2011 - Mock Midtermx - UCC CS | Intro

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The human hearing system can identify the location of a source of sound with reasonable
accuracy, subject to certain limitations.


factors that influence judgements of the location of a source of sound, and
briefly discuss the significance of each.


The retina of the eye can be divided into several regions, of which the two main ones are

and the

Explain how these regions differ in terms of their visual characteristics (visual acuity,
sensitivity, etc.).

Discuss the implications of these differences for designers of visual/graphical interfaces.



is a device that displays images in tactile form, using a grid of pins. It is
used by blind people to explore images, scanned text, etc..

It has been found that the Optacon

gives best results when used with dynamic rather than
static material (e.g., scanning smoothly along a line of text rather than displaying static
characters one after the other). Using your knowledge of human haptic perception,
explain why this might be.


Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques it is possible to extract meaning
from passages of written text with reasonable accuracy. However, it is much harder to
extract meaning from passages of spoken language, even when the speech is
converted to text.


factors that make speech harder to analyse than written text, and briefly discuss
the importance of each in the design of speech
based interfaces.


Briefly explain the meaning of the following pairs of

Semantic and Episodic memory

Recognition versus Recall

Proactive Inhibition and Retroactive Interference


Briefly explain the meaning of the following terms:

Primary and Secondary Users

Normative, Expressed and Felt needs