VIPRE Email Security for Exchange Frequently Asked Questions


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VIPRE Email Security for Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different versions of VIPRE for Exchange for Exchange 2000/2003 and Exchange

Yes, there are different versions. Exchange 2007/2010 run only on 64 bit platforms, and we
developed a version of VIPRE Email Security that works exclusively with both. This is a
separate version / download than the one for Exchange 2000/2003. There are more Exchange
version-related FAQ's at the end of this list.

+ What is VIPRE Email Security for Exchange?

VIPRE for Exchange handles all of your messaging security needs: spam, virus, disclaimers,
content auditing/filtering, smart attachment filtering and several other planned plug-ins. It is a
third-generation messaging security product, the first of its kind, and a great combination of
'best-of-breed' and 'all-in-one'.

+ Which third-party AV engines come with VIPRE for Exchange and are they any good?

In addition to Sunbelt's proprietary the VIPRE antivirus engine, VIPRE for Exchange also
includes the Authentium engine. AV Patterns are hosted by Sunbelt, and with regular intervals
to your site. Unlike some low-end competitors, VIPRE does both real-time antivirus scanning
on the Exchange information store as well as full scans of existing items in the information

+ I already have antivirus covered for my exchange server, can I run VIPRE without AV?

Yes, you can. However, when you see the price per mailbox for VIPRE's integrated AV,
compare that to your current yearly AV maintenance price and you'll see VIPRE is highly likely
going to save you a lot of budget money. Ask your rep or reseller about the special Competitive
Upgrade Program' we offer.

+ What makes the VIPRE for Exchange Attachment Filtering (AF) so "SMART"?

There are several different reasons why it is so powerful:

It is the only attachment filter that checks inbound, outbound and internal attachments.

It looks beyond many types of file extensions, delving into the actual file headers as
opposed to just the file extension itself. This means that simply renaming a ".exe" file to a ".txt"
will not fool the attachment filter and functions as an important zero-day attack protection.

It is policy-based so Admins can create different setting for users and groups of users so
you have a 100% detection and removal of possible malicious attachments while at the same
time allowing policy level exceptions for outbound and internal traffic. The AV and AF plug-ins
together are highly effective, with extremely low overhead.

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+ Is VIPRE for Exchange protecting my users against Phishing?

Yes, the Cloudmark spam filter has this as a built-in feature and is very regularly updated.

+ I have an existing license for 'x' mailboxes and want to expand this with y more. How does
that work?

To expand an existing license, it's best to call in and ask for your sales rep. They can do this
for you, as you need to get the best price per mailbox!

+ What kind of AV scanning does VIPRE for Exchange do?

Unlike some low-end competitors, VIPRE does both real-time antivirus scanning on the
Exchange information store as well as full scans of existing items in the information store!

+ What is the overhead that VIPRE is putting on my Exchange Server? How much CPU is it

Most Exchange Servers are running with the CPU lower than 50%. During our testing we
have seen that VIPRE with antispam, antivirus and attachment filtering under full load adds
about 10% to that load. So a server running at 50% CPU would now run at an average of 60%.
However, it can be a lot less! As an example, our own production Exchange Server, a 2 CPU
dual-core 3.2 GHz box with 3 gigs of RAM hosting 200 mailboxes, running VIPRE processed
just under 100,000 email messages in a 24-hour period with the average CPU utilization at
15% CPU, the total VIPRE CPU utilization was less than 3% of the CPU.

+ What happens if my period of performance for a plug-in runs out?

The plug-in keeps working but no longer gets updates or support. VIPRE for Exchange keeps
all your current settings, and continues to run but no new versions of spam definitions, virus
signatures, or attachment definitions will be pulled into the product.

+ What size organization is the product targeted to?

Sunbelt traditionally has serviced small and medium organizations. VIPRE for Exchange will
run perfectly fine from 10 to 1,000 users but can easily scale up to 10,000 mailboxes if you
have a server which can handle that load.

+ Which products are you competing with?

At the high end, Antispam tools from the large players. But VIPRE for Exchange outclasses
these products easily since VIPRE is a third generation product, true policy-based from the
get-go, and was built years after all of these products shipped. VIPRE is fully integrated with
Exchange, and was developed after extensive experience with messaging security and with
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support from Microsoft (we are a Gold Certified Partner). All VIPRE's modules play well
together, are 'best-of-breed' themselves, but provide you with an 'all-in-one' and easy to use
interface. VIPRE for Exchange was built by admins for admins!

+ Can I enable filtering per mailbox / per module?

For most modules, yes. For antivirus, no. If you buy AV, Exchange does not allow us
technically to pick and choose; it's all mailboxes or nothing. For Antispam, you only buy the
amount of mailboxes you want to filter. Attachment filtering is included and any future modules
would each depend on what is technically feasible with Exchange.

