Working in partnership with ASSA security products WT Lynn ...


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WT Lynn Ltd
Pitt St East
T: 01782 834818
F: 01782 814438
WT Lynn Ltd
Quality security & ironmongery solutions
Working in partnership with ASSA security products
WT Lynn Ltd
The security experts
Established in 1978, W T Lynn Ltd is a family run business with over 30 years experience as
suppliers to the construction industry.

In partnership with ASSA, we are committed to meeting the highest demands of both the
public and private sector’s security, safety and accessibility needs.

For your free no obligation consultation please call us on 01782 834818, or alternatively email
Alternatively visit our dedicated architectural ironmongery and security showroom on Pitt
Street East, Stoke-On-Trent.
Working in partnership with ASSA security products
Peace of mind is vital when implementing security measures, as a building’s users
need to feel safe and secure. Too many compromises here can endanger both lives
and property, make the premises vulnerable to expensive damage from vandalism
and arson and raise insurance premiums for residents. Installing a high quality
security system can more than pay for itself over its lifetime.
ASSA products have been relied upon in the most demanding security applications
including public housing, healthcare and education for over 65 years.
Potential threats to security
If a locking system is too difficult to use, residents might
neglect their security precautions.
Sophisticated security doesn’t need to be complicated.
Physical force
Intruders can gain access using brute force or burglary
tools including drills, crowbars and saws.
Tough, high quality security products are designed to resist
such threats.
A professional thief can get past a typical door lock in a
matter of seconds.
Modern locks can include security features that make
picking and ‘bumping’ all but impossible.
Compromised key security
If someone ‘borrows’ a key and gets an illicit copy made,
they can walk straight in at any time they like.
By setting up a controlled key registration system you can
ensure security without imposing undue restrictions on
your users.
Modular locking
The ASSA Modular lock range comprises robust locks for
high usage areas, engineered for smooth performance
over many years. The innovative modular design offers a
vast range of functions, from standard latch locks to high
security deadbolt locks, split follower locks and emergency
escape locks.
Patented cylinder and key security
ASSA is established as the first choice for high security,
robust and sophisticated key systems. Constant innovation
ensures that products remain at the cutting edge, now
with the addition of electronic encryption and monitoring
to supplement the high physical security of traditional
mechanical keys.
Door controls
ASSA products are used to close doors all over the world
and meet all the applicable international standards. ASSA
door controls facilitate many possibilities – not only
controlled door closing but also convenience, comfort,
security and safety.
Supply and fit service
WT Lynn Ltd are specialist suppliers of the ASSA range
of high security door hardware. Our trained staff can
assemble cylinders and cut keys for you in-house, ensuring
that your security system is tailored to your requirements.
We offer a full supply and fit service, ensuring that
everything is taken care of.
Let us help youThe importance of effective security
Panic exit devices
ASSA offer both panic and emergency exit devices that
meet all required standards. Panic hardware offers rapid
escape in an emergency situation. Emergency exit devices
offer single-action escape and are designed for applications
such as offices where occupants will be familiar with the
operation of the device.