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Web design

& development

A guide to our services
Est. 1988
This document describes our
recommended approach to
planning, designing and building
new websites, together with some
of our key considerations.
Our recommended process
Scope & planning
Wireframes & UX
Web design
Web development
Open source web build
Hosting & other services
Examples of our work
Contacts & further reading
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Est. 1988
Conrad Advertising is the largest
specialist travel advertising agency
in the UK.
Travel specialists
Over 20 years of exclusive travel industry experience and
learning goes into everything we do. From tourist boards to
travel insurance, flight only to villa holidays. Through their
diversity we have gained an unrivalled understanding of the
travel industry and are perfectly placed to deliver innovative
solutions to our clients’ needs.
Website expertise
Having worked with a broad range of travel brands on the web,
we understand the online marketplace and most importantly,
how customers interact with websites. This gives us a powerful
insight into the requirements of a project, from catering
for user behaviour right through to technical implications,
integrated marketing and maximising return. Our services
include web design, usability, information architecture, web
development, web performance optimisation and award-
winning search marketing,
Search is key to our approach
Our SEO team play a crucial oversight role throughout the
project, beginning early on by checking that the proposed
structure provides a strong basis for optimisation for natural
As experts in all forms of travel marketing, we understand how
to incorporate digital platforms and disciplines such as search,
social media and mobile and make them an integral part of
your overall presence. This means that after build and delivery
your website is well placed to exploit the latest digital
marketing opportunities and flexible enough to adapt as these
technologies evolve and new ones emerge.
Elements of our approach
• Easy to use search features that suit the product range
• Promotional and editorial flexibility
• Simple, easy to use content management
• Effective systems integration
• Strong category-based browsing
• Informative destination pages
• Inspirational photography
• SEO and PPC friendly design
• Strong landing pages built into the structure
• Effective brand communication
• Focus on conversion
www.citybreakcruises.co.uk - full web design
and build project for Reader Offers Limited
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Performance optimisation
Site launch
Web development
Web design
Confirm specification
Wireframes & UX
Scope & planning
Est. 1988
Years of experience have taught us
the importance of following the
right process when creating a site.
Scope and planning
We begin by analysing your requirements, technical considerations,
target market and competitive environment. We will create a site
structure diagram to confirm the high level architecture of the new

Wireframes & UX (User Experience)
We create detailed, navigable wireframes for your new site. This
enables everyone involved to explore the site in a web browser just
as a user would, allowing you to see exactly how the site will work
before development begins and to provide amends.

Confirm specification
During the wireframes process, you may want to suggest additional
functionality or other new features. If so, we can discuss the options
and simply amend the wireframes as required.
Web design
We will create a homepage design, which we will use to help
confirm the overall look and feel of your site and the approach
to main navigation. Following that, we will produce full designs
for a number of key pages in order to provide the range of design
for all the required layouts and elements of functionality. With all
designs, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and required

Web development
After creating the product structure, our development team turns
the designs into high quality HTML and CSS web page templates.
We work closely from the agreed wireframes to create a fully
functional CMS driven website. We will give you access to the
content management system as soon as we can so you can start
getting content loaded.

In the lead up to launch, we recommend a period of content
optimisation, including on-page content, meta content and urls.
Site launch
As soon as the site goes live, we recommend that work should
begin to build your natural search rankings.
Performance optimisation
Drawing on analytics data, we can provide you with monthly
performance reports, including analysis and recommendations.
Any changes we suggest making to the site to improve conversion
performance are properly A/B tested against the current ver
sion to ensure that the expected improvement in performance
takes place. Please ask us for more information.
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Our recommended process
section of
a media
along road/
on street
on train/

55 to 65
(Above) Example research: “Which media sources did you see or use to gather information at the
ideas and inspiration stage of planning your holiday?”
Est. 1988
Proper planning is essential to a
successful web project. We will
work with you to confirm the
scope of your site, the functionality
required, the key considerations and
the main technical issues.
Confirmation of key requirements
We will begin by confirming the details of your brief, including the
key business objectives for the project and the goals for the new
Technical requirements
Understanding how a website needs to integrate with backend
systems is vital in any project. We will ensure we have a clear
overview and understand the key issues, such as reservation system
integration and the role of live pricing and availability.
Competitive environment
It is important to consider the competition, understanding both
what they do well and where the opportunities are with regards to
putting your site ahead in the sector.

