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fileSendr V1.1.0

Licensed : APL v2

Copyright 2011 Declan Lynch


fileSendr : An OpenNTF Project By Declan Sciolla

Have you ever had to send a really large file to a client only to have it rejected by the
mail gateway due to size? If so, fileSendr is the application for you.

fileSendr allows you to create a secu
re file distribution system for your users. They
visit the website, built with XPages technology
, and upload their files
either directly
to the NSF or to
a secure Amazon S3 storage area.

fileSendr then sends a link to the
recipient which allows them to dow
nload the file over the web.

Image : Sending Files Screen.

fileSendr also allows you to receive files from your customers securely. Using the
fileSendr web interface you generate a one
only authorization k
ey that is
sent to the customer.

can then use that key to upload files into fileSendr

will then notify you that your files have arrived.

fileSendr V1.1.0

Licensed : APL v2

Copyright 2011 Declan Lynch


Image : Sending Authorization Screen.

fileSendr is a free open
source application available on OpenNTF

t is available for
any site a
t no co
st to the administrators,
unless they opt to use the Amazon S3
storage abilities. This positions fileSendr as a valid contender to external file
transfer services such as SendThisFile and YouSendIt

and because it is hosted in
your own environment

and bec
ause you have access to the source code you can be
sure that the server is 100% secure. Who knows what happens
files sent to
external file transfer services.

Configuration of fileSendr has been made as easy as possible. When you initially
deploy and si
gn the database on your Domino server the fileSendr application will
generate a default configuration as soon as you open the database for the first time,
even if you


not logged in yet. Then all you need is to have the ‘Config’ role on the
database ACL
and you’ll be gran
ted access to the configuration screens.

fileSendr V1.1.0

Licensed : APL v2

Copyright 2011 Declan Lynch


Image : Main Configuration Screen and Menus

The fileSendr configuration has been broken down into a number of sections, and as
u can see from the screenshot above you have the ability to disa
ble the sending or
receiving features directly from the configuration.

You can also specify how long files will be available for download from the system
and nightly agents will cleanup expired documents to keep the NSF nice and small.

fileSendr also all
ows the owner of sent files and received f
iles to perform certain
actions. Fo
r example

if they send some files to a customer and the customer hasn’t
downloaded them yet they can extend the download window

Users can also

the original email sent to
the customer

they can even delete the files from the
system if they don’t want the customer to have access to them any more.

fileSendr V1.1.0

Licensed : APL v2

Copyright 2011 Declan Lynch


Image : Owner options on sent files.

fileSendr is the perfect solution for any organization that needs to transfer large fil
to their clients, and best of all, it’s free.