+ Using VIPRE for Exchange, can I protect against outbound email threats and can the
established policies enforce actions to meet regulatory compliance?

With VIPRE, creating custom policies, you can block virtually any type of outbound email
traffic, so depending on your level of compliance requirements this may very well be possible.

+ What is meant by "directional and source level control"? (Regarding the Attachment Filtering)

"Directional" would be inbound/outbound whereas "Source" level would be internal/external.
For example, an email with inbound/internal would be someone inside the company sending
email to someone else. If that someone else sent a reply, then from their viewpoint it would be
outbound/internal. Keep in mind that rules would get processed from both your people's
viewpoint. Just because you're allowed "outbound/internal" for .exes doesn't mean everyone
else internally can get it, their policy rules for "inbound/internal" might be strict and block it.
Other products don't do any of this powerful logic.

+ Can I run VIPRE for Exchange together with my existing AV on my Exchange Server?

Yes, you can. You cannot however run them at the same time. It's one or the other. You need
to uninstall your old AV product before you can activate the VIPRE AV module.

+ Who made your product? From where is it supported? Where are the developers?

VIPRE for Exchange is and will continue to be designed, coded, supported and marketed
from the United States only. Sunbelt can provide 24/7/365 support options for your site in
addition to your normal maintenance.

+ I don't have time to spend half of my day weeding through quarantine boxes and find false
positives. How do you solve this?

First off, the spam engines are constantly updated. Your users can be given their own allow
and block list options so that they can indicate which people they want to receive email from or
not. The vast majority of system admins let their end-users do the fine tuning of spam
management themselves and users really like this way of working. Additional powerful options
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such as automatically populating a user's allowed list with people they send email to makes
this sort of tuning even simpler.

+ What is the difference between the antivirus plug-in and the attachment filtering plug-in?

Traditional antivirus (AV) software is signature-based, and therefore detects known viruses
and trojans. The VIPRE engine is more advanced than that and also uses heuristics and
behavioral detection. However, sometimes, brand new viruses are not detected. That is where
the attachment filtering (AF) comes in. We are able to block executable-type attachments
regardless of what they are called or if they are renamed, allowing for admins to have a 100%
detection and removal of possible malicious attachments while at the same time allowing policy
level exceptions for outbound and internal traffic. The AV and AF plug-ins together are highly
effective, with extremely low overhead.

+ Are there educational discounts?

Yes, VIPRE for Exchange falls into Sunbelt's Academic Discount Policy. Check with your Rep
or Reseller which level applies to your organization.

+ Is VIPRE for Exchange using Microsoft's VS API that was built in Exchange for antivirus

Yes, Sunbelt is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and we have been working with Microsoft in
getting the VS API implemented per Microsoft's specifications. Microsoft strongly encourages
the development and adoption of Exchange VS API-based antivirus solutions.

VIPRE is using VS API 2.which is secure and preserves the integrity of the Information
Store and its databases

The Microsoft Exchange product group is committed to providing enhancements to this
API, bug fixes, documentation, and technical assistance to ISVs like us.

The Microsoft Exchange product group does not provide any code updates,
documentation, or technical assistance to address issues related to the use of non-VS
API-based solutions.

For Exchange customers using a non-VS API-based solution, Microsoft Product Support
Services may ask the customer to uninstall/disable the antivirus solution to help identify issues;
this may delay in final resolution.

VS API enhances the current core feature set by providing abilities to optimize and
configure the scanning process at multiple levels, as well as providing Exchange administrators
with built-in functionality to monitor the performance of the new API.

+ As we handle IT for many different customers, will it be possible for us to manage all of these
installations from a remote installation of the MMC snap-in?

Not yet. It's on a requirements list for future versions. For the moment it's best to remote into
the box with a product like VNC or Radmin.

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+ Will VIPRE for Exchange work with Microsoft Small Business Server?

Yes VIPRE supports that platform.

+ Is there a Webinar where I can see VIPRE for Exchange in action?

Yes, we have a recording you can watch at any time you please with a short PowerPoint intro
and then a product demo. Just visit our Resource Tab of the product page.

+ I'm not so sure I want to allow viruses/spam/malware into our Exchange server. What is your

It's a matter of choice to run on-box of off-box. We have solutions for both options. We looked
at the on-box scenario extensively before we started working on VIPRE for Exchange, and
decided to build for that option. VIPRE allows you to delete viruses and malware at the time of
detection BEFORE any end-user could possibly access the malware. And in the case of spam,
given the reality of false positives, an on-box solution provides the best mix of safety and
flexibility as the user has their quarantine right in their folder list. Look at it this way, even though
you lock your front door you still put valuables in a safe, it's all about layered security, and you
want to use different engines in the different layers!

+ Will my VIPRE Email Security for Exchange 2000/2003 licenses work on the Exchange
2007/2010 version?

Yes, your license works the same in both versions.

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