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Our Security Division provides private security for property and public events. Each of our
security persons are licensed, bonded and trained.
Protection of property, access control, airport passenger screening, traffic control, alarm
attendance, parking, key and lock control are an example of some of our capabilities. Our
employees are trained in conforming to a code of conduct and service. The role of conduct
covers their image, attitude and general demeanor. Their service training includes Basic
Standards Training 1 & 2 through the Justice Institute of B.C., authority parameters, duties and
responsibilities. They are taught their legal authorities for protection of property, search and
safeguarding of evidence if required and limitations of arrest and use of force. They are taught
report writing and correct procedure to record and obtain pertinent detail, thereby obtaining all
necessary information for a written report. They keep a daily log of all their actions as well as
actions of others that they come in contact with as part of their duties.
They are given specific instructions with each and every function that they are required to
provide security at. Our employees have various levels of first aid and fire protection training.
They are taught to become familiar with their "job site" and emergency procedures. They will
handle distraught and emotional people in an empathetic manner.
We believe an individual that presents a good attitude and image will demonstrate a
professional figure that can be friendly but firm. There are security companies and then there is
Summit Security Group, a company owned and operated by retired RCMPolice officers who
know how to hand pick their employees and demand quality performance from each and every
one. We lead by example, with hands on management.

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