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“The mobile web is growing – and
fast! Yet 80% of companies have
*zero* mobile web presence.
Unfortunately, current app
development is expensive and
technically complex. The ‘app store’
is not an acceptable solution for the
future of the mobile-web.”
Web Site Content:
+ Display any blog(s)
+ Display any static page(s)
+ Display Contact Form(s)
+ Display Click-to-Call Info.
Social Media:
+ Twitter & Identi.ca Feeds
+ Facebook Updates
Video Feeds:
+ YouTube Videos
+ Vimeo Videos
+ Flickr Photo Feeds
+ FourSquare Venue Photos
Future Joomla! Features:
+ CCKs, Events, Photo Plugins
+ “Experimental Mode”
(Try any Joomla! extension in
‘mobile app format’)
Roadmap - Future Features:
+ GPS -based Map Display
+ Google Ad Mob + more
+ eCommerce Options
+ More Video, Photos API’s
Have you ever wanted to make your Joomla! web site an app?
Weever Apps is a new service that allows visitors on mobile devices to view your
current website as a true web app for iPhone, Blackberry Touch, Android and iPad -
instantly and affordably!
Zero Install Required
Weever apps look and feel just like ‘app store’ apps (machine apps), but deploy
instantly in a mobile browser. A Weever App can be installed to a mobile device like
any other app, but installation is not required. A Weever app is compatible with every
popular touch smart phone and tablet device out-of-the-box.
How it Works
Weever’s ‘app management’ plugin for Joomla! allows you to manage your app
directly from your web site. You can upload a logo and choose the content and social
media you want to display for mobile devices. When a mobile user accesses your
site, they are directed to a full-screen app that loads instantly. A Weever app updates
in real-time: as you change content on your site, you change content in the app.
Weever allows you to maintain only one website without having to manage a
completely different mobile platform. No more fussing with ‘native’ app development
or secondary, mobile-specific web platforms. Creating a new app with Weever takes
about ten minutes.
Visitor and Content Advantages
Since Weever Apps are web-based, a direct link to an individual app can be shared
as a regular web site address or by QR Code. Each Weever App includes a unique
QR Code for use in web, print and promotional materials. Additionally, Weever Apps
are search engine compatible, displaying matching content in-app for incoming
visitors from Google, Bing and other search engines. Machine apps cannot provide
this kind of search engine friendly functionality.
Changing the Mobile Web
Weever Apps is the invention of Canadian Joomla! enthusiasts Andrew J. Holden and
Robert Porter – two ‘green web developers’ who work with wind-powered web
hosting and open-source web site platforms (CartaNova, Holden Creative). They
were frustrated with the app-store ‘hoops’ and high-costs of the growing mobile web.
Get Weever Now
Weever Apps plans start at just $30 per year. There is also a white-label ‘Pro’ option
available. Weever’s powerful and lightweight app-framework can support custom
enterprise deployments as well.
For more information about Weever Apps and the future of the mobile web please
visit our site (and our Weever App) at http://www.weeverapps.com!
Weever is a new service that turns almost any Joomla! site into
a true *web app* for iPhone, Blackberry Touch, Android and
iPad - instantly and a￿ordably.
View a Weever Apps Demo!
The Fastest Way from Zero to Apps