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Development of


By Dan Stevens

Alternatives to the
GarageBand rating system

iRate, Gnomoradio, Indy

All based on finding music that you like,
rather than what everyone else likes.

Gnomoradio was the only one available
at the time that allowed me to submit my


Official Gnomoradio client is Linux only!

So I’ll write my own client.

I can make it play stuff through Winamp!

It’ll be an excuse to better learn C#

Windows users will love me.


Playback is central

do this first.

Ripped off some dude’s IPC code.

IP API Missing functionality!

No reasonable way to find filename of
currently playing song

Use a plugin that can get that information


a simple HTTP interface to Winamp

Now I can talk to Winamp. Yay!


Consists of



Song info


I only need to worry about interfacing with
existing protocols, and designing my own

Bu7 what iz t3h pr0tocal?

Anything but documented.

Use the source, Luke.

And then if you’re still confused, use the
mailing list.

Then write it up and stick it on


(this is me)

RDF Files

Rainbow Hub


Custom line
based protocol

Network architecture

A.k.a. TOGoS learns about PowerPoint diagrams.

Implementaion Time!

First, write a front end that allows me to
test things.

Write protocol mod

ules and test using

the GUI.


C# is a pain

#region RainbowHubSearch

private string[] RainbowHubSearch( string resourcename ) {

string[] results;

try {


results = this.RainbowHubClient.FindResource( resourcename );

} finally {



return results;


private delegate string[] RainbowHubSearchDelegate( string resourcename );

private void RainbowHubSearchButton_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) {

RainbowHubSearchDelegate del = new RainbowHubSearchDelegate( this.RainbowHubSearch );

del.BeginInvoke( this.RainbowHubSearchBox.Text,

new AsyncCallback( this.RainbowHubSearchDone ), null );


private void RainbowHubSearchDone( IAsyncResult result ) {

AsyncResult aresult = (AsyncResult)result;

RainbowHubSearchDelegate del = (RainbowHubSearchDelegate)(aresult.AsyncDelegate);

string[] results = (string[])del.EndInvoke( result );

if( (results != null) && (results.Length > 0) ) {

this.RainbowHubSearchResultsBox.Items.AddRange( results );




Insight from a Ruby Fan

People need design documents because their
languages are not HL enough.

C# kinda sucks:

Why do I have to declare delegate types?

Or event types?

Why do I have to do any static typing?

Why do I have to declare new methods instead of
using inline code blocks?

I will rewrite in Ruby!

Why Ruby is Grate

# String processing (as in Perl)

line.strip =~ /^thing #(

# Objects (like Smalltalk, Java, or C#)

class FooBar

def initialize( num )

@num = num


end someobject.someproperty )

Why Ruby is Grate (part 2)

# Easy to write

# * No static typing

# * No semicolons

# Easily pass code blocks around

MyObject.method do |arg1,arg2|

# Inline callback!

arg1.to_i + arg2 / 5


# Good for loops

Dir.each(‘/home/tog’) do |fn|

puts “found file: #{fn}”


Why Ruby is Grate (part 3)

class MyClass

def initialize( &proc )

@proc = proc


def result

@result ||=



o = {

# expensive operation


p o.result

p o.result

Why Ruby is Grate (part 4)

require 'TOGoS/Event‘

class MyClass

event :sandwich_eaten

def eat_sandwich()

@sandwich_eaten.trigger( self,1,2,3 )



myobj =

myobj.sandwich_eaten.subscribe() do |sender,*args|

puts “Teh sandwich was eaten. Here are some args: #{args}”



Teh sandwich was eaten. Here are some args: 123

Why Ruby ain’t perfect

No kernel
level threads

Causes problems when making calls into C code
that may take a long time

Developer community not as large as for other
languages (Perl, Python)

This is not really a big problem


Lack of static typing and stack
allocated structures

But it’s still great for a lot of things.

Web servers, page generators, WAD compilers.


Written in Ruby

Because I am more experienced

And because Ruby is grate

Uses a web
based UI

Because I am more experienced

More flexibly generate tables and display data
structures in HTML than with GUI widgets

No expectation of fields updating in real time

Let the browser worry about multiple tabs

I need a web server, anyway!

Ruby + Web interface => Cross platform

SS4 and TRServ2

Libraries that grew out of a file
sharing project I started
in 11

grade called “SpookShare”

My big ‘learn Perl but totally misunderstand references, then
write in PHP and MySQL’ project.

SS2 was written in Ruby and included it’s own web
server, TRServ

SS3: SS2 but using different peer
discovery protocols

Became a hacky framework for selecting modules and setting
options (TRVousor LiveJournal, advertise or not, etc)

wrote TRServ into TRServ2 to better support HTTP/1.1

SS4: a well
designed framework for selecting modules
and setting options

Easy to write plugin modules for anything ruby

Basically a big hashtable and a configuration language

TRGnomoradio (part 2)

Embedded TRServ2 as an SS4 module

Wrote libraries, made forms and links to test
various functions

Wrote some back
end logic to download
information on recommended songs

Wrote some front
end logic to display that

Tried to run on my Windows box to try with

TRGnomoradio (part 3)

replace doesn’t seem to work on Win.

Might have something to do with me being behind a

I’m busy doing homework.

This project got boring.

The Gnomoradio project seems to be a bit
deadish. has annoying bugs that I can’t work

Comparing to a standard
development model

style development

Emphasizes getting something to work

Good for short
term projects

Good for single developer, or a small team if
work can be split up easily

style development

Emphasizes design and documentation

Good for long
term projects

Good for large teams, especially when
components will have complex interfaces

Comparing to a standard
development model (part 2)

style development

Very little overhead.

Requires programmers to know what they’re doing.

Involves a lot of re

Generalize functionality for later use so that the next
project is easier

style development

Loads of overhead.

Programmers can be total idiots, because they are
not necessarily doing design.

Involves following the friggin’ design.

Comparing to a standard
development model

style development

We love Ruby

Grunt work is frustrating and is a distraction from
level architecture

style development

Clunkier languages like Java or C# are not
such a problem

Make the code monkeys do the grunt work of
typing “public static void” a million times.

Static typing is more useful for ensuring sanity


Unless I forgot to say something