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What is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is the alteration or modification of an
organisms DNA to express a trait that is that does not occur
naturally or often.

It can involve fusing, removing, adding or hybridizing DNA in an

Genetic Engineering is not a new field of science, people have
modified plants to be more resistant to disease, as well as the
abilities to grow more efficiently, and produce more.

As technology gets better naturally more effective means to study
and work in genetic engineering will developed, along with more
viable and newer process that can make more promising
results.(Oak 2002)

Types of Human Genetic Engineering?

There are two types of human genetic engineering Positive
and Negative. (


Positive being aspect that works with Cures and
treatment.( the intent is to be able to cure/ treat virus and
disease/disorder at this point gene therapy can be use to
treat disease like spinal bifida or autism, or similar disease.

Negative Engineering is the enhancement or augmentation
of an organism.( this type of engineering is used to enhance
a trait whether its life span, strength ,features height
weight, traits, this type of engineering is central to ethics of
genetic engineering)

Genetic Engineering

The Pros

Able to developing a stronger
understanding of life by examining
it, and possibly improving it.

able to cure and treat illness

some illness simply affect a person
on Chance, this type of technology
can level the playing field for the
unlucky few effected by certain

plants can be built to produce more
food and make less susceptible to
disease and also the ability to grow
in virtually any condition

The Cons

Because an organism is not "man
made", there is no predicting the
effects with tampering with
DNA(Smith 2011)

there is potential to create a
wide array of monstrosities like
chimaeras, or mutants, even
possibility of creating super
disease/virus that can be
extremely deadly

environment can be effected

Science vs. nature

Does man have right to tamper with

doing this can greatly change our
relationship with nature possibly for

effects on society

There’s social ramifications of introducing
extensive genetic modification to the world
can be very dangerous, the ability to choose
appearance, sex, race, hair and eye color can
alter the human identity. Is it right to add a
checklist to the process of life?

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