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The Joomla! Project
The Joomla! Project is an
important effort that helps
people all around the world
build websites for
communicating with others.
Joomla! means “All Together”,
“As a Whole”, a reflection of
what the Joomla! Project really
is: a collaboration with many
freely contributing to the
Joomla! Community.
This document is subject to
the Joomla! Electronic
Documentation License.
What is Joomla!
Joomla! is a content
management system that
makes it easier to build
websites. It is useful for very
diverse purposes ranging from
simple personal web sites and
blogs to complex corporate
web applications.

There are many ways to stay
informed with Joomla!. It's
easy to do. Just visit our home
page to find three important
sources of information:

You will find important

There is a link to the Joomla!
Team Blog and a way to
subscribe to blog postings via

There is also a link to
community news, also

available via an RSS feed.
The Core Team
Joomla! Working
The Joomla! Core
Team is a group of
individuals from all over
the world who manage
all aspects of the
project needed to
continuously improve
Joomla! Core Team and
Open Source Matters
Board at Joomla!
Summit 2007
Joomla! Working Groups
focus on a specific area of
Joomla! working closely with
the core team. There are
currently five working groups:

The Development Working
Group works on continually
enhancing and debugging

The Documentation Working
Group works on maintaining
up to date documentation.

The Sites and Infrastructure
Working Group maintains an
efficient environment for
everyone in Joomla!

The Translation Working
Group makes Joomla!
available all over the world.

The Foundation Working
Group is in charge of media
& marketing, event
management, and the Open
Source Matters (OSM)
How can You

Joomla! has available that
which community members
freely make available. We
welcome your involvement,
too. Consider helping
answer questions in the
forums; assist with the
documentation effort; report
bugs and propose fixes;
attend Joomla! Day events;
participate with, or start, a
Joomla! Users Group in
your city; and support
Joomla! financially by
clicking the Support Joomla!
Banner at the top of each of
Joomla!'s web pages.
Visit Us
Visit us at to find out
more about us.