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Developer Camp
Copyright © 2012 AT&T Services, Inc.
Welcome to mHealth
Welcome to the mHealth Developer Bootcam. We’re excited to have you here. Keep in
mind that the mHealth Platform is currently in early Beta — this is your chance to help
shape the future of the ecosystem.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions of the Foundry staff floating around throughout the
day. We’re excited to see what you will build!

Getting Started
Sign up as an AT&T Developer
In order to participate in the mHealth Bootcamp, you must first join the AT&T
Developer Program. Unlock access to AT&T resources that will help you Learn,
Develop, Launch, and Support:
2. Sign up as an mHealth Developer
You’ll also need to sign up as an mHealth Developer (which requires you to create
your own AT&T id and mHealth accounts):
3. Sign up for a wellness device account
The mHealth Platform is launching with support for three featured wellness devices.
In order to develop with these devices on the mHealth Platform, you should
familiarize yourself with how they work and the types of data they track:



4. Get up to speed on the Platform
Get a head start on learning the tools you’ll need to build mHealth powered mobile
apps. mHealth apps can be built in HTML5 using the Sencha Touch framework
), or compiled as a native app for iOS or
Android. Android PhoneGap developers can also leverage the mHealth Labs
Pairing Plugin which provides support for Bluetooth and ANT+ device level pairing
with PhoneGap (
The Bootcamp
5. mHealth Platform Developer Agreement
Make sure you read and understand the terms of the mHealth Platform Developer
6. Dig into the API Docs
Once you’ve obtained your developer account, head over to the mHealth Developer
Portal to dig into the docs:
7. Download our Sample App
Say hello to SlumberScore. You can download the app source code at the Dev
And, you can access the app directly at:
8. Start Developing!
Onsite Team
The Bootcamp is staffed by Solution Architects, Engineers, Product Designers, UX
Architects, and Business analysts. Specialists from AT&T, Ericsson, Basho, and
Citrusbyte, will be onsite to assist. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help!
About the Foundry
The AT&T Foundry facilitates innovation through matching great ideas with the resources
to bring them to market. Our open environment enables a range of innovation that includes
applications, devices, cloud services, enabling technologies, and operations.

The Platform
mHealth Development Kit
Applications built on top of the mHealth Platform can be compiled to run natively on
mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, or can be built as HTML5 web apps. For
web based applications, mHealth provides libraries and toolkits built on top of Sencha
Touch and PhoneGap to decrease your time to market, and simplify the app design and
development process:
Sencha Touch

by Sencha
Sencha Touch is an HTML5 mobile app framework for developing
web apps with native look-and-feel on Apple iOS and Google
Android touchscreen devices. You can download the framework
by visiting:

by Nitobi
PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author
native applications with web technologies and get access to
device APIs and app stores. Interested in Bluettoth and ANT+
support? Get started with PhoneGap for Android (including a full
mobile emulator) by visiting:
OAuth 2.0
OAuth 2.0 is the next evolution of the OAuth protocol which was
originally created in late 2006. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client
developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for
web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and living
room devices.
The Platform
Featured Third Party APIs
The mHealth Platform currently support three featured APIs:

by Fitbit, Inc.
The Fitbit is a personal health device that tracks your calories
burned, steps taken, and distance moved per day.
Withings Bodyscale

by Withings
A wifi enabled body scale linked to the web that automatically
records a users weight, fat mass and BMI.
Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

by Zeo, Inc.

is a sleep education tool and motivational program created
to help you understand how you are sleeping.
The Platform

Dreaming Up Your mHealth App
At the Bootcamp Concepting stations, you’ll find a plethora of medical and wellness
devices, personas and user stories, stub users with full data feeds, plus a team ready to
brainstorm and concept with you. We are excited to have fresh eyes, different and
overlapping visions, and product focused engineering teams ready to build apps that
improve the health care ecosystem.

Health + Wellness Devices

A&D Medical Weight Scale

Pulse Oximeter

Fitbit Pedometer

Withings Weight Scale

Fitbug Pedometer

Zeo Sleep Coach


Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo Cadence Meter

Wahoo Speed Sensor
SIM Enabled

Blue Libris GPS & Call Center
Fall Monitor

Vitality Glow Caps

Pulse Oximeter

3rd Party Device + Service APIs



Example User Data Feeds

Blood Oxygen Level

Body Temperature

Calories Burned

Steps Walked

Distance Walked

Stress Score

Blood Pressure

Glucose Level

GSR (Galvanic Skin Response)






Hair Color

Eye Color

Blood Type
Health Care Industry Specs
HL7 v 3
An interoperability specification for Health Care transactions





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