Rigid Analytic Picard Theorems

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2005 AMS-TMS,THU.December 14-18
Rigid Analytic Picard Theorems
William Cherry Min Ru
Department of Mathematics Department of Mathematics
University of North Texas University of Houston
Denton,TX 76203 Houston,TX 77204
wcherry@unt.edu minru@math.uh.edu
Abstract | In this talk I will discuss the concept of a di®erential form
with logarithmic singularities and formulate a geometric non-Archimedean log-
arithmic derivative lemma in characteristic zero.I will then explain how one
applies this lemma to obtain theorems of little and big Picard type for rigid ana-
lytic maps.I will make a comparison to the complex case and point out how the
non-Archimedean case is simpler in the case of little Picard theorems,but more
complicated in the case of big Picard theorems.I will also make a few comments
about positive characteristic,where the theorems do not hold.
Presenter's Name | William Cherry