Welcome to FIESTA! 2

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Welcome to FIESTA! 2

Wel come to FIESTA! 2, a proffesional l aser show software mainly designed for live shows. You can also create a show for
music. Fiesta! contains tools for creating interesting and changeable effects in real time. You can manage any num
ber of
l aser projectors at the same ti me.

1. Hardware requirements

2. Installation

3. Installing Fiesta! 2 USB devi ce driver

3.1 Wi ndows 2000/XP

3.2 Wi ndows Vista

1. Hardware requirements

PC wi th 700 Mhz or hi gher processor (1.5 Ghz and more recommended

128 MB of RAM (512 and more recommended)

30 MB of di sk space

Wi ndows 2000/XP/Vista(32 and 64bit)

Di rect X 9.0 or hi gher i nstalled

Fi esta! 2 USB Device, Kvant USB laser controller or Riya USB device for laser output

.NET Fraework 2.0

Wi ndows 95/98/M
E/NT systems are no l onger supported.

2. Installation

If you have previ ous versi on of Fi esta! i nstal l ed on your system, pl ease uni nstal l i t before i nstal ling new!

The i nstallation program Fiesta autorun will run automaticaly after inserting the CD. If n
ot, please run 'FiestaAutroun.exe',
whi ch is l ocated i n the root directory on the CD. You should install driver for your USB laser cotnroller, before you start.
Cl i ck here to learn more.

If you don't have DirectX i nstalled on your machine, you have to i ns
tall it by cl icking DirectX i n Fiesta autroun. When you are
fi nished, you can continue i nstalling FIESTA! lasershow software by cl icking Install! in Fiesta autorun.

Note: Wi ndows XP 64 bi t users must i nstall .NET Framework 2.0 before installing Fiesta! 2.
You can fi nd .NET Framework 2.0
for Wi ndows XP 64 bi t on Fiesta! 2 i nstallation CD i n DotNet Framework 2.0, XP64bi t directory.

3. Installing Fiesta! 2 USB device driver

3.1 Windows 2000 / XP 32 bit / XP 64bit

Pl ug the Fiesta! 2 USB Device. First dialog a
ppears, select Install from a list or specific l ocation(Advanced) and press Next.

In fol lowing dialog choose Search for the best driver i n these l ocations. Check Include this location in search and press
Browse. Locate driver directory on Fiesta! 2 i ns
tallation CD

Fi esta! 2 USB Dri vers
Driver W2000, XP, Vi sta 32bit.
Wi ndows XP 64 bi t users please select Driver XP, Vi sta 64bit!

Press Next to continue.

Wi ndows will try to l ocate the driver.

When following dialog appears, choose Continue An

And the dri ver is successfully i nstalled.

3.2 Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit

Pl ug the Fiesta! 2 USB Device to computer. Following dialog appears. Choose Locate and install driver software

Fol lowing screen appears, choose "
I don't have the disc. Show me other options.".

In next dialog choose Browse my computer for driver software (advanced).

Press Browse and locate driver on Fiesta! 2 i nstallation CD. Wi ndows Vista 32bit users choose X:
Fiesta! 2 USB
Dri vers
er W2000, XP, Vi sta 32bit, Windows Vista 64bit users choose X:
Fiesta! 2 USB Dri vers
Driver XP, Vi sta 64bit,
where X i s your CD
ROM letter.

Warrni ng window will appear, choose Install this driver anyway.

Wi ndows will i nstall driver.

And f
i nally, dri ver is i nstalled.