Assignment 4 Task Sheet.

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Assignment 4

Task Sheet.




Computer P

The components in your computer work
together, like a team, with the processor
being the team leader. When you
request to save a document, it’s the
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p牯c敳獯爠w楬氠慬汯w 祯y W漠獡癥sW漠祯ur
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獬潷 c潭puW敲 獹獴敭e

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Wh牯u杨 iW猠 p慣敳a pr潶楤楮朠 䥴 w楴h
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氠wh楣h p牯癩T敳e愠c汥慲ab牥慫T潷o of
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業慧i猠潦 污牧l 獩s敳e楮W漠Wh敩e p潳楴i潮o
潮 獣牥en.

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䤠 慭a 杯楮朠 W漠 W慫攠 祯y爠 c潭puW敲 慮T 牵n nu浥m潵猠 W敳W猠 W漠 敶e汵慴攠 楴猠
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Wh敲敦潲攠p敲fo牭r W漠Wh攠b敳e 潦 楴猠ab楬楴礮 The W敳e猠䤠w楬氠p敲f潲洬mwh楣h 慲a
汩獴敤 b敬ewⰠw楬氠a
業iW漠b物r朠Wh攠c潭puW敲 b慣a up W漠獴anTa牤 in boWh W敲浳m潦o
獰敥T 慮T 牥l楡i楬iW礮

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W漠Wh攠conf楧u牡ri潮 浡T攠on Wh攠c潭puW敲 潲 浡m攠牥c潭浥湤mWi潮s 潮 whaW
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Assignment 4

Task Sheet.


graphics cards performance based on
both 2D and 3D rendering. Following the
results of the test I will recommend the
best course of action for upgrading the
graphics card, should it be necessary.

Networking Capabilities

In your place of work your computer
needs to be connected to the internet
and internal network in order for you to
complete your job to the best of your

In this test I will use a
connectivity tester to ensure packets
reach the computers network card.
Additionally, I will ensure the computer
is configured to connect to the internal

You mentioned you also require access
to remote computers using Microsoft’s

Services Client

. After
configuring the network (as above) I will
then continue to check the connections
with MSTSC.

Internet Browsing

Should your computer connect to the
internet you will require an Internet
. I will check to ensure Inte
Explorer is present on the computer and
up to date.

Failure to keep Internet
Explorer up to date will result in some
web pages not displaying correctly.

These checks will aim to fix any issues
you may have been experiencing. Should
Internet Explorer

be up to date, I will
remove all unnecessary files which
should aim to speed up your browsing

Hard Drive

Storing data on a computer makes use of
space on a hard drive. The hard drive is
the part on the computer that resembles
a miniature rec
ord player. Based on the
Assignment 4

Task Sheet.


tasks you carry out on a day
day basis
I will check to see if you have enough
hard drive space left. Should there not
be enough I will recommend the best
course of action in terms of upgrading
the hard drive.

I will also check t
he read
and write speeds.


The memory in a computer is similar to
that of a computer in some respects, in
that it remembers what you are doing or
have done. Additionally, the memory
works together with the processor
providing It information about th
computers present state.

Should the
machine not have enough memory you
may notice your computer will begin to
freeze and slow down.

My test will involve checking the
machine for a certain amount of
memory. If a recommended level is not
present I will u
pgrade the memory.
Should there be a recommend level of
memory installed I will run tests on the
memory using either Window’s in
or a third party tester.

Boot Speed

This is the term referred to the turning
on of a computer from the moment you
the power button, to the moment
your desktop appears

and the computer
is ready for you to use.

The speed of this process is based on
multiple factors. Often it is related to the
amount of programs wanting to start as
your computer does.

During my tests
I will check for these
culprit programs, especially ones that are
irrelevant to your line of work and
ensure they don’t start again.

Speed is also affected by the amount
memory installed in the machine.

Assignment 4

Task Sheet.


Once completed, PDF the document, and attach it to a Blog post, summarising your
test findings and what you intend to do about failed tests.


Test details:


Action needed?


In this test I made use of
Fresh Diagnose, a computer
benchmark pro
gram to test
the effectiveness of the
processor in the computer
for the tasks you complete
on a daily basis.

