Programmable Logic Controller


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System integrators and OEMs often develop applications that require PLC control, but that settle on simple text displays due to limited budget.  Unitronics, a trendsetter in the field of all-in-one PLC + HMI integrated controllers, has specifically developed a device for these situations.

Programmable Logic Controller

Since 1989, Unitronics, a unique leading company with international presence, has three principal
fields of activity, which are implemented by three business divisions: Automation Products,
Automated Logistics Systems and
Automated Parking Solutions.

Through its

Automation Products division ,Unitronics is engaged in the design, development,
production, marketing, sales and support of its industrial electronic products, mainly state
art Programmable Logic Controllers

(PLCs). Unitronics PLCs are computer
based electronic
products which serve for the management, control and automatic operation of electromechanical
processes, machines, production lines and other automated applications in many industries.
Unitronics autom
ation products are designed to make automation simple, efficient, & cost

Through its Logistics Systems division, Unitronics provides solutions and integration services for
automated automatic warehouses, air
cargo terminals, distribution center
s and integrated picking
solutions which are the most critical need of a modern supply chain. Using various definitions such as
general contractor, main integrator or program manager, these services include logistic surveys, logistic
design, detailed engin
eering, construction, installation, implementation, operation, maintenance and
support. Unitronics designs and builds new systems but also upgrades and retrofits existing systems.
Many Unitronics' installations are GMP, FDA regulated and considered "Green"


Through its Automated Parking Solutions division, Unitronics provides design, production, integration,
installation, support and maintenance services for automatic parking systems. These services include:
traffic and parking surveys, conceptua
l solutions and design, detailed engineering, construction,
installation, implementation, operation and maintenance. GREEN solutions and LEED certification are
major factors in Unitronics’ Automated Parking Solutions designs.

Unitronics directly employs a
pproximately 200 professionals in Israel and in the USA in all relevant
disciplines in fields of activity such as design, research and development, procurement, production,
logistics, technical support, marketing, sales, project management and administrati
on. For the
implementation and support phases of logistics and parking systems, Unitronics teams include mechanical
engineering and mechanical field teams, electrical engineering and electrical field teams, control
engineers, software engineers, program an
d project management teams, training teams, implementation
and validation specialists, and more.

Warehouse & Distribution

In your business, efficient logistics is an absolute requirement. Properly implemented, logistics
gives you market advantage, enablin
g you to compete in today’s dynamic market. Whether you
operate a small manual warehouse to store, pick and pack customer orders, or run a huge
distribution center with an automated high
bay warehouse and automatic picking robots, logistics
is the essentia
l element.

For this reason, more and more companies worldwide opt to improve their logistic infrastructure
to increase efficiency and flexibility, and provide an overall improved level of service. Such
improvements include:

Unitronics is your perfect par
tner for the design, installation and implementation of Excellent Logistic

Automated Parking

The endless search for parking is a burden on the environment, and negatively impacts on quality
of life. In a busy city, almost every third driver is

looking for a parking spot….

This is exactly where modern automation technologies, or more specifically, the science of
automated logistics and warehousing, can be successfully applied.

Automated parking systems utilize computer
controlled, motorized veh
icles such as lifts, conveyors
and shuttles to transport passenger cars from the arrival level to a parking space and vice versa,
without human assistance.

Automated parking systems are based on field
proven technologies, and provide a reliable and high

for a real market need.

Benefits of Automated Parking

Increased parking capacity

Reduced parking footprint

Enviromental friendly solution


Reduced car emmisions


Reduced fuel consumption


Minimal ventilation require


Minimal lighting

Enhanced user experince


Automated parking systems may accomodate

dozens of parking spaces. Particular advantage is gained
when a typical ramp
access garage will not provide adequate parking capacity due to limited space, height
or depth limitations, as well as in expensive and dense urban areas. The total required volu
me (footprint
and height or depth) of an automated parking system is about 30% to 50% of a conventional self
garage with the same capacity

that means
2 to 3 times more

parking spaces in the same volume!
Among the main benefits:

Increased Capacity
an automated parking system can accommodate two to three times the
amount of parking spaces within the same volume as a conventional self
park, ramp access
garage. This results mainly from:


Reduced Space Width

automated parking systems utilize narrower s
pace than self
park garages due to the precision of the computer
controlled automated vehicle conveyor


Lower Ceiling Height

ceiling height does not have to take pedestrians into
consideration, saving 30
50% in height requirements


Dense Parking

is increased by storing the cars door
door and bumper
bumper, keeping a minimal clearance between them.

Minimal Ventilation

Since the storage area is not accessed by the public and cars are stored
with their engines stopped, there is no need for hea
t or air
conditioning, saving utility costs.
Minimal ventilation is required.

No Public Stairs or Elevators


Since the storage area is not accessed by the public, no stairs or
elevators are required, and only emergency and maintenance access is provided f
or authorized

Reduced Lighting


Since the storage area is not accessed by the public, lighting is required only
for emergency or maintenance purposes, thus saving utility cost.

GREEN Parking Solution


Reduced car emissions, reduced fuel consum
ption and low power
consumption contribute toward a GREEN parking solution.

Enhanced User Experience

Comparable to a high quality valet parking operation, replacing
valet runners with efficient automated machinery.

Enhanced Safety and Security


are not required to park, reducing collision and damage
risks. The storage area is not accessed by the public and therefore it is totally secure.

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