Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview Release Notes

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Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Technical
Preview Release Notes
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Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview
Release Notes
Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview enables users to access hosted desktops
and applications provided by XenApp and AppController from the Google Chrome
browser. Desktops and applications are aggregated in a Receiver Storefront store and
made available through a Receiver for Web site.
To access desktops and applications using Receiver for HTML5, navigate to the Receiver
Storefront URL from a Chrome browser. Desktop access requires a connection through
Citrix Access Gateway.
System Requirements
User Device
w Google Chrome browser (version 17)
Receiver for HTML5 supports access to hosted desktops and applications provided by
XenApp and AppController through Receiver Storefront 1.0. Receiver Storefront stores
must be accessed through Receiver for Web sites.
Receiver Storefront can be used in conjunction with the following product versions.
w Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2
Securing User Connections
Receiver for HTML5 enables user access to desktops and applications from public
networks with the following version of Access Gateway.
w Citrix Access Gateway 10.x, Enterprise Edition
Receiver for HTML5 supports all authentication methods provided by Receiver
Storefront. Connections through an Access Gateway require only one logon for
application access.
Configuring the XenApp Server Environment
XenApp configuration is required only to enable access to the Receiver Storefront
server from an internal network. No XenApp configuration is needed if Receiver
Storefront is configured with Citrix Access Gateway for secure remote or local
1.Download from the Receiver for
HTML5 download page and then extract the two MSI files.
2.Install WebSocketAddonInstaller.msi on the XenApp server.
3.Reboot the XenApp server.
4.Use the Group Policy Management Editor to edit the Citrix computer
configuration policy ICA > WebSockets:
• WebSockets Connections – Set to Allowed.
• WebSockets port number – Defaults to 8008. If you change this port, make the
corresponding change when configuring the Storefront server.
• WebSockets Trusted Origin Server List – Defaults to *, to trust all Receiver for
Web URLs. Alternatively, specify a comma-separated list of the Receiver for
Web URLs that the XenApp server should trust.
For information about editing policies, refer to Working with Citrix Policies.
5.To apply the policy changes, run gpupdate /force on the XenApp server.
6.Restart the Citrix Independent Management Architecture service.
7.After the Citrix Independent Management Architecture service is started, restart
the Citrix XTE Server service.
Configuring the Storefront Server
Receiver Storefront configuration is required to enable Receiver for Web sites to
support Receiver for HTML5.
w Install and configure Receiver Storefront.
w Configure at least one store that:
• Points to the XenApp 6.5 server used for connections from the internal network.
• Has one or more Receiver for Web sites.
w For connections from outside of the internal network, configure Receiver Storefront
with Citrix Access Gateway.
1.Install CitrixHTML5forXenAppSetup.msi on the Storefront server.
This installs the Citrix HTML5 Configuration tool, used to configure Receiver for
HTML5 for the Receiver for Web URLs.
2.In the Storefront management console, click Receiver for Web and then copy the
StoreWeb Receiver URL for which you are configuring Receiver for HTML5.
3.Click Start > Citrix HTML5 Configuration and then click Add.
4.In the Add a Site dialog box, paste the copied Receiver for Web URL and then click
5.(Not applicable if Storefront is configured with the Access Gateway.) If you
specified a WebSockets port number other than 8008 when configuring the ICA >
Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview Release Notes
WebSockets policy, clear the Use Default WebSocket Port check box and specify
the Port Number configured in the XenApp policy.
6.For each Receiver for Web URL to be used by Receiver for HTML5, repeat steps 3
through 6.
Known Issues
Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview does not support:
w Copy and paste between the local machine and the Receiver for HTML5 session or
between different Receiver for HTML5 sessions [28199]
w Non-ASCII keyboards [285480]
w Client drive mapping [289827]
Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview requires the following audio and encryption
options for published applications:
w Encryption set to Basic.
w Client audio set to Enable legacy audio. [287631]
To support SSL Relay, Receiver for HTML5 requires that Receiver Storefront is
configured with Citrix Access Gateway. When Access Gateway is not in use, SSL Relay
connection attempts result in the error “Cannot reach server…”. [289816]
Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview Release Notes