Fresh Diagnose provided
plentiful results based on
numerous factors and the
results can be seen in the
evidence document attached
to the blog

Based on the results, the
processor within your machine is
what is referred to as a singular
core processor.

This means that it can only handle
a certain amount of tasks
simultaneously. This will explain
why Photoshop would start to
run slowly when
compared to
other machines.

To improve the machines
effectiveness, I would
recommend upgrading the
processor to a dual or quad core,
meaning you give the machine up
to 4 times the processing power.


In this test I am going to put
the graphics resources

your computer to the test.
This will be using a video
benchmark tool
RTHDRIBL. Good graphics
performance in your
computer are essential,
especially when you are
dealing with 3d objects
within the Adobe suite of

RTHDRIBL provided frame

rates and graphic
performance during its tests.
You can see samples of its
testing in the evidence
document attached to the
blog post.

Based on the test, the maximum
frame per second result was
20fps during animation. Taking
the age of the graphics card i
account and the fact you are not
using the computer for gaming,
this is sufficient for Photoshop
and other 3d less demanding
rendering applications.

I would however suggest an
upgrade to the graphics card
should you wish to in the future
render any m
ovies for clients.


The internet is at the centre
of modern communication
within both the consumer
and business world. In this
test I will use a website
and’s Ping
W敳ee爠W漠en獵牥 Wh慴 祯y爠
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c潭p汥瑥lⰠboWh B吠慮T
c潮f楲浥T Whe 楮W敲n整e
c潮n散ei潮 p牥獥nW W漠be
浯牥 Whan
獵ff楣楥nW fo爠祯y爠
T慩汹⁴慳a献 Th攠T潷of慬氠潦
Whe neWw潲k c潮湥cW楯n l楥i楮
it’s upload speed and this
wh敮 Whink楮朠of cho潳楮朠愠
周敲e 楳in漠
慣a楯渠ie敤eT 牥污WeT
W漠祯u爠n整w潲k conn散W楶楴礮
坨敮 W敳W楮g Wh攠M協千
c潮n散ei潮 Wh攠c潭puWe爠c潵汤
慣a敳猠Whe 獥牶楣敳ew楴h n漠楳獵敳e

Assignment 4

Task Sheet.



Test details:


Action needed?

I will also test connectivity
with Microsoft Terminal
Services as per your

new provider.

Consult the testing evidence
on the blog post for further


As above, having access to
the internet is a key to a
modern business
environment. In this test I
will check you
r internet
connection to see if it
would be capable of
retrieving the website data
of Google and Yahoo.

Based on the test, the
websites would be
successfully returned to your
screen on request through a
browser such as internet

No action is need
ed here.


Hard Drive Speed is an
important factor of using a
computer. A slow hard
drive in turn makes the rest
of the computer slow. In
this test I will use a
benchmark tool to check
the read and write speeds
of your hard disk.

Additionally, I will che
ck to
see if your computer has
enough disk space.

Based on my tests, your hard
drive has 27.6GB free space.
This can cause problems later
on. See my recommendation.

My speed test for this hard
drive produced a good result.
See my recommendation.

Consult the testing evidence
on the blog post for further

During the testing a second hard
drive that was empty was
noticed. I would recommend
using this for storage of
documents in future to remove
the burden on the near full drive.
This may also

increase your
computers performance.


the speed of the hard
drive was normal, you could
increase performance by
upgrading to 7400rpm drives


not necessary.


Memory in a computer is of
great importance. The less
there is, the slower th
computer will become
overtime. This test will look
at what is available in the
machine at present, and
how you could increase the
machines performance.

Your machine only has

of memory but could support
up to 3GB based on the
operating system and slot

Consult the testing evidence
on the blog post for further

I recommend purchasing extra
memory for this machine to
increase its performance. The
boost will be noticeable.


Boot Speed is one of the
most annoying parts of
Based on the stop watch I
used during testing, this
Increasing the amount of

available to the machine will help
Assignment 4

Task Sheet.



Test details:


Action needed?

owning a
machine. In this
test I will look to see how
you can improve the
machine start time.

machine took

to boot from the press of the
power button to the
Windows Desktop appearing
fully useable.

ee the blog post for a video
of this boot count.

in this circumstance. The
configuration of this speed can’t
be changed due to the minimal
amount of programs starting as
the machine starts


on my investigation into the bosses computer system I have concluded
it to be
of average specification based on the operating system and the original intent of the
manufacturer, but consider
system below average in terms of performance

on the requirements of the boss.

