Technical Specification for Mobile/portable X-Ray Unit

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Technical Specification for Mobile/portable X
Ray Unit

Compact, light weight ( not more than 180Kg. ) easily transportable
mobile radiographic unit suitable for bedside X
Ray for intensive care
unit, trauma patients, operation theatres and also in radiolo
department for conventional radiography. The unit must included the


Power line connections : The unit should operate in single

phase power supply and should have overload protection. Plug
in facility to any standard will outlet with autom
atic adaptation
to line voltage 200 to 240 Volts 1.5 Amp plug.


The Generator : Must be nicro
processor controlled, high
frequency, output 10KW or above to give a constants output
suitable for radiography.


It should have a digital display of mAs and KV and


KV range 40KV to 125KV


mA range
40mA to 160mA or more.


Shortest exposure time


ray Tube : Output should match the output of the generator,
must have a rotating anode with at least 3000rpm and focal
spot should be less then 1mm. Me
ntion the heat storage
capacity of the anode. Multi
leaf collimation should be possible
with inbuilt light source.


The unit must have an effective braking system for parking,
transport and emergency braking. The tube stand must be
fully counterbalanced w
ith rotation in all directions. It must
have an articulated arm for maximum positioning flexibility in
any patient position. The angles in various planes to be
specified by manufacturer.


All cables should be concealed in the arm system.


The exposure rele
ase switch should be detachable with a cord
of at least 5 meters.


The unit must have cassette storage facility for all sixes of


Grid, one each of size 12”x15” and 10”x12” ( ratio 6:1 Parallel
grid) should be provided with each unit.


Two light we
ight Zero lead aprons should be provided with
each unit.


Warranty 3 years comprehensive with 98% uptime warranty.
An undertaking to be given that down time in excess of 2% will
lead to extension of warranty period by double the down time.
Warranty should
include all spare parts, labour, maintenance.
Warranty will start from date of issue of satisfactory installation
certificate by HOD Radiology. Warranty will be followed by 5
years comprehensive AMC (excluding X
Ray tube). Cost of X
ray tube is to be men
tioned for AMC period and undertaking
also to be given for maintaining 98% uptime during
comprehensive AMC period with extension of CAMC by double
the down time if it is in excess of 2%.


Mention the list of other user of same model in Delhi & India
with th
eir address and contract telephone no.


Mention availability of spare parts, expertise in servicing and
maintenance / repair facilities in Delhi.


All technical information provided in the quotation must be
substantiated with attached printed original produc
t data
sheets, otherwise quotation may not be considered.


Compliance report must be filed with all offers highlighting the
corresponding page no. of data sheet. Datasheet should also
indicate corresponding technical specification


quoted machine should
be certified by AERB.