Designing Rich Internet Applications with HTML 5

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Designing Rich Internet
Applications with HTML 5
HTML 5 and CSS: Website Development provides web designers with the knowledge and
hands-on practice they need to build and manage professional web sites using HTML 5, CSS3
and JavaScript.Which can be implemented in feature-rich web browsers on iPhones, Android
Phones and WebOS Phones thereby allowing mobile web developers to build websites that
surpass desktop equivalents.
This course is for people new to web design and development or existing web developers who
want to use HTML 5 and CSS3 to build intuitive, attractive and accessible web sites.
Duration: 3 Days | 24 Hrs
Audience :
Know Tomorrow Today
Where HTML Code Can Be Found
The Evolution of the Web
The Rocky Road from HTML4 to HTML5
Web 2.0 Applications and Solutions
What Is Included in HTML5
Enchancements to Crore Tag Language
New Elements Are Introduced to HTML5
Blocking Content on the Page
Modi￿cations to Content Sections
Making DOCType Easier to Work With
Organizing Code Using BlockingElements
Text- Level Semantic Additions and Changes
Applying HTML5 to Make HTML Code Easier
to Read
Working with HTML5 Forms
Controlling Data with HTML5
New HTML5 Attributes
What Is Not Being Supported in HTML5
How to Gracefully Migrate Sites to Work with
the New HTML5 Standard
What You Have Learned
Course Outline
Section 1
Creating a Template for Your Web Site
Customizing the HEADER Element
Customizing the NAVIGATION Element
Customizing the FOOTER Element
Creating the Site's Home Page
Adding a Product Page That Uses the
MARK Element
Adding a News Page That Uses the TIME and
ASIDE Elements
Creating a Contact Us Page That Uses the New
Form INPUT Attributes
Project 1: Building a Web Site Using HTML5 Blocking Elements
HTML5 Tag Structure
Know Tomorrow Today
CSS as a Designer's Tools
Cascading Your Designs
The Format of CSS
Designing Your Web Page with CSS
Controlling Font Display with CSS
Working with Columns in CSS3
Using CSS3 to Control Visual Display
Dazzling Your Audience with CSS3 Animation
Delivering Solutions for the Mobile Market
What You Have Learned
Section 2
Picture CSS3
Linking to a Single CSS Document
Embedding Fonts
Default Styles for Content
Applying Styles to Main Sections of
Applying to the Navigation Elements
Applying Styles to the Form Elements
Additional Styles
Advanced CSS Execution
Creating a Menu with CSS3
Project 2: Applying CSS3 to Your Web Design
Know Tomorrow Today
The Tale of Web Image Formats
Bitmap Images : Using JPEG, GIF, and
PNG Images on the Web
Creating SVG Graphics
The Fundamentals of Creating SVG Images
and Adding Them to Your Web Pages
Leveraging SVG Drawing Tools
Adding the CANVAS Element to Your Web Page
What You Have Learned
Section 3
Creating the Video
Converting the Video to Ogg Format
Embedding the Video into the Web Page
Adding Audio to Your Web Page
Inserting Video into Your Web Design
Rendering HTML5 Illustration
Working with VIDEO and AUDIO Tags
Using HTML5 Rich Media Tags
Encoding Video and Audio for Delivery
over the Web
Serving Video from Your Servers
What You Have Learned
Section 4
HTML5 Rich Media Foundation
Creating an SVG Logo
Insertinga CANVAS-Driven Dynamic Chart
Project 4: Creating SVG Logos and CANVAS Charts
Know Tomorrow Today
Understanding JavaScript
JavaScript as Programming Language
Developing JavaScript for HTML5
Integrating JavaScript with HTML5
Taking JavaScript to the Next Level with Ajax
What You have Learned
Section 5
HTML5 JavaScript Model
Working with jQuery
Developing a LightBox Image
Management Tool
Creating the Images
Working with JavaScript
Stitching It All Together in HTML
Controlling Forms with jQuery
Inserting a TabbedInterface to Build on
Top of Your Existing Jquery Projects
Using Additional Ajax Libraries : Working with
Adobe's Spry Framework
Working with Additional Ajax Libraries : Using
Yahoo's YUI Framework
Linking to Content Hosted on Di￿erent Web
Project 5: Working with JavaScript
Know Tomorrow Today