On a day to day basis the boss makes use of
Desktop Publishing programmes such as Photoshop and therefore requires a stable
machine capable of running such programs without any disruption. The Adobe suite
of tools is very
resource hungry and therefore the boss’s computer requires some
attention to bring it forward to a reasonable operating standard.

During my first test I established the effectiveness of the processor. I found that the
CPU being used is one a singular core
d nature. This means

that the computer can
only handle a small amount of tasks simultaneously. The modern computing market
now makes use of dual, quad and Oct core processors, with the majority of the
market share belonging to Intel. The first big leap int
o improving this systems
performance would be to improve the processing power by installing either an Intel
i3 or i5 processor. This new boost would allow Adobe Photoshop to run quietly in the
background, whilst letting the boss get on with his other tasks

which Is key to the
boss’s line of business.

My second test saw the graphics card in the boss’s computer be put to the test.
Various different videos were thrown at it with various levels of glare and similar
effects to help establish the quality of the
GPU. After stringent testing, the GPU
passed on the grounds that it could handle Photoshop without any issues

just. That
being said, swapping out the Nvidea card for a more up to date card with more
dedicated memory would not hurt the computer yet in fac
t boost its performance
due to the GPU and CPU being able to render the changes in Photoshop
faster thus
increasing the rate at which the boss’s workflow moves.

Test three and four saw various checks into the internet and network connectivity of
boss’s computer. This included testing the internet connections speed as
provided by BT using their online speed tester in addition to checking the possibility
of the computer connecting to websites such as Google and Yahoo and a Microsoft
Remote connectio
n. No need for change is necessary here, yet swapping the wireless
adaptor for hard wired Ethernet, if phesible, would increase data transfer rates
between the boss’s computer and any servers.

Assignment 4

Task Sheet.


Test five looked at the quality of the installed hard drive. T
his test checked the read
and write speeds on the C drive, which the Windows operating system sits on. Test
results were positive and the drive had no issues. From what the test produced, it
appeared the main drive only had limited space remaining

was a cause for
concern should the boss increase the applications installed on the computer. As a
precautionary measure it is suggested any new data, such as Photoshop files are
stored on the second internal drive which still has its full capacity remainin
g, this
would prevent any slowing in the operating system.
In addition, w
hilst not necessary,
upgrading the size of the drives to something larger may also be advisable, in
particular at the 7400rpm speed. Upgrading a Hard drive will boost the systems
ormance as they only have
limited live spans.

The sixth test
involved the machines memory. It appeared that the machine was
running XP under 1GB of memory. This amount of memory is fine to begin with, for
the manufacturer’s specification

considering Win
dows XP runs comfortably with
512mb of memory. That being said however, a manufacturer does not predict
Photoshop being used on a computer and that alone requires a 1GB of memory
(source: Therefore, to improve the systems operating speed I woul
recommend upgrading the memory to 3GB. According to Fresh Diagnose the
machine has 4 slots available for memory modules, two of which have 512mb
modules installed. Swapping these out for one 1GB and one 2GB module will
dramatically boost system performan
ce and run Photoshop without any issues.
Should this upgrade be carried out in conjunction with a processor upgrade then
Photoshop and all other applications on the computer will begin to run without any
freezing, as experienced at present just using an in
ternet browser.

The final test checked the rate at which the machine booted from its full off state to
having the Windows operating system respond to my mouse clicks and allow me
access to the C drive through my computer. This test took two minutes and th
four seconds. Based on the configuration of the computer at start up, this boot time
is related to hardware and can’t be traced to an application on the computer in
particular. My best recommendation for improving this boot speed would be to
upgrade t
he memory and processor as in my previous statements above. This should
cut the boot time by a considerable amount.

To conclude my testing, the findings during my tests and my recommendations for
the improvement of any issues will most defiantly speed up
the machine and provide
the boss with a computer more than capable of running Photoshop and similar
Adobe applications whilst browsing the internet and reading emails without any
pauses to system performance as presently experienced. You can see evidence o
f my
tests on the blog post where this document was found.