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CBUC_____________ Effective Date

ifier ________________________________ Date__________

1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) and Employee Identification Number (UCDMC use PCN#)

2. Current Payroll Title, Working Title, Department, and Phone Number

Programmer IV UCD

3. Supervisor, Supervisor's Payroll Title, and Phone Number

4. Briefly describe the role of this position within the department

The UC Davis Genome Center is a campus
wide initiative integrating experimental and computational approaches to
address key
problems at the forefront of genomics. The Center also has four wetlab service cores and one bioinformatics
core that enable researchers across campus to perform limiting, high throughput experiments in proteomics, gene
expression, metabolomics, or genotyp
ing. The Bioinformatics core provides expertise and infrastructure to carry out
complex data sets acquisition, curation, distribution as well as to develop and perform computations, analyzes and
simulations addressing a wide variety of biological questions

from genomics and systems biology. The services provided
by the core is on a recharge basis to all campus researchers.

This position will design, implement and manage computing infrastructure that are suitable for bioinformatics applications.
ntly build and maintain High Performance Computing clusters, large storage system, backup system and
desktop systems for large scale biological applications. Responsible for customized system programming, documenting
the work and training users to utilize

core resources for their research needs.

5. Special Conditions of Employment (refer to guidelines for completing position description forms before
completing this section)

This position is a critical position and subject to a background check. Employme
nt is contingent upon successful
completion of background investigation including criminal history and identity check. Position may, at times, require
employee to work with or be in areas where hazardous materials and/or infectious diseases are present. No
n smoking
work environment. Restricted vacation during peak periods. Work flexible hours to meet business needs. Position requires
lifting up to 50 lbs.

6. List positions supervised by this position (Payroll Title, #FTE):


7. Signatures

I have read this position description and understand its contents.



Immediate Supervisor


Department Head


Describe each each essential function of this position in a separate paragraph. List the functions in
descending order of
importance.** Please refer to the 'Guidelines for Completing Position Description Form' before completing this section.Next,
indicate the frequency with which each function is performed, i.e., D=Daily, W=Weekly, etc. Finally, using perc
entages of not
less than 5%, estimate the distribution of the total working time on an annual basis.Total percentage of time must add up to
100%, regardless of the % of time of appointment.

A. DAILY 50% System adminstration

Design, implement and maintain cutting
edge hardware and system infrastructure (HPC clusters, servers as well as
desktop workstations) to support large scale and high
throughput bioinformatics applications in a secure manner.
Research and recommend future

hardware and software configurations, which includes cost analysis. Arrange for
purchase of hardware and software when authorized.

B. DAILY 25% System programming

Adapt and devel op bi oi nf or mat i c s s of t war e t ool s t hat c an ef f i c i ent l y
us e Hi gh Per f or manc e Comput i ng ( HPC) r es our c es
i nc l udi ng s har ed memor y mac hi nes and Beowul f c l us t er s wi t h or wi t hout f as t i nt er c onnec t. Des i gn, i mpl ement and
mai nt ai n c us t omi zed wor k f l ow s ys t ems t o pi pel i ne bi oi nf or mat i c s c omput at i ons and dat a pr oc es s i ng
f or l ar ge s c al e
bi oi nf or mat i c s appl i c at i ons.

C. DAI LY 20% Dat abase updat es and sof t war e mai nt enance

I ns t al l and mai nt ai n open s our c e as wel l as c ommer ci al bi oi nf or mat i c s s of t war e t ool s and bi ol ogi c al dat abas es on
di f f er ent c omput er pl
at f or ms i nc l udi ng Li nux, Mac OS and Wi ndows. Eval uat e new s of t war e t ool s and dat abas es. Wr i t e
ut i l i t y t ool s t o updat e l oc al bi ol ogi c al dat abas es and r es our c e i n an aut omat i c f as hi on.

D. DAI LY 5% Document at i on and user t r ai ni ng

Pr oduc e

wor k doc ument at i on and t r ai n us er s t o us e t he c omput i ng r es our c es av ai l abl e

9. Descr i be t he ski l l s, knowl edge, and abi l i t i es whi ch ar e essent i al f or successf ul per f or mance of t hi s posi t i on.
Li st t hem i n descendi ng or der of i mpor t ance and descr i be t he

r equi r ed l ev el of each i n t er ms of t he f unct i ons
per f or med. Next, i ndi cat e t he f unct i on( s) f or whi ch each ski l l, knowl edge and abi l i t y i s r equi r ed

Funct i on
Ref er ence

Ski l l s, Knowl edge & Abi l i t y


Ex t ens i ve k now
l edge i n c omput er s c i enc es or r el at ed f i el ds demons t r at ed t hr ough educ at i on ( a
Mas t er's degr ee i nc l udi ng wor k ex per i enc e or a B.S. degr ee wi t h ex t ens i ve wor k ex per i enc e) or
equi v al ent ex per i enc e.


Ex t ens i ve k nowl edge i n har dwar e, net wor k, s ec ur i t y ma


Demons t r at ed s k i l l s wor k i ng wi t h Hi gh Per f or manc e Comput i ng pl at f or m ( Beowul f c l us t er s ).


Ex per i enc e wr i t i ng and debuggi ng s c i ent i f i c appl i c at i on s of t war e i n LAMPP env i r onment ( Li nux,
Apac he, Mys ql or pos t gr eSQL, Per l/PHP/Pyt hon).


Excellent organizational and time management skills to help meet goals of the Bioinformatics core.
Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects, meet deadlines, and maintain a consistently high
level of productivity.


Excellent interpersonal skills to work as a team member.


Excellent verbal and written skills to communicate technical issues and suggest solutions so that
appropriate resources can be applied; to train users who may not have much computational


Working knowledge in Mac OS, Windows operating system.


General knowledge of biological sciences.

UC Davis Principles of Community

The University of California, Davis, is first and foremost an institution of learning and teaching, com
mitted to serving the
needs of society. Our campus community reflects and is a part of a society comprising all races, creeds and social
circumstances. The successful conduct of the university's affairs requires that every member of the university communit
acknowledge and practice the following basic principles: par par We affirm the inherent dignity in all of us, and we strive
to maintain a climate of justice marked by respect for each other. We acknowledge that our society carries within it
historical a
nd deep
rooted misunderstandings and biases, and therefore we will endeavor to foster mutual understanding
among the many parts of our whole. par par We affirm the right of freedom of expression within our community and also
affirm our commitment to the h
ighest standards of civility and decency towards all. We recognize the right of every
individual to think and speak as dictated by personal belief, to express any idea, and to disagree with or counter another's
point of view, limited only by university reg
ulations governing time, place and manner. We promote open expression of our
individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect. par par We confront and reject all
manifestations of discrimination, including those based

on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation,
religious or political beliefs, status within or outside the university, or any of the other differences among people which
have been excuses for misunderstanding, dissension or hatred. We r
ecognize and cherish the richness contributed to our
lives by our diversity. We take pride in our various achievements, and we celebrate our differences. par par We
recognize that each of us has an obligation to the community of which we have chosen to be

a part. We will strive to build
a true community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring. par par April 20, 1990