local
printer printing
to a TCP/IP port. In case of embedded systems, the printer in configured locally on thin
client itself.






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