084087 - IBM® Lotus Notes® 8.5: Mail and Calendars

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Lotus Notes

8.5: Mail and Calendars

Course Specifications

Course number: 084087

Software: IBM® Lotus Notes® 8.5

Course length: 1.0 day(s)

Course Description

The IBM® Lotus Notes® 8.5: Mail and Calendars course is for a new user of Notes 8.5 and assumes no
experience with Notes or any other email application. The topics covered are the critical skills you need to create,
send, and respond to email in Notes, ma
intain a list of contacts, as well as schedule appointments and meetings.

Course Objective:
You will become familiar with the critical skills needed to create, send, and respond to email in
Notes, to maintain a list of contacts, to schedule appointments a
nd meetings, and to use an instant messaging

Target Student:
The target student for this course is an end user who has not used an email package, works for
a company that uses or is moving to Notes, needs to send and receive emails, and needs to m
anage his/her
Calendar and To Do list.

To ensure students' success with this course, we recommend that they first take the following
Element K course or have equivalent knowledge: Introduction to Personal Computers Using Windows XP or
duction to Personal Computers Using Windows 2000 Vista.

Delivery Method:
Instructor led, group
paced, classroom
delivery learning model with structured hands

Hardware Requirements


Intel® Pentium® IV or higher.

1 GB RAM minimum;

1 GB or more recommended.

8 GB minimum disk space per partition recommended.

Disk swap space: 2 times the physical RAM installed.

Color monitor.


Pentium 4, 1.2 GHz or higher.

1 GB RAM or more recommended.

4 GB minimum disk space or mor
e recommended.

Hardware support for OpenGL.

Color monitor.

Platform Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server and Microsoft® Windows XP.

Software Requirements

Microsoft® Windows XP.

Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server (Standard or Enterprise).

IBM® Lotus Domino server.

IBM® Lotus Domino administrator.

IBM® Lotus Notes 8.5 Client.

Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

identify the components of the Notes client environment and explore the mail database.

create email messages.

respond to email.

manage email messages.

create contacts.

use Sametime Instant Messaging.

use the Notes calendar to schedule appointm

schedule a meeting.

use the To Do list.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Notes

Topic 1A: The Notes System

Topic 1B: Explore the Notes Client Environment

Topic 1C: Change Notes Password

Topic 1D: Use Notes Help

Lesson 2: Creating Em
ail Messages

Topic 2A: Compose an Email

Topic 2B: Send an Email

Topic 2C: Work with Draft Messages

Lesson 3: Responding to Email

Topic 3A: Reply to an Email

Topic 3B: Forward an Email

Lesson 4: Managing Email

Topic 4A: Work with Attachments

Topic 4B: Enable Out Of Office Mail

Topic 4C: Move Messages into a New Folder

Topic 4D: Manage Junk Mail

Topic 4E: Delete Messages and Folders

Topic 4F: Archive Email

Lesson 5: Creating Contacts

Topic 5A: Add a Contact

Topic 5B: Create a Mail Group

5C: Import and Export Contacts

Lesson 6: Working with Sametime

Topic 6A: Sametime Instant Messaging

Topic 6B: Work with Sametime Contacts

Topic 6C: Communicate with Sametime

Lesson 7: Using the Notes Calendar

Topic 7A: Set Up the Calendar

Topic 7B: Creat
e Calendar Entries

Topic 7C: Edit Calendar Entries

Lesson 8: Scheduling Meetings

Topic 8A: Determine People, Room, and Resource Availability

Topic 8B: Create a Meeting Invitation

Topic 8C: Reschedule Meetings

Lesson 9: Using the To Do List

Topic 9A: Create a To Do List Item

Topic 9B: Delegate a To Do List Item

Appendix A: Advanced Calendaring Options