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Future Publishing

Job Description Software Developer Page 1 of 3
Information Technology (IT) Department

Software Developer (Drupal)

Reporting to: IT Operations Director

1. Scene Setting

The IT department provides a wide range of IT syste ms and services to Future
Publishing - having overall responsibility for:

· IT Customer Support supporting 1,200 internal cus tomers and managing
about 800 PCs/Laptops and 600 Macs
· IT Operations - managing and supporting the techni cal infrastructure (servers
and data & voice networks)
· Software Development  developing and supporting e nterprise systems,
external websites and mobile applications

The department aims to ensure that systems and serv ices are effective, efficient and
economic, meeting operational needs and supporting business plans. It is
committed to continually improving the way we work and the services that we are
responsible for.

2. Job Purpose

To create, test, document, implement, support and t une new and amended websites
from supplied specifications in accordance with agr eed standards, primarily using
the Drupal/Pressflow platform. This will include pr oducing or assisting in the
production and refinement of the detailed specifica tions.
3. Roles and Responsibilities
3.1 Principal Accountabilities

· To design moderately complex programs and program modifications normally from
supplied specifications using agreed standards and tools to achieve a well-engineered

· To create and amend programs in accordance with the design.

· To plan, design and conduct tests of programs cor recting errors and undertaking
re-tests  to achieve an error-free result.

· To analyse, debug, and performance tune programs

Future Publishing

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· To document all work in accordance with agreed standards.

· To ensure that the deliverables of program design, creation, testing, documentation
and implementation are undertaken in line with an agreed plan and that they are
completed on time.

· To conduct reviews, with others, of designs, test plans, program code and
documentation (of both their own work and the work of colleagues) to ensure that
these meet with agreed standards

· To provide support for existing systems ensuring that problems are resolved in a
methodical and timely manner and that progress is communicated effectively to all
relevant parties

· To assist other colleagues as required and in particular to be flexible enough to be
effective in a changing environment with changing priorities.

· To maintain an awareness of developments in the industry and participate in the
sharing of knowledge and ideas across the development teams in order to improve the
standards of work across the department.

· To treat all customers and colleagues with respect and to demonstrate a
commitment to Future Publishings Equal Opportunities Policy.

3.2 Knowledge, Skills and Experience

The post holder should:

· Be able to demonstrate a systematic, disciplined a nd analytical approach to
problem solving  paying close attention to detail
· Be able to demonstrate effective oral and written communication ability covering
all routine activities and contacts
· Be able to absorb, rapidly, new technical informat ion as required
· Be able to competently plan, schedule and monitor their own work
· Be familiar with, and be able to use as directed, all applicable tools, methods,
procedures and standards

The post holder would normally have the following e xperience:

· Strong understanding of object-oriented PHP
· Documented experience in delivering websites using Drupal, understanding its
strengths and weaknesses
· Experience with the tools surrounding Drupal : M ySQL, Varnish, Memcached,
· Experience developing Drupal modules
· Experience with Pressflow, drush, and the views an d features modules.
· Have worked in a structured, team-based environmen t, and understand good
software engineering practices
Future Publishing

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· Grasp of the full web-stack, from relational datab ase to working knowledge of
· Understand issues surrounding analysis, tuning, sc alability, high availability and
concurrency of the Drupal platform and hosting infr astructure and work alongside
the wider operations team towards these goals
· Be educated to degree level in a numerate disciplin e, or have obtained equivalent