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ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management

Novell is pleased to announce the availability of ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management (formerly Red
Carpet Enterprise) to all customers worldwide.

Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management is a powerful and secure Linux software mana
solution that provides IT administrators and managers with centralized control over Linux
software configurations across their server and workstation infrastructures.

ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management provides automated and intelligent Linux package d
analysis and conflict resolution for smoother software installations; plus unprecedented control
features for scheduling updates of Linux software to user defined groups of systems across an
enterprise. The result is a complete Linux software man
agement system that helps to cut IT costs
by dramatically reducing the required overhead needed to manage Linux software package

With ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management, administrators use a single, powerful solution to
automatically deliver and upda
te packages across their organizations. From either an intuitive
based administration console or a powerful command line interface, administrators can

centrally configure and distribute software selections, manage users and organize groups of
for installations and updates.

Administrators can choose to define specific update schedules, which will run automatically, or
initiate updates directly. Without the need for expensive and time
consuming third
customizations, administrators can buil
d secure, private software channels to deliver Linux
packages that have been internally developed or customized, or optionally, to deliver packages
from the broad library of applications from Novell, Linux OS publishers and other leading Linux

ey Benefits:

ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management provides the following key benefits:

Decrease time needed for software updates

Increase security and reliability

Ensure software standards

Reduce software complexity

Reduce the total cost of managing and maintaini
ng Linux systems

Key Features:

ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management includes these Key Features:

Complete administration and management

Intuitive, Centralized Web
based Administration.
Quickly configure software standards,
define profiles, manage updates and vie
w hardware and software information through the
use Web
based administration console.

Multiple Administrator Support.
Create multiple classes of administrators to simplify the
management of groups of managed systems or channels of software.

Control Lists.
Use customizable ACLs to set channel and group viewing and
editing privileges for multiple administrators.

Centralized Standards Management.
Create groups of workstations and servers, and
then control access to software based on group profil

Install Scripts.
Define scripts to stop application processes before a software
update, and/or restart application processes or even reboot the system after the update is

Package Pre
Selectively deploy, but not install,
packages in a network

hoc Groups.
Establish sets of machines

based on search criteria

and manage

Revert to a previously installed software configuration or to a configuration
state on a specific date.

Package Locking.
Specify packages th
at should be excluded from automatic installations
to increase control of software standards on targeted systems.

Database Support.
Use Oracle 9i or PostgreSQL, locally or remotely, as the database for
RCE Server

Robust Security

Firewall Deploy
Install ZENworks Linux Management on a local server
and run it entirely within your corporate firewall for maximum security. You can update
systems securely across internal firewalls.

Secure Package Transfer.
Protect the security of all sessions with

SSL encryption,
ensuring the safety of administrator and user information.

Internal Package Storage.
Store private, internal company software behind your firewall.

Package Verification.
Use built
in MD5 checksum and GPG cryptographic verification of
ally signed packages to ensure that you always get software from a trusted source.

Intuitive Channels Design

Leverage the logical software channels that ZENworks Linux Management
intuitively organizes and presents. You can also define customized

channels of
applications, tools and designated platforms that include both internally developed or
customized packages, or externally developed packages.

Package Sets.
Define groups of packages as a "product". Package sets can span
multiple channels as ne
cessary and allow administrators to control versions that are
installed on managed systems.

Package Information.
Get detailed information about each new package, including
version number, dates, usage and dependencies

Automatic process management

c Updating.
Initiate automatic software installations and updates on servers and
workstations, either scheduled or immediate, from the ZENworks Linux Management
Web interface or command line.

Dependency and Conflict Resolution.
Configure ZENworks Linux Man
agement to
automatically check and alert you to package dependencies and conflicts between
applications on your system. You can determine package requirements before installing
on target systems.

Disk Space Analysis.
Minimize installation issues by analyzi
ng disk space requirements
prior to updating.

Software updates and deployment

. Route around network bottlenecks and save bandwidth by deploying caching
servers on your remote points on a WAN.

Access point releases and daily snapshots of Ximi
an products through special
release channels. You can also obtain package updates for Red Hat and SuSE
operating systems directly from their respective vendor repositories.

Automatic Notification.
Use ZENworks Linux Management Server to alert administr
when new software is downloaded and available, Red Hat Network, or SUSE YaST
Online Update.

Automatic OS Detection.
Automatically detect the Linux distribution and only present new
packages and updates that are appropriate for that workstation.

l Upgrades.
Intelligently update Linux kernels using parallel installation.

Leading Linux Distributions.
Access current releases, updates and security patches for
Linux distributions from Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, and other leading Linux OS

orks 6.5 Linux Management is available as a stand
alone product as well as part of Novell
ZENworks 6.5 Suite, a comprehensive, integrated management solution that automates IT
management processes across the lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and hand

System Requirements:

Software Requirements:

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 3 AS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 2.1 AS

Hardware Requirements

Dedicated system with a Pentium III 800 MHz or better

512 MB of RAM


GB of available disk storage for software and database

Managed Platforms:

SUSE LINUX 8.2, 9.0, 9.1

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8

SUSE LINUX Desktop 1.0

Red Hat 7.2, 7.3, 8, 9

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, 3.0


Mandrake 9.1, 9.2

Product U
pgrade Details:

ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management Upgrade Scenario Information

If the customer owns…

Path to ZENworks 6.5
Linux Management

If the customer owns licenses for,
and has current

Upgrade Protection or Maintenance on one or
more of the following:

Red Carpet Enterprise

The customer is entitled to receive an upgrade to
Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux Management at no
additional charge, and may obtain it from the Novell
Customer Care portal.

If the customer owns licenses for,
but does not
have current

ade Protection or Maintenance
on any of the following:

Red Carpet Enterprise

The customer is

entitled to receive a free
upgrade to Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux
Management. However, the customer is eligible
purchase the Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux
nt at the standard upgrade price.

If the customer owns licenses for any of the
following (whether or not they have current
Upgrade Protection or Maintenance):

Novell ZENworks for Servers (any version),

Novell ZENworks for Desktops (any version),

ZENworks for Handhelds (any version),

The customer is

entitled to receive a free
upgrade to Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux
Management. However, the customer is eligible
purchase the Novell ZENworks 6.5 Linux
Management at the standar
d upgrade price.

Novell ZENworks 6 Suite

Licensed users of the following products also qualify for upgrade pricing. Altiris Server or Client
Management Suite, Marimba, OnTechnology, Swan, Computer Associate’s Software Distribution
Option (SDO), HP OpenView for Windows Professi
onal Suite, HP OpenView Network Node
Manager, IBM Netfinity Manager, LANDesk Management Suite, Novadigm Radia Management
Suite, Tivoli IT Director, Microsoft System Management Server (SMS), Red Hat Network, Aduva


ZENworks 6.5 Linux Mana
gement is licensed on a per
user or a per
managed system basis.


Support for
Red Carpet
will follow the standard Novell Support Lifecycle, which defines the
duration and levels of support customers can expect to receive as products move through th
lifecycle. For detailed information on Novell's Support Lifecycle visit

External Web Site: