Types of computer systems

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Computer Studies Notes
Types of Computer Systems - 1 -
Computer Studies Notes
Types of Computer Systems - 2 -
• Minicomputers: Minicomputers are desk-sized machines. A small minicomputer might be able
to support between ten and twenty users
. Medium-sized companies or departments of large
companies typically use them for specific purposes. For example, production departments use
minicomputer to monitor certain manufacturing processes and assembly-line operations. It is,
therefore, ideal for within a single department within a college or university, or for use in a
medium size business

• Microcomputers or Personal Computer (PC): Although the least powerful, microcomputers
are the most widely used and fast-growing type of computer
. Microcomputers are usually
accompanied by a single keyboard and printer, have one or two hard-disk drives and may be
connected to a network. Only one person can make use of a microcomputer at the same time
. But
multi-tasking is very common – the computer carrying out several different tasks at apparently

the same time.

Categories of microcomputers
include desktop, notebook and
personal digital assistants.

o Desktop computers are small enough to fit on top of or along-
side a desk yet are too big to carry around.
o Notebook computers are portable, weigh between 4 to 10 pounds,
and fit into most briefcases.
o Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are also known as palmtop
computers or handheld computers. They
combine pen input, writing recognition,
personal organizational tools, and
communications capabilities in a very small