Upcoming Drupal Training at Evolving Web

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Upcoming Drupal Training at Evolving Web
Evolving Web is a Drupal development, consulting, and training company based in Montreal. We have some upcoming
Drupal training courses. See evolvingweb.ca/training for more information and to register.
Drupal in a Day (February 17th, 2012)
If you’re interested in a more thorough introduction to building websites with Drupal, we’re offering a
Drupal in a Day
on February 17th in Old Montreal. This course will provide you with a solid introduction to Drupal 7 and will include hands-on
exercises in configuring your Drupal website. (February 17th).
Drupal for Developers (Jan 27th and February 2nd, 2012)
We’re offering a technical introduction to Drupal at our
Drupal for Developers
course. This one-day course is ideal for
programmers who are new to Drupal. It will cover the fundamentals of Drupal module development.
These exercises are an abbreviated version of Acquia’s ‘Hello Drupal’ training exercises. See
http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal to download the complete ‘Participant Manual’.
First Exercise: What is Drupal?
Change Site Name and Slogan

Go to Configuration > System > Site Information

Change the Site Name and Slogan

Click ‘Save Configuration’

Close the Overlay
Create a Blog Entry

Content > Add Content > Blog entry

Add a Title and Body

Click ‘Publish’
Create a Block

Structure > Blocks > Add Block

Add a ‘Block description’

Block body: Choose ‘Full HTML’

Block body: Click ‘Add media’ and upload an image
Place the Block

Block Location: Choose ‘Sidebar A’

Visibility: Choose ‘Only the listed pages’ and type ‘<front>’

Save Block

Close the Overlay
Presented by Suzanne Kennedy | January 23, 2012 | info@evolvingweb.ca | evolvingweb.ca/training
Second Exercise: Extending Drupal
Enable Webforms

Go to the ‘Modules’ page

Select ‘Webforms’ at the bottom of the page

Click ‘Save Configuration
Create a ‘Keep in Touch’ Form

Content > Add Content > Webform

Add a Title: Keep in Touch

Add Your Name Field

Drag over a Text field

Click on the Text field to load the field settings options. Change label to “Your name”.

Add an Email Field

Click Add field tab > Drag over Email field.

Click Field settings > Click to expand “Validation”. Select Required.

Next add a Multi-line text field. Set the label to “How can we help you?”

Click ‘Publish’
Third Exercise: Thinking Like Drupal
Create a ‘Quotes’ Content Type
Structure > Content types click + Add content type

Fill out the form with these settings:

Name: Quotes

Description: Famous quotes

In the settings at the bottom, click the Display settings tab and de-select ‘Display author and date

Click comment settings and change Default comment setting for new content to ‘Closed’

Click ‘Save and add fields’

Under ‘ Add new field’, set the following settings:

Label: Author

Name: field_authors

Field: Select a field type: Term reference

Under Widget select “Autocomplete term widget”

Click ‘Save’

On the field settings page, under ‘Global Settings’ choose the ‘Tags’ Vocabulary
Create two pieces of sample content

Content > Add Content > Quotes

Enter a Title, Body, and Author
Presented by Suzanne Kennedy | January 23, 2012 | info@evolvingweb.ca | evolvingweb.ca/training
Enable the Views Module

Go to Modules and select the Views module in the listing

Click Save configuration
Create a Custom Listing of Quotes

Navigate to: Structure > Views + Add new view

Configure your view with the following settings:

View name: Quotes

Show Content of type:
tagged with (leave empty) sorted by
Newest first

De-select: Create a page.

Select: Create a block.

Delete the Block title and leave this blank.

Display format: Unformatted list of teasers - without links - without comments

Items per page: 1

Click ‘Continue and Edit’
Sort the Quotes in Your View

Locate the

Remove the current ‘sort’ settings

Click “Content: Post date” and this will open the dialog window to configure the sort criterion.

Click ‘Remove’

Sort the quotes in a random order:

Click the “add” menu and this will open the dialog window to Add sort criteria.

Search for “random” to filter the options.

Select “Global: random”.

Click “Add an configure sort criteria” to go to next step.

Keep defaults and click “Apply”.
Disable the Pager

Under “Pager” click “Full” to open the dialog window for “Block: Pager options”

Select “Display a specified number of items”

Click “Apply (all display)”

Under “Items per page” leave the default as 1.

Click “Apply (this display)”
Preview and Save

Scroll down to the preview section

Depending on the number of quotes you have you will see what happens when “Update preview”

None of your changes have been saved until you click “Save” at the top of the screen
Place the Quotes List

Navigate to Structure > Blocks

Scroll down to the Disabled section.

Locate the Quotes block.

Use the pull-down menu to assign the block to the Sidebar A region. Drag it to the top.

Save block configuration.

Click Home to view your site. Now the block you created appears in the sidebar.
Presented by Suzanne Kennedy | January 23, 2012 | info@evolvingweb.ca | evolvingweb.ca/training