LEADTOOLS Powers Imaging Tech With HTML5 Add-Ons - Tools Journal

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LEADTOOLS Powers Imaging Tech With HTML5 Add-Ons - Tools Journal
LEADTOOLS as per over
previous coverage
were planning to extend the power of
LEADTOOLS imaging technology to multiple platforms and mobile devices via HTML5, JSON
Web Services and native libraries for the Android and iOS platforms and the apt name for this
new addition would be LEADTOOLS Anywhere!

LEADTOOLS also stated that it has plans to release each product update incrementally
throughout the second and third quarters of 2012. To start with zero footprint and interactive
HTML5 viewer and JSON web services followed by native libraries for mobile platforms.

So here comes the first information in this line, the release of two new LEADTOOLS add-on
products for multi-platform and mobile device application development:
Document HTML5
HTML5 Module
.  These products not only keep up with the latest in web development trends, but also provide
LEADTOOLS imaging technology to a much broader spectrum of programmers targeting mobile
devices and non-Windows platforms.

Each module has a Viewer and Viewer control component. For each module the viewer is
designed to support inputs from desktop and/or mobile devices so you can create one
application and rest assured that it will work fine for all kind of devices mobile or immobile.

Document HTML5 Module Viewer control contains native HTML5 image annotation and
mark-up, interactive modes and built-in image manipulation. The viewer can also communicate
with RESTful and SOAP web services to add advanced features such as extended file format
support (TIFF, PDF, DOC, etc.), OCR, Barcode and Image Processing.
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LEADTOOLS Powers Imaging Tech With HTML5 Add-Ons - Tools Journal

Medical HTML5 Module has features such as Window-leveling, series stacking, annotations and
more integrated with the viewer itself. Combined with LEADTOOLS' new RESTful web services,
developers can make applications for viewing DICOM images anywhere, on your desktop,
tablet or mobile device, from a local archive or a remote PACS using DICOM communication.

LEADTOOLS also indicated that soon the users can expect native libraries for WinRT/Metro,
iOS and Android that cover the full spectrum of imaging technology including formats, image
processing, OCR, Barcode, PDF, DICOM, PACS and more.

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