Technician Dashboard Indirect New User Installation Guide

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Technician Dashboard

New User
Installation Guide

Indirect users are users who are not Mettler Toledo employees and therefore do not have Mettler
Toledo network login rights. For support issues or user specific authentication/user credentials ple
contact your Service Provider Administrator in Mettler Toledo.

Important Notes for the IT Group/Administrators in your

The following steps should be performed to ensure that the Technician Dashboard installs correctly for
users in your


Administrator Privileges on PC

To support the installation and to run the SQL Sever database included with the Technician Dashboard,
all users must have administrator access on the PC.

Firewall Restrictions

The following URL should be grant
ed connection privileges within your organization’s firewall

Tip: In a browser enter this URL:

If you are able to retrieve the Word document located at this link your environment
is setup to connect
to the Technici
an Dashboard’s servers.

Windows Message Queue

Windows Message Queue service should be activated on each PC. The Technician Dashboard
installation application will format and configure the Windows Message Queue service. However, the
Windows Message Queue

files must be included on the target PC’s.

.NET Framework 3.5

Please ensure that each PC that will run the Technician Dashboard are installed with the 3.5 version of
the .NET Framework

Install of

the Technician Dashboard

This guide is for new indirect

users of the Technician Dashboard and will provide you details into the
installation process of the Technician Dashboard

Install Technician Dashboard


Initiate download

Please click the following link to initiate the download:


The following screen will appear:

Please c
lick Run

This will take about 1
2 minutes depending

on connection speed.

After downloading is complete, you will see

the following security screen

This is normal, please click Run
You will see a "Preparing to Install" window and then you will
quickly be taken to the Setup Wizard.

2. Setup Wizard

Please c
lick Next

The window below will ask you to select the destination folder to install the program
files. Please do

the default selection is the proper location.

Please review the License Agreement and click on the ‘I Agree’ radio

button to enable the Next button
to proceed with the installation.

Please c
lick Next

click Next

to confirm

A window with a progress bar will appear. This should take only a few moments depending on your
connection speed.

After the prog
ress bar is finished you will see the following window:

Please click Close

You must now
continue to
launch the Technician Dashboard manually.

3. Launch Technician Dashboard

You can
launch the Technician Dashboard
two different ways:

1. Double click

the Technician Dashboard shortcut icon created on your desktop



2. Go to Start > All Programs > Mettler Toledo > Technician Dashboard

The following DOS window will appear as the final installation is performed; the window will

like this. During this time period, if not already installed the installer will initiate and install Windows
Message Queuing, please allow this to proceed. You may or may not see the following windows, it is
dependent on if Windows Message Queuing

is installed by your local IT group.

If Windows Message Queue is already installed on your machine, you will not see the following

Upon completion of installing Windows Message Queuing you will receive a pop up window as

ease press the OK button as instructed to complete the installatio
n of the Technician

During this final installation timeframe the following window is open

This window will go away within a few moments and the Technician D
ashboard will be running.
However, it is minimized to your system tray.

Please find the Red Icon
shown below in your system tray:

Double Click the icon, or right click the icon and click Show Window

The Technician Dashboard window wi
ll appear with th
e login screen.

Installation of .NET 3.5 Framework (Only occurs when
Framework does not currently exist on a laptop)

progress to Section 5 Enter User Credentials if the following
screen shots do not appear

The installation of the .NET 3.5 Frame
work will
not occur on machines in which the .NET Framework
is currently installed. You will be unable to start the Technician Dashboard if the .NET 3.5
Framework is not installed.

Click the ‘OK’ button to start the download of the .NET 3.5 Framework
Installation package

The Technician Dashboard will display this screen during the download of the
NET 3.5 Framework
Installation package

Once the
.NET 3.5 Framework Installation package download is complete, please click the ‘OK’
button to initiat
e the installation of .NET 3.5 Framework

This is the first screen that will appear during the .NET 3.5 Framework Installation. Please do not
click on any buttons in this window, no user interaction is required.

This is the second screen that will

appear during the .NET 3.5 Framework Installation. Please do not
click on any buttons in this window, no user interaction is required.

This is the third screen that will appear during the .NET 3.5 Framework Installation. This window
may be visible f
or a few minutes, please be patient during this time.

The first window of the installation wizard will appear next. In this window please click the ‘I have
read and ACCEPT the terms of the License Agreement’ radio button. This will enable the ‘Instal
button at the bottom of this window. Once the ‘Install’ button is enabled please click it.

Please wait as the Installation progresses as indicated by the status bar in this window

Once the installation is complete, the final window of the .NET
3.5 Framework installation wizard will
display. Please click the ‘Exit’ button at this time.

Please find the Red Icon shown below in your system tray:

Double Click the icon, or right click the icon and click Show Window

The Technician Dashboard wind
ow will appear with the login screen.

Enter User Credentials

Please make sure the “Non Mettler User” checkbox is checked as shown below.

The Technician Dashboard prompts you to enter the following:

Technician ID

Setup Key


Your Technicia
n ID and Setup Key are provided for you in a confirmation email automatically
generated when your ID was created.

You create your password at this point by entering whatever password you like.

After entering your credentia
ls, please click “Ok”.

The following pop
up box will appear:

This box must be

After authentication is successful, p
lease click ‘OK’

. Technician Dashboard Successfully Installed

Congratulations! The Technician Dashboard is now installed.