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On successful completion of this module, students must be able to:

Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the principles of surveying
and setting
out and the ability to use a range of instruments pertinent
to the surveying and sett
out process

Calculate from raw data the information required for cartographic
detailing and setting
out of construction works


( A16

Demonstrating leadership in practical work

Total competence in deductions from rec
orded data


Good team interaction during practical work

Good awareness of relevance of recorded data


Satisfactory team interaction during practical work

Demonstrate an ability to analyse and disseminate recorded data


It is proposed to extend the existing car park to increase the parking facilities.
The extension i
s to be level for 10metres with the fill battered to existing
ground level at a gradient of 1 in 2.

Working as a team you are required to undertake a level survey of the grid
previously established as indicated on the attached plan.

Temporary Bench Marks
(TBM’s) have also been previously established with
a reduced levels as shown, and these datum’s must be used to establish the
ground level at each grid position.

Blank sheets for use in the levelling exercise are also attached, both in the
“Height of Coll
imation “and “Rise and Fall” formats.

Individual Work

Closed levelling traverse to establish existing ground levels at the grid.
Booking levelling results in both the “Height of collimation” and “Rise
and fall” methods and applying the arithmetical checks
with the
distribution of any acceptable error.

Produce contoured plan to enable cross sections to be drawn at 10 metre

Calculations of the volume of fill required for the earthworks.

Attachments available on MLe

Plan Showing TBM’s, UWN Buildi
ngs and Car park

Blank Sheet

Height of Collimation

Blank Sheet

Rise and Fall