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9 systems

Asset Tracking

Software deployment/ patch management

Desktop management

Network management

System security/ firewall

Behavior management

Data backup

System management

Helpdesk System

Most IT problems found in organization

Examine the computer properties in an

Searching client in condition


making a

Control license

software within organization


data of client user

Plan a policy of

client security system


working performance data

The computer system maintenance

Update Software within organization

Control working performance time

reserve PC beforehand


and summarize solutions in
the system

What is WAC EPMS


To be

a desktop management for supporting working
performance and computer system maintenance in an
organization. EPMS helps IT connect to the business

offer the opportunity to provide the breadth and depth
of quality services that align IT with business needs. For
instance, searching an essential data, summarizing
resource data both hardware and software, deploying
an essential software to install,

updating security patch,
plan a policy of client security system
record data of
client user,

remote system,

class management system
include controlled record system etc.

Target of WAC EPMS



Standard : to maintain high standard of computer system.


: to be an efficient computer system

manages; working performance, service and administration

Policies: to enable planning a policy of client security
system properly; office of computer service policy ,
computer room policy or employee desktop policy.

EPMS Network Diagram

Student can examine available computer and
make a reservation by using student code
including set required period of time.

The system

uses reservation data and student
right to make a decision

allowing computer
usage through Master or internet.

Computer reservation system


Computer reservation

In case of having available computer or

not a right in that period,

computer will
automatically lock as the picture.

When client is used, there is a clock showing
time on the top of the right.

Right setting system

Logon & System Authentication

Class management

One of many systems to manage computer room


or academic institutes either internet service or

Computer Lab; record data of client user (Logon),

time setting for
working performance, monitoring & controlling desktop
recording slide and animation of client screen as VDO.


Logon client desktop screen

Authenticate with system user

Client control time

Screen broadcast

Client monitor & Remote control

Capture and record desktop client

Chat System

Logon & System Authentication

Internet service

Client control time

Logon & System Authentication

Computer room

Report & web report

Asset report

Hw/sw report on client

Hw/sw summary report (category)

Hw/sw query, finding report

Log report

User logon client report

System logon report

Behavior report

Website (URL) report

Application report

Helpdesk report

Summary problem report

Summary performance staff report


Statistic data & report for planning

Statistic data
& report for

Log history application & website

The system helps to record computer usage in the
system; application usage, website

and logon
This will be very useful to examine computer usage and
issue preventive policy by examining and detecting the
previous information.


User log management

Application log management

Web site (URL) log management

Log finding, summary

Log history application & website

Web site report & history

Block non


application & website

Security management

This system provides a choice of convenience way for
administrator by planning a policy of PC security system. In
addition, it is not necessary to base on Active Directory system that
can protect non
preferred application or website. It also protects
desktop circumstance change; wall paper screen, Icon, Task bar
including control the components of operating system; control
panel, Internet setting, System properties, Network properties, etc.


Block Installation, Application, WEB(URL)

Port, Block & Hidden Drives, Download, USB

Protect Control panel, Download, Network Properties

Protect Task Manager, System Properties

Protect Display Properties, Command, Run

Registry deployment

Security management

Security Status

Security Monitor


เครื่องที่ได้ท ำกำร

Client management

Group Client

Client Description

View Process Run on Client

Remote End process

Find Process run on client

Search File on Client

Examination of HW/SW all the time

Asset management

To be a system uses for computer property examination
through network

in an organization
This can be useful to
present a way of resolution for IT property management;
for example, upgrading the system and also detect &
follow up property list by asset discovery both Hardware
& Software.

Monitoring through Console and e


Asset tracking

Asset viewer

Hardware management & inventory

Software management & inventory

Asset report, ETC

Asset management



Tracking, viewer, Management, Inventory

System Component

Hard disk Information

Software deployment & Registry deployment

Service management

To be a system provides IT service, in order to minimize
workload and maintenance time
This consists of many
functions; remote control, remote execute and updating
security patch etc.


Software Deployment control

Software package management

Remote desktop viewer & control

Power management

Registry management

File or Folder transfer, distribute & Download

Remote Execute & terminate, ETC

Service management

Software deployment

Patch management

Remote Patch Configuration Client

Patch Server Storage WSUS Link

Patch Approve, Decline, Unapproved

Patch Deployment

Patch Report, Summary

Client report patch status

Teacher tools

Desktop Management: Helping a teacher can see overall
working performance of students in a classroom as
Thumbnail picture. Besides, it is increasing efficiency for
student learning.

Screen broadcast: To send out a teacher screen to all
students PC in a classroom, and this helps teaching possible
or easier.

Desktop remote control: One of the effective learning that
provides a teacher helping a student one by one.

Screen capture & Screen Recording: To record teaching image
on a screen as image and video to facilitate the next

Administrator tool

Power management tool

Desktop management

Network monitor

Asset management

Data backup

Help desk system

Network management

CPU, Memory, Network Monitoring

Monitor TCP, UDP Connection

Process Network Description

TCP Connection

UDP Connection

Help desk system


Help desk system


Being a system

to provide administrator manage service
and collection. It helps managing any assignments to
the involved staff, inform damaged work via webpage,
collect a client maintenance record, search repaired
work history from Knowledge base management
including enable time setting to manage each work.


Service request

Service record

Service task

Service report

Service level agreement

Service workflow

Knowledge base management

Site Reference

Chiang Mai University

Community Development department, Ministry
of Interior

Office of the Permanent Secretary

Mahasarakham University

Suratthani Rajabhat University

Rajamangala University of Technology

Thepsatri Rajabhat University