The World of Biometrics


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The World of Biometrics

By: Briana Bellamy


Biometrics is a way to identify someone
based on their unique qualities. Such as



And so on…

Why Biometrics?

Using biometrics can often be a safer and
easier way to get access things

You don’t need to remember passwords or
worry about losing a key card.

With biometrics, a simple scan would let you have

Some businesses already use it as an
alternative way of having staff sign in and

This prevents friends signing in for each other

The Enrollment Process

You begin with Enrollment

The person presents information that proves
that they are who they say they are

Then they swipe their finger (if for a finger
scanner). They do this multiple times so that,
there is a median in which it can compare the
data given and the one that is already

How it would be used

After you enroll, later on you would probably
want to access a system or particular area
that is guarded by biometrics

The system then compares the information
given and makes a go/no
go decision

Updating, if Necessary

Like most things, people change over time.
In order to make sure that it is possible to
get passed, it is set up so that the system
can get future samples

The system can obtain more samples and “put
emphasis on the newer ones” (biometrics for

The Different Types

Physiological: Fingerprint, Hand scan, Iris
scan, Retina scan, and facial scan

Behavioral: Signature, Voice, Keystroke,
and gait

How it is currently being used

At Disney World

Iris based ATM

The Plan

I believe that biometrics can change the way
people spend their money

Biometrics can help prevent people from
having their identities stolen

It is often faster and easier to use biometrics
than using the original method of using Pin
#s or checks!

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