Xpages – Creating View Icons

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Creating View Icons

Lotus Notes R8.5 Helpful tip

Issue: Xpages and View Icons

In a Lotus Notes view, displaying view icons is a handy
way for displaying statuses or other information easily
(and takes up less space).

Issue: Xpages and View Icons

When creating a view xpage, view icons are not
available automatically like in a view.

Issue: Xpages and View Icons

Solution: Computed View Icons

There is a solution on Lotus Notes Application Wiki


There were two minor issue not noted in the Wikki

You need to tell what server the icons are on, which is not documented.

You have to have access to the server files structure to get to the icons. (Some of us live in 3 tier environment
system Dev,QA, Prod. Yes, some developers don’t have direct access to prod servers. I am one of them.)

Described in the next few slides are better details on making view icons work.

1) Get the view column numbers of the columns you want to display the view icons.

Get column value with icon property. Col 0 = first column, Col 1 = second column, etc.

2) Use Icons in the Open Image Resource

You may want to make copies and renumber, or using existing name.

Solution: Computed View Icons

3) Create Custom Control/Xpage and in the Data section

Add the Domino View and select current or other
database to import the Notes View to use on this custom control or xpage

Solution: Computed View Icons

4) Highlight all the fields and drag into the Custom Control/Xpage (you can remove,rearrage columns as needed).

Note: If you have Dev/QA environment, you may want change the data source from

Static to computed (to remove the hardcoded server name)

Example 1:var thisDB:NotesDatabase = session.getCurrentDatabase();

return thisDB;

Example 2: var thisDB:NotesDatabase = session.getCurrentDatabase();

var thisView:NotesView = thisDB.getView("CStatus");

return thisView;

Solution: Computed View Icons

5) Open the columns that need the view icons

Turn on the Display column Values, Content type = “HTML”.

6) Select Icon option and Column Image


Solution: Computed View Icons

8) The computed text, which can vary depending on Column number and recourse icon names:

var url:XSPUrl = new XSPUrl(database.getHttpURL());

var idx = viewEntry.getColumnValues().get(6);

var pics = "";

if (idx<10)

pics += "00" + idx

else if (idx < 100)

pics +="0" +idx


pics = idx;

var path = ""+h+".nsf/" + "vwicn"+ pics + ".gif"+ "?OpenImageResource";



return url.getPath()

Solution: Computed View Icons

9) Once you fill in the column information, open the source, to add universal variables


Created By: Sheila Blanchette

Created On: 12/21/2009

Setting up Varables for ViewICONs in Xpage Views


var PJDB:NotesDatabase = session.getCurrentDatabase();

var pjname:string = PJDB.getFilePath();

var varserver:String = PJDB.getServer();

var i=@Left(PJDB,".nsf");

var h = "http://mks
appdev2.mksinternal.com//"+ i


Solution: Computed View Icons

10) Now, can save the custom Control and to Xpage or save the Xpage. (you may have to update the code to fit your

Lessons Learned:

Recommend: View Icons should be used
on a flat (not categorized view).

Lessons Learned:

If you are getting an error, on the xpage
when display on the web (trying displaying
it to the Client

displays error messages)