Target market
We ensure we understand which groups you wish to appeal
to, as our understanding of your target market will inform the
approach we take to planning and structuring your site.
User requirements
We will consider user requirements from the outset, ensuring
that the site has the appropriate browsing routes to cater for
your customers at the various stages of the buying cycle, from
inspiration and research through to evaluation of choices and
the decision to book.
Relevant online trends
The web is always changing and evolving. We will consider
the relevancy of current online trends, including social media
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Scope & planning
use and mobile browsing, both to your brand and your target
Site structural diagram
We create a site structural diagram, showing the high level
approach we propose to take to the architecture of your new
site. This provides an easy to digest starting point and is an
excellent basis for detailed discussion.
(Above) A section of an example
site structural diagram.
Est. 1988
Detailed specification
This approach provides a highly detailed specification that can
be understood quickly and easily, allowing user journeys to be
examined, and browsing options considered, in explicit detail. This
removes ambiguity from the process, ensuring that you get the
website that meets your objectives, allowing you to see exactly
how the site will work before development begins.
HTML prototypes
The wireframes are presented as navigable HTML pages. Key areas
of functionality are annotated to specify any technical requirements.
This allows all stakeholders to understand the way the various
elements of the proposed site will work and helps to ensure good

Natural search considered
Our SEO team play a crucial oversight role throughout the project,
beginning early on by checking that the proposed structure
provides a strong basis for optimisation for natural search.
Designing for good browsability
We will design your site to cater for a number of key user journey
types. Typically, they will include:
Destination specific
Many travel customers will have clear destination preferences, whilst
others may be open to a number of options. We recommend easy to
understand geographic browsing structures with good quality content
that also act as ready made country or area specific landing pages.
Experience focussed
The ability to explore options via attribute-based themes can
add a powerful alternative browsing route for customers,
especially those in the early stages of the buying cycle, when
requirements remain broad.
Search and evaluation based behaviour
Over the buying cycle, customers will move from inspiration
and research into evaluation of product choices. During this
period, search facilities become increasingly important. We
will plan search and evaluation features which are easy to use
and suit your product range.
Price focussed
The inability to get an immediate sense of price is a key
frustration for many web users. We will ensure that users can
quickly and easily gauge the price/value proposition of the
brand as well as search and order based on price.
Once a customer has made a booking or sent an enquiry,
research shows that they will typically return to your website
a number of times for reassurance. We will explore ways of
catering for this behaviour, such as post purchase planning
features which, where possible, allow for upselling.
Non vertical browsing
In addition to catering for different user journey types, we will
ensure that the site has a flexible approach to navigation that
does not assume a simple vertical user journey, but responds
to the realities of web use.
The structure and layout for your
website will be planned in detail
by creating navigable schematic
wireframes. Usability, functionality
and flexibility will be considered in a
highly detailed, holistic manner.
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Wireframes & UX
(Above) An example of an HTML
wireframe prototype page.
Est. 1988
Our highly experienced web
design team will work closely with
you to ensure that your website
creates the right impression,
communicates and engenders
confidence in your brand.
Creating the right impression
Our web design team work with you to create powerful first
impressions, brand confidence and a platform to engage with your
customers. With our experience of creating a wide range of travel
websites, we understand your market and how your customers
react online. Guided by your business goals, we will develop
distinctive, creative online solutions to inspire conversion at all
stages of the holiday decision-making process.
Clear communication
We will ensure that your new site is designed to immediately
communicate and speak to your customers. From inspirational,
relavent imagery and inspirational design through to clear
messaging and headline content, we understand the importance of
clarity and the avoidance of confusion.

Logical layouts
Using size, contrast, colour and position, we will design your pages
in such as way as to ensure that the key features and elements
naturally stand out, removing ambiguity and helping customers
quickly identify the most important information and the key
browsing routes. We will create logical page layouts by working with
the ways that people who read from left to right, top to bottom, tend
to examine a web page. We will maintain a consistent approach to
the vertical and horizontal ‘parent/child’ relationship of elements.
Interactive maps
Destination maps should add value to a page by helping a user
evaluate their choices. From graphically rich, bespoke maps, unique
to you, to effective Google map integration, Conrad Advertising have
a wealth of experience in creating engaging interactive maps that offer
the user real value during the travel buying cycle and help your site to
stand out from the competition.
Video will inspire your customers and can help give you visibility on
search engines, with videos now featuring more prominently on page
1 of Google’s results. We will help you to integrate your own video
content in the most cost-effective, accessible way.
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Web design
Est. 1988
With over a decade of experience
creating travel websites we can
rapidly find solutions to the
challenges of any travel project.
Integration experts
Integrating third party systems with a consumer facing website
can be a challenge. However, for transactional travel websites,
where live pricing and live availability are required, it is usually
essential. Our development team has a wealth of integration
experience, having worked with many different systems.
Our team of software engineers have worked on complex
integration projects and provide efficient and sustainable
solutions to our clients.
HTML & CSS are languages that contain the information an
internet browser needs to show a web page to a visitor. The
HTML information contains the content and structure of
the web page and the CSS defines how the page should look
(colours, position etc).
Web standards
HTML content is SEO friendly and can be read by screen-readers,
conforming to DDA regulations regarding accessibility for the
visually impaired. Because multiple presentational styles can be
applied to the same content, this approach allows the site’s front
end to be adapted for display on a range of devices, such as mobile
phones and PDAs. It also facilities print friendly presentation.
The completed templates are tested against W3C guidelines,
and are tested on all major browsers.
SEO considerations
Getting the HTML structured correctly is a key SEO
consideration. The code should be concise, semantic and
accessible. Semantic code allows search engines to better
understand your website which can greatly improve your
rankings. The CSS separates the presentation from the content
which enables future style/design changes that are much
easier to implement.
Mobile web
During the development process we test for compatibility with
the iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones.
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Web development
Our strengths
Rich skill set with experience in developing
websites for over a decade

Integration experts

Wealth of experience working with
travel brands

Content management at the heart of
the process

Social media integration

Drawing on SEO and PPC experience
Full project management processes

Dedicated account manager to handle
relationship going forward

Fully-managed support system to deal

with any issues

Fully-managed hosting service for
websites - simple HTML based, Drupal or
fully bespoke
Est. 1988
We are committed to utilising
the very best open source CMS
technology and have adopted the
powerful Drupal platform.
Benefits of open source
As well as providing access to an ever expanding range of peer
reviewed features and modules to help enhance the site over
time, Drupal’s open source status means that licensing costs are
not applicable. Creating a site using Drupal allows you to work
flexibly with a wide range of partners with relevant skills over
the life of the site.
Easy to use content management
Refined and improved over time by a large community of
developers, Drupal boasts a mature, easy to use interface for
adding content and managing your website.
Perfect fit for travel
Unlike some other CMS’s Drupal has been built from the ground
up with extensibility at its core. This makes Drupal a perfect fit
for websites with the more complex product structures that
most travel businesses now require.
Platform for future site development
Drupal is the perfect choice for a new website, providing both
the stability of using a widely used, open source platform, but
also the benefits of new modules and features, easily adaptable
to suit your site. This ensures that your site can be more easily
updated in line with new internet developments.
Powerful features for SEO
Drupal boasts a range of features for SEO, including a number
of powerful SEO modules and advanced URL control to ensure
that URLs are search engine friendly. A Drupal site provides a
great platform for SEO activity.
Community driven
Drupal’s open source status means that it is community driven,
offering peer review and improvement benefits that no in house
CMS platform can match. A site built using Drupal benefits from
a large, friendly, worldwide knowledge base.
User generated content and social media
Drupal offers great social media features, such as user profiles,
blogs, commenting, forums and photos and provides a growing
number of social network integration modules and features,
including Facebook and Twitter.
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Open source web build

Drupal offers
benefits that no in-
house CMS platform
can match

Est. 1988
We provide all the services that
you need in order to support,
develop and promote your website.
We host your site at a secure data centre with remote monitoring
and 24 hour security.
Support service
The support service includes access to our developers during office
hours for technical questions and bug fixes, 24 hour emergency
support to our on call support developer, web support helpdesk
system - allowing you to create support tickets and track their
progress, additional training for web technologies (HTML, CSS,
JavaScript and advanced Drupal), web server management and
ensuring security updates are applied to the operating system and
the CMS.
Google Analytics is free to use, basic analytics option. It provides
good quality information on your website’s traffic levels and traffic
sources. Conrad recommends adding Google Analytics tracking to
all client sites and does this for all new site build projects. Drupal has
a built in module to aid the installation of Google Analytics. Conrad
also recommends DC Storm Analytics - a sophisticated tracking and
web analytics tool that enables the performance of online marketing
campaigns to be analysed in extreme detail, giving us powerful
insights into how users interact with a website over multiple visits
Good photography is vital and as with your written content, the most
important principle remains communication. Adding photographs to
the website for your different destinations and products is another
of your key responsibilities. If you currently lack a source of good
quality images, or if you require assistance in choosing, cropping and
adding them to your website, ask your project manager about our
optional Web Photography service. As well as sourcing high quality,
inspirational images for destination and holiday category pages, we
can take responsibility for adding them to the website.
Keyword research
Keyword research is an important part of any web project, ensuring
that your strategy is driven by an understanding of which words and
phrases your target market is using in order to search for the types of
products you have on offer.
Web friendly content
Your website is a vehicle to sell your products and sell your brand.
Presentation can help create confidence, but the online experience is
still primarily about reading. Writing content for your website is one
of your key responsibilities during the project. If you require assistance
writing your content in a web friendly, search optimised manner, ask
your project manager about our optional Web Content service. As
well as writing unique, inspirational content for your destinations and
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Hosting & other services
holiday categories, we can take responsibility for adding the content
to the website.
Content optimisation for search
Ensuring that your website is properly optimised is vital for ensuring
your site performs in natural search. Our search experts will ensure
that all content is optimised, including on page content, meta
content, urls, sitemaps and indexation.
Performance & conversion
We have an intimate understanding of maximising ROI through
the analysis of data. We can bring that expertise to bear to measure
your sites performance. We can analyse user behaviour on your site,
drawing on our unmatched understanding of the travel consumer
and how they research and purchase online. We will identify areas
where performance may be maximised and recommend changes
and adjustments, complete with testing to ensure the expected
improvements in conversion materialise.
Integrated marketing
Conrad Advertising is the UK’s number one travel marketing
specialist agency, offering a full range of services including: media
buying, planning, press advertising, creative services, search engine
marketing, digital marketing, direct mail, outdoor display, television,
radio and social media.
Est. 1988
Citybreak Cruises
Design and build for a major new transac
tional site for Reader Offers Limited selling
short break cruises.
Health and Fitness Travel
Design and build of a website for a new
activity holidays brand.
Wales Cottages
Design and build of a new regional holiday
cottage site for long term client, Cumbrian
Cottages. The new design is currently being
rolled out to all their other sites.
Uncover The World
Design and build of a new website for a
tailor made holidays expert.
Wendy Wu Tours
Conrad Advertising created a high impact
interactive map of China, featuring slide
shows, video and reviews.
Mercury Direct
Full web design for Mercury Direct’s new
Bridge & Wickers
Full web design for Bridge and Wickers new
Hotel Direct
Design and build of an interactive microsite
as part of Conrad Advertising’s Hotel Derek
campaign for Hotel Direct.
Cedarberg Travel
Design and build of a website selling tailor
made African tours.
Other Clients
Conrad Advertising has provided
user experience, web design and
development services to scores of
brands on the web, including:
• Travelsphere
• Reader Offers Limited
• Qantas Holidays
• Bridge & Wickers
• Hoseasons
• Erna Low
• The Adventure Company (TUI)
• TransIndus
• Holiday Genie
• Acorn Adventure
• Hurtigruten
• Page and Moy
• Low Cost Las Vegas
• Dream Ticket
• Gulliver Sports (TUI)
• Diamond Holidays
• Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
• VillaPlus
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Examples of our work
Est. 1988
Head Office
Conrad Advertising, The Grange, 100 High Street, Southgate,
London N14 6EQ
West End Office
Conrad Advertising, Castlewood House, 77-91 New Oxford St,
London WC1A 1DG
Further reading
Mapping the Travel Mind
We’ve conducted original research into the con
sumer’s holiday planning process, in partnership with
YouGov. Find out which media are best for inspiring
consumers and which are most trusted for recom
mendations on where or where not to go.
Conrad Advertising in 3 Minutes
Media Director, Nick Henley presents an intro
duction to Conrad Advertising, including our
approach to Travel Advertising in 2011. (video)
Our services
All the services you need to create integrated
campaigns that deliver response...
New client enquiries
It you would like to discuss working with Conrad Advertising,
please contact our New Business Development team.
Call us on 020 8920 9292
Conrad Advertising
Web design & development
Contacts